15 WordPress WiKi Plugins

WordPress is a powerful blog system. This is the 2nd edition on collection of functional WordPress Plugins. In this post, I collected 15 WordPress plugins to add wiki functionality to your WordPress.

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WordPress Wiki

WordPress Wiki plugin made by the guys at Instinct (who brought you the famous WordPress e-Commerce Plugin) have developed a new plugin that adds Wiki functionality to your WordPress powered website .

WordPress Wiki Theme

WordPress Wiki Theme will transform WordPress into a custom knowledge Base application to power your companies documentation needs. You’ll be able to add articles and frequently asked questions, rate content, show related articles, etc.

Wiki lite

WordPress Wiki lite transforms your WordPress website into a fully functional wiki or add wiki pages to your WordPress blog. It is a fully functional but limited version of our full Wiki plugin. This lite version supports creating and editing of Wikis by users who can edit posts in your blog. Users can edit the Wiki from the frontend as well as the Admin Dashboard.

WP FreeStyle Wiki

WP FreeStyle Wiki is yet another markup plugin for WordPress. It lets you FreeStyle Wiki syntax in your markup. It includes original FreeStyle Wiki 3.6.4.

Talk Wiki To Me

alk Wiki To Me create wiki-style links to multiple destinations to help you link faster and protect your links from failing when other sites change their paths.

Talk Wiki To Me is based on the Better-{{Wiki}}-Links system. However, Talk Wiki To Me allows you to define more that just one custom wiki tag. This allows you the ability to define your own tags to multiple different search engines, websites, directories, or reference sites. Defining your own wiki-like tags allows you to quickly compose links that use a common url structure, allowing you to spend more of your efforts composing posts and less time creating or managing the url links. It also protects your external links from becoming broken if an external site changes their url site structure, or paths.

WordPress Wiki That Doesn’t Suck

WordPress Wiki That Doesn’t Suck uses custom post types. And that’s pretty much it. It creates a new custom post type (wpwtds_article) that can be accessed from the Wiki != suck menu it adds to your sidebar (!= is “not equal to” in coder jargon). Wiki articles are posted with the wiki slug, so your URLs will look like http://mydomain.com/wiki/my-cool-article.

eSimple Wiki

eSimple Wiki creates basic Wiki functionality for your blog.

* Content menu code based entirely on Matt Beck’s wiki-menus plugin.
* Footnotes code based entirely on Andrew Nacin’s simple footnotes plugin.
* Wiki style [[ … ]] interlinking based entirely on harleyquinedotcom’s Interlinks plugin.
* Content menu javascript uses Andy Langton’s show/hide/mini-accordion script
* Capabilities/roles uses code by Justin Tadlock
* amended and hacked together by Rich Pedley

Urakanji Wiki Converter

Urakanji-Wiki-Converter is a text converter. This plugin is a convert to HTML from plain text written by wiki markup. so this plugin has possible to use wiki markup in your post. Reference of wiki markpu was MediaWiki, but not same.

Wiki Page Links

[[Wiki Page Links]] is a WordPress plug-in that allows you to add Wikipedia-style hyperlinks to your posts and pages and automatically have them link to your WordPress pages.


WP-Dokuwiki is yet another markup plugin for WordPress. It lets you use Dokuwiki syntax in your markup. It currently works for both pages and posts. I will soon add support for comments as well.

The plugin is hosted at the WordPress plugin repository. You can browse the source code at http://dev.wp-plugins.org/browser/wp-dokuwiki. Please use the bug tracker over there to file bug reports.

WP PukiWiki

PukiWiki is a PHP-based Wiki. PukiWiki features headings, quotations, lists of various types, preformatted texts, images, footnotes, hyperlinks, smileys, and many others.

WP PukiWiki allow the WordPress author to use PukiWiki-style Wiki syntax in writing posts and pages.

Wiki Append

This plugin enables page or post authors to scrape content from mediawiki pages and appending it to their pages. It works by scraping content from mediawiki pages by going to a special mediawiki page url.

For example http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wordpress?action=render

The content rendered on the final page or post will always be the newest content, however it is not searchable via regular WordPress search form.

Wiki Embed

The Wiki Embed’s intent is to help create a (http://wiki.ubc.ca/Resource_Management_Framework “Resourse Management Framework”).

It tries its damn hardest to pull in the content from a mediawiki page into the wordpress environment. After html scraping the content from the mediawiki page using a special url. ( note: try adding ‘?action=render’ to the end of to any mediawiki url) it strips out unwanted content and adds some tabs if you so desire.


WP-WikiBox is a simple yet very useful plugin. It uses Wikipedia API to retrieve the beginning summary section of a Wikipedia article based on the keyword title provided. You can simply insert Wikipedia information inline with your posts or provide wiki explanation on your tags and boost your ranks with rich wiki content.

The wiki box supports styling, customization and caching of retrieved data to optimize your experience.

WP MarkItUp

WP MarkItUp! is the WordPress plugin that replaces the old “quicktags” toolbar with MarkItUp!, a lightweight jQuery plugin that allows to turn any textarea into an highly customizable markup editor. XHTML, Textile, Wiki, Markdown and BBcode toolbars are already provided out-of-the-box, but even your own markup syntax can be easily implemented with this system. The plugin currently features three different skins for the toolbar, new ones are about to come.

Not satisfied with the plugins? Want more functional Wiki system, check out the more powerful wiki scripts.

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