65 3D butterfly tattoos

3D butterfly tattoo 5

Looking for a stunning and meaningful tattoo design? Then look no further! 3D butterfly tattoos have soared in popularity, and for good reason. Not only are they stunningly beautiful, but they are also full of meaning. Whether you’re a tattoo… Continue Reading

3D artwork by Nicolas Lesaffre

Cute 3D artwork by French artist Nicolas Lesaffre. Nicolas has been working in this industry since 10 years, specializing in 3D animation directing, character design, illustration and photorealistic 3D print work. He has collaborated with collaborate with many of the… Continue Reading

3D illustrations by Oscar Ramos

Today we like to share with you a very talented illustrator, this time from the beautiful country of Chile. Oscar Ramos is an amazing artist that uses a particular cartoon style in all his 3D illustrations along with an excellent… Continue Reading

Beautiful 3D Character Concepts

Open Green by cryinghorn

I love to showcase character design concepts, be it for an upcoming game, movie or animation and these beautiful 3d character concepts are no exception.