80 Butterfly tattoos with flowers for women

When it comes to choosing a tattoo, the options are endless. However, the butterfly with flower tattoos stand the test of time and remain favorite among women. This captivating and feminine tattoo choice has not only aesthetic significance, but also goes beyond the surface literally and figuratively!

Delicate, elegant, and enchanting, these tattoos reflect the wearer’s personality and hold great symbolism. In this article, we’ll explore why butterflies and flowers make the perfect duo, the meanings behind these tattoos. We will also showcase some of the beautiful design ideas that will inspire your next ink.

Natural Allure: The Butterfly and Flower Connection

You’ve probably seen countless butterflies fluttering around your garden, sipping nectar from one flower to another. These delicate creatures not only play a vital role in pollination but also share a deep connection with flowers. They also make the perfect pair for a tattoo design.

Butterflies symbolize transformation, growth, and freedom. Tyey start as humble caterpillars and metamorphose into graceful, winged beings. Their journey represents the essence of change and adaptability, and wearing a butterfly tattoo can symbolize your resilience in navigating life’s various stages.

Flowers, on the other hand, possess their unique symbolism based on color, scale, and type. Each flower holds specific meanings and sentiments, while their dazzling hues and intricate, diverse patterns contribute to stunning visuals. As an added bonus, flowers give your butterfly tattoo whimsical charm and a delicate texture that makes it stand out.

When brought together, the butterfly and flower elements harmonize, resulting in an alluring tattoo design that is both visually captivating and symbolic.

The Symbolism Behind the Beauty

Butterfly and flower tattoos not only exude charm and grace but also have symbolism deeply rooted in spirituality, culture, and human beliefs. They represent aspects of life that resonate with our emotions and aspirations. Let’s delve into the meaning behind these captivating tattoos.

Break Free: Butterfly as a Symbol of Transformation

As mentioned earlier, the life cycle of butterflies – from a caterpillar to a cocoon, then transforming into a vibrant winged creature – epitomizes change and metamorphosis. A butterfly tattoo can express your ability to adapt, evolve and emerge even more beautiful from life’s trials. It symbolizes the triumph of inner strength and personal growth.

Love, Hope, and Resilience: The Significance of Flowers

The combined meaning of a butterfly and flower tattoo depends largely upon the specific type of flower you choose. Here’s a brief look into what different flowers symbolize and how they can influence the meaning of your tattoo:

  • Rose: With the numerous colors available, each rose variety carries a specific sentiment. Red roses represent true love and passion, while white roses denote purity and innocence. Pink roses express gratitude and appreciation, while yellow roses symbolize friendship.
  • Orchid: The exotic orchid speaks of luxury, beauty, and strength. They signify a rare and delicate love, or an admiration for their wearer’s grace and poise.
  • Cherry Blossom: This delicate flower is deeply rooted in Japanese culture and signifies the fleeting nature of life and the beauty in transience. Cherry blossoms remind us to live in the moment, like the butterfly itself.
  • Lotus : The lotus flower, deeply significant in many Eastern cultures, represents spiritual awakening, purity, and rebirth. Often found in ponds, the lotus flower starts its journey in murky water but emerges immaculate, symbolizing hope and perseverance.

Feel free to explore other flower options, each with its unique set of attributes and significance.

Design Ideas to Enhance Your Butterfly with Flower Tattoo

There’s a world of possibilities when it comes to designing your butterfly and flower tattoo. Let’s explore some awe-inspiring ideas to help you create the perfect design that resonates with your personality and style.

Green butterfly and butterfly orchid

butterfly tattoo with flowers

A graceful orchid blossom paired with the elegance of a butterfly creates a sophisticated piece of body art. This tattoo depicts a butterfly over butterfly orchid tattoo on a woman’s shoulder. Butterfly orchid, aka moth orchid, is a flower which looks like butterfly.

Butterfly and Phalaenopsis

butterfly tattoo with flowers 21

Purple Butterfly and calla lily on the back

Butterfly with calla lily and a flying bee tattoo

For a gentle and subtle tattoo, choose a design that pairs a calla lily and butterfly with a flying bee. Embodying grace and purity, it’s a beautiful way to celebrate your inner beauty.

Cherry blossoms and butterfly

Cherry blossoms and butterfly

This design celebrates the delicate beauty of cherry blossoms and butterfly. Combining the two creates a tattoo that looks as if it’s lifted straight from a Japanese watercolor painting.

Two Butterflies and Cherry blossom upper arm tattoo

butterfly tattoo with flowers 3

Lily of the valley and butterfly with crescent moon

 Lily of the valley and butterfly tattoo

Green butterfly perched on black and white peony sleeve tattoo

Green butterfly and peony tattoo

Hippeastrum and butterfly with a spider

Hippeastrum and butterfly with a spider tattoo

Lavender and Butterfly Tattoos

Lavender and Butterfly Tattoos

Set your soul free with a butterfly tattoo amongst a field of lavender. The soothing purple hues and sweet fragrance of the flower inspire a calm, peaceful energy. The peaceful tattoo is perfect for reducing stress and finding your zen.

Graceful Lycoris and butterflies neck tattoo

Lycoris and butterflies neck tattoo

With a lilac and butterfly tattoo, capture the essence of a warm spring day. The lovely design symbolizes first love and the unforgettable emotions that come with it.

Blue butterfly and snapdragon tattoo

Blue butterfly and snapdragon tattoo

Purple Butterfly perched on blue hydrangea Tattoo

Butterfly and blue hydrangea tattoo

Butterfly and carnation

Butterfly and carnation

Blue Butterfly and chrysanthemum tattoo

Butterfly and chrysanthemum tattoo

Indulge your luxurious side with a tattoo that features chrysanthemums and butterflies. The regal combination exudes elegance and sophistication, making it perfect for a queen.

Camellia and Butterfly Secret Charming

Butterfly and common camellia tattoo

Create a secret charming zone with a camellia and butterfly tattoo. This intimate design symbolizes admiration, perfection, and hope, giving you the strength to bloom even in the darkest of times.

A black and pink butterfly perched on the stem of cornflower tattoo on forearm

Butterfly and cornflower tattoo on forearm

Leg tattoo of a butterfly perched cornflower

Leg tattoo of a butterfly perched cornflower

Traditional butterfly and cornflower tattoo

Traditional butterfly and cornflower tattoo

Watercolor Butterfly and cornflower tattoo

Watercolor Butterfly and cornflower

For a burst of color and creativity, opt for a watercolor-inspired butterfly and cornflower tattoo. The blended shades and soft edges will make it look like a stunning, wearable painting.

Flying butterflies and dandelion on watercolor backdrop sleeve tattoo

Flying butterflies and dandelion on watercolor backdrop

Cute Butterfly and purple gladiolus shoulder blade tattoo

Butterfly and gladiolus tattoo

Blue Butterfly and yellow Gorse

butterfly and Gorse

Ankle tattoo of Butterfly and hyacinth flower

Ankle tattoo of Butterfly and hyacinth flower

A blue and white butterfly perched purple iris tattoo

Butterfly and iris tattoo

A back tattoo of a hand holding a stem o lavender with flying butterflies

Butterfly and lavender

Butterflies playing above lotus tattoo

Butterfly and lotus tattoo

Peony tattoo with a butterfly

Butterfly and peony tattoo

An enchanting peony flower and butterfly tattoo is ideal for the woman looking to showcase her soft, feminine energy. As the design cascades down your arm, it’ll be a constant reminder of your inner strength and beauty.

Butterflies and poppy tattoo

Butterfly and poppy tattoo

This playful tattoo design depicts three butterflies dancing atop a bright red poppy. It’s a delicate and artistic creation that reminds you to stay true to your passions.

Butterfly and Sunflower Delight

Butterfly and sunflower tattoo 2

For a bright and cheery design, select a sunflower and butterfly tattoo. The overall effect symbolizes warmth, happiness, and growth, embodying your journey of self-discovery.

Small Butterfly and tulip tattoo

butterfly and tulip tattoo

Monarch Butterfly and water lily tattoo

butterfly and water lily tattoo

Find your inner peace with a tranquil water lily and butterfly tattoo. Reflecting serenity and grace, this design will create a calm oasis on your skin, reminding you to cherish your moments of solitude.

Butterfly and wisteria stamp tattoo

Butterfly and wisteria stamp tattoo
Stamp your skin with an enchanting butterfly and flower tattoo. This vivid design includes magical number and letting, adding a touch of pixie dust to your everyday life.

Two Butterflies flying around wisteria upper arm tattoo

Two Butterflies flying around wisteria upper arm tattoo

Butterfly and wisteria tattoo

butterfly and wisteria tattoo

Charming chrysanthemum tattoo Design on forearm

Charming chrysanthemum tattoo Design on forearm

Butterfly and Lycoris

butterfly tattoo with Lycoris

A blue butterfly perched on red Lycoris

butterfly tattoo with flowers 7

A Butterfly dancing over plum blossoms

A blue butterfly with plum blossom tattoo on belly

A blue butterfly with plum blossom tattoo on belly, a very feminine tattoo.

Butterfly and lily

butterfly tattoo with flowers 45

flowers with butterfly tattoo on black

Butterflies with lily flowers tattoo on the back

Butterflies with lily flowers tattoo on the back.

butterfly tattoo with flowers 38

butterfly tattoo with flowers 33

butterfly tattoo with flowers 31

butterfly tattoo with flowers 24

butterfly tattoo with flowers 15

butterfly tattoo with flowers 13

butterfly tattoo with flowers 8

butterfly with flower tattoo

butterfly tattoo with flowers 11

Butterfly and Blue Daze Evolvulus

Butterfly and Blue Daze Evolvulus

Watercolor butterfly and daisy

watercolor flower with butterfly tattoo

Monarch butterfly and blue daisy

Monarch butterfly and blue daisy 19

Butterfly and peach blossom

butterfly tattoo with flowers 41

3D butterfly and magnolia tattoo

3D butterfly and magnolia

Honor the beauty of life with a magnolia and butterfly tattoo. The pairing symbolizes nobility, perseverance, and femininity, like a badge of honor etched onto your skin.

Butterfly and magnolia low back tattoo

Butterfly and magnolia low back tattoo

Magnolia sleeve tattoo with a butterfly for women

Magnolia sleeve tattoo with a butterfly for women

Magnolia sleeve tattoo with a butterfly. The tattoo is inked in realistic and feminine style, a perfect sleeve tattoo for women.

Hibiscus and butterfly

Hibiscus Flower Tattoo with a lovely butterfly

Transport yourself to a tropical oasis with a vibrant hibiscus and butterfly tattoo. Your skin will become a canvas for a beautiful combination that’ll remind you of warm, sunny days.

Butterfly and rose

Roses with two butterflies back tattoo

Dive into a dreamy world with a tattoo of roses and blue butterflies. The gorgeous design evokes a sense of serenity, beauty, and deep joy.

butterfly tattoo with flowers 10

You can never go wrong with the timeless combination of a butterfly and rose. This stunning tattoo symbolizes love, transformation, and new beginnings. It is a perfect mix for the modern-day goddess.

butterfly tattoo with flowers 9

Rose tattoo with a butterfly

Rose tattoo with a butterfly which looks the leaves of the flower

Butterfly and sunflower

Butterfly and sunflower

Back tattoo of Butterfly and dahlia

butterfly tattoo with flowers 36

A large Butterfly over gerbera flower

Butterfly and gerbera

Butterfly and red gerbera

butterfly tattoo with flowers 22

Butterfly and peony low back tattoo

Butterfly and peony low back tattoo

More floral butterfly tattoos

A simple tattoo with wild flowers and butterfly

A simple tattoo with wild flowers and butterfly


skull and flower with butterfly tattoo

watercolor butterfly tattoo

A butterfly with daisy flower tattoo on a foot

Embrace your playful side with daisies and butterfly dancing together in the design. Place this tattoo on your foot or wrist to remind yourself of the joy and beauty in life.

butterfly tattoo with flowers 42

butterfly tattoo with flowers 40

butterfly tattoo with flowers 37

butterfly tattoo with flowers 35

butterfly tattoo with flowers 32

butterfly tattoo with flowers 29

butterfly tattoo with flowers 27

butterfly tattoo with flowers 26

butterfly tattoo with flowers 23

butterfly tattoo with flowers 20

butterfly tattoo with flowers 18

butterfly tattoo with flowers 17

butterfly tattoo with flowers 16

Tribal style butterfly tattoo on the back

Tribal style butterfly tattoo on the back

butterfly tattoo with flowers 49

Final Thoughts: Trust Your Artistic Instincts

Ultimately, there’s no right or wrong way to design your butterfly and flower tattoo. Your tattoo should be a reflection of your personality, values, and artistic sensibilities. Embrace the creative process, take your time to explore your options, and let your intuition guide you to the perfect design.

With nature as your muse and a talented tattoo artist by your side, you’re well on your way to creating a beautiful piece of art that not only enhances your natural beauty but also tells your unique story.

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