20 Inspiring Examples of 3D Works

20 Inspiring Examples of 3D Art Works from the artists in CGHUB.

3d contest by serge birnaul (papaninja) my model by dmitry cheremisin

twisted dolls mistress lili by rebeca puebla

tron pinup by andrew hickinbottom

the weeping woman by carlos ortega elizalde

schoolgirl by jang seonghwan

rebuild by andrew hickinbottom

plastic series broken marionette by rebeca puebla

miss mosh by andrew hickinbottom

maria by andrew hickinbotto

hot dance party by znz

guild wars 2 human female light armor ambassador by boyang zhu

frozen frame by sdpost

fight in the dark by guang yang

ff13 serah by znz

female bust d complete by dmitry cheremisin

enjoying summer break by yinxuan li dezarmenien

cheers! by carlos ortega elizalde

catwoman by u ri so

catherine by znz

cammy by bogdan gabelko

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