Digital Art Inspiration: Text Art & Typography in Movie Poster Designs

In this showcase of brilliant typographical works I look to showcase the best in Text Art & Typographical Movie Poster designs. Much of the designs are from films in the recent memory of the past 12 months or so, with the designs still being fresh in the mind.

That new trailer for the film ‘The Other Guys’ gets me laughing every time! I must go and check that film out, but trailers aren’t the only thing which studios use to advertise their films. Film posters adorn bus stops, advertising hoardings, phone boxes and much more. When graphic design, creativity and typographical art all mix in the form of a movie poster then you have a recipe for success!


Did we miss any designs out? Or do you have a particular favourite design?

Be sure to leave your opinion in the comments below!

All images were found through IMP Awards.

Client 9


The Virginity Hit

A Horrible way to Die



Despicable Me

Holy Wars


Let Me In

Sympathy for Delicious

Kids are Allright


Holy Rollers

Nightmare on Elm Street

Eight the Mormon Proposition

Iron Man 2

The Runaways

You Will meet a Tall Dark Stranger

The A Team

The Expendables

Scott Pilgrim Versus the World

The Social Network

Piranha 3D

Countdown to Zero


  1. Thanks Jared! I do hope that you continue sharing inspiring movie posters such as these. There’s something special about movie poster design, they always seem so frozen in time, capturing the nuances of their time. Thanks again for sharing them.

    • these are certainly great at showcasing that frozen moment in time, how cool would 3d designed posters of the future be?

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