15 WP to Twitter Plugins

Twitter is a powerful social media that is very important to bloggers. It can drive constant traffic if you have many followers and your post is tweeted in the timeline. As a WordPress user, it’s lucky we have many choice to make our life easy. This is the 3nd edition on collection of functional WordPress Plugins. In this post, I collected 15 WP to Twitter Plugins to publish your post to your twitter timeline.

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1. WP to Twitter

Posts a Twitter update when you update your WordPress blog or post to your blogroll, using your chosen URL shortening service. Requires PHP 5 and cURL

The plugin supports a default message template for updating or editing posts and pages, supports your custom post types, and also allows you to write a custom Tweet for each post which says whatever you want, using a selection of custom shortcodes to generate your text.

2. Twitter Tools

Twitter Tools is a plugin that creates a complete integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account.

3. (( WP Twitter ))

(( WP Twitter )) is a plugin that creates a integration between your WordPress blog and your Twitter account by giving you the following functionality:

It will post a tweet when you have created a new post on your WordPress blog and when you have updated a post.
Widget for displays yours latest tweets in your WordPress blog.
A BookMarklet what opens a small window that makes it easier follow and update your Twitter from anywhere.

4. Auto Twitter

Auto Twitter lets you automatically tweet blog posts to your twitter account. Quick, simple, easy to setup and use.

5. Admiyn Twitter

Change your twitter status whenever new post or comment is published in your blog.
Its function is that: 1- Change your Twitter status whenever you publish a new article. 2- Change your Twitter status whenever some post receive a new comment.

6. Twitter Blog

Twitter Blog will not only tweet your blog post, but it will also check hourly for replies to that tweet and turn it into a comment on that blog post. It also uses the bit.ly API for URL shortening and adds link generated to your bit.ly account for tracking purposes. Tweets with a hashtag of #blog (customizable) will also be converted to a blog post.

7. Send to Twitter

Send to Twitter shows a text link to send a post to Twitter with title and shortened url.

8. Pro Twitter

A professional Plugin for Twitter users. You can have a lot of plugins to work on different things from twitter or only one. You can add fast to you theme a twitter counter via widget. Also you can put on your articles a tweet this link to send your post to twitter user. You can set a “template” for twitter massage to contain [TITLE] or [URL] or another massage you want to sent to twitter. (ex. you can put (via @your_twitter_username) in the template of the message. Also you can chose from different buttons and images for counter and for tweet this.

9. Twitter It!

With this plugin an user has the ability to twitter a article that he is your site. This plugin is easy to install highly customizable. Caching of short-urls included!

10. little wp to twitter

little wp to twitter, a portable tool that post a tweet to your twitter when you have a new post or update a early post. *You can customize the prefix update information. *Edit page log free to control whether single article log onto twitter.

11. Twitter Publisher

Share a new blog post on Twitter using awe.sm or bit.ly url shorteners. awe.sm gives you the option to use your own domain for shortening, like tnw.to (TheNextWeb.com) or tcrn.ch (Techcrunch), who are also using this plugin.

Supports both a main blog Twitter account as well as per author Twitter accounts. So, both the blog owner and the author can automatically share a new blog post at the same time.

12. tli.tl auto Twitter poster

This WordPress Twitter plugin posts updates from your blog to your twitter account when you create a fresh post auto shorten URLs with TLI.TL url shortener

13. BuzzGrowl for Websites

Increase social sharing by displaying social media about your website on your website.

14. leenk.me

leenk.me automatically publishes a tweet to your Twitter account, a status update to your Facebook profile/fan page/group walls, a share on your LinkedIn profile/group, and an entry on your FriendFeed profile/group whenever you publish a new post in your WordPress website.

15. Twitter Post

Twitter Post is a plugin where enable the users for send automatic messages for twitter account, allways when the user publish one post.

With the twitter post you are enable set the message wich would like send, and it’s possible use parts of the post like (Post title, Author, URL).

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