Be Inspired by Typefaces, Text Art and Typography #2

This is a second specific typography showcase of this kind, (the first showcase can be found here). The previous had success in being featured across several other sites on the web.

In this roundup of typography and text art we look to showcase artwork which is new, fresh and exciting and explores the ways in which text art is not often expressed.

New ways in which we can see this work as art, but also marvel at the intricate detail and typographical styling the designs bring. The showcase also features amazing works of typefaces and artworks to showcase new and exciting typeface designs.

No work is claimed as our own and is the copyright and ownership of the respective artists, we use this to showcase magnificent and inspirational talent, work and ideas.

Did we miss any artists/designers or specific works which you feel should have been showcased?

We always love to hear your comments and thoughts, please don’t forget to leave them below.

One More Time By: HandMadeFont

New Worlds: Opening Up: By: Christoph Ruprecht

Neue Hong Kong By: Anthony Dart

The Person You Love By: teagan white

Let there be Light By: Jeff Osborne

Nike 2010 By: Jordan Metcalf

Summer Typography By: Samuel Mensah

Elektronisk Tirsdag By: Lasse Høgh

Dream Shepherds By: Ania Szerszen

Typographic Posters By: Áron Jancsó

Nike: Type By: Charles Williams

Love 22 By: Ryan Atkinson

Type By: Clemens Posch

01 Base By: Fabian De Lange

Pragmatik Font By: Christopher Stahl

ROKE 1984 By: Wete

Changing Actions By: Alex Beltechi

Type Treatments By: Stefan Chinof

Beloved Typeface by ~woweek

Typobirds by ~Immah

Typeface by ~deenise

Trick Fun Typeface by ~andreirobu

Avant Garde Poster by *KEYLAY24

Nouveau typeface by =cheesyGFX

Lifestyle by ~PollyTheArtist

Barmodr typeface by ~iknowuneedme


    • The most credit goes to each of the designers, they put out such amazing text art and typography inspired artworks.

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