Be Inspired by Text Art and Typography

Typography and Text art are great motivators whether you seen them in the films we watch or the posters we see when walking down the sidewalk. You don’t have to be a great graphic designer to appreciate great text art, personally it is something I love to check out and be inspired by each and every day. When your out and about it’s great looking at posters, road signs or advertising billboards.

This showcase is from typography and text art seen all over the web and brings together great sources of typography inspiration for us all to be inspired by.

Text Art in the Movies

The film Zombieland offers up some great typography and text art when explaining the 32 rules of Zombieland.


Blending the movie title into the New York skyline is very creative and works very well with outlining where this film setting is based. Another great “Inception” poster puts your eyes focus straight on the movie title, using a strong red font color.

Another fantastic movie that also makes great use of bold typography that instantly grabs your attention is “Watchmen”, the yellow draws your eyes to the text straight away.

Kinetic Typogrpahy Videos

Often done to show off the scene of a favourite movie, these videos use text to showcase the happening and events of a great, often iconic film scene.

Fight Club ‘Chemical Burn’


Pulp Fiction ‘Marsellus Wallace’


Devil’s Advocate ‘All about God’


Wedding Crashers ‘The Perfect Girl’


Anchorman ‘Sex Panther’


DeviantART Typography + Text Art Inspiration

VS bEriMae

Flawed Ideology Three JamesRandom

Work outside the Grid no-preview

It’s Just the Way it Goes VerseJus

Back MrBoom17

Crap oneskillwonder

New Found Glory torado

Simple RenzGFX

Life is Waterboy1992

Vimto Ta3abeer

Too Many Ideas DavidFitzg

Where I’m From Askapart

I Rock with my lovely Drum jodesign99

Nightmare mehmeturgut

Let’s Dance into the Fall p-h-o-e-n-y-x

Passion Pit Poster popestvictor

Design Culture Now uchihasasukexx

Love Hurts sikahster

Math versus Design oneskillwonder

Anything Sounds Waterboy1992

Where Waterboy1992

Oh so Retro leepro

The Fates are Cruel nymphont

When Live give you Lemons mohd90

Supermassive Linkman-the-original

Have a favourite design? Or want to recommend your own designs?

Be sure to leave your comments below, all opinions are welcome.


  1. Amazing collection!, my favs are the ones from Waterboy1992, mehmeturgut and VerseJus.

    • Agreed franco those would have to be in my running for my favourite as well. text art is such a good source of inspiration

  2. Really like the “Inception” and “Passion Pit” type designs. Not really sure about the “New Found Glory” one; nothing creative there, just an ugly photoshop bevel with an added stroke?

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