Creative & Inspirational Promotional Poster Designs

You see promotional posters everywhere, on billboards, bus stops, bins and even on the occasional wall! Showcasing products, brands, events to global awareness these poster designs stand out from the crowd.

Carrying on from Jared’s post on typography, I will be showcasing how text art can help promote events and products.

Please note that clicking on the poster below will take you to the full sized version and will also give you the opportunity to visit the artists full portfolio. As always we would love to know which is your favourite in the comments below!

Time Out – Cover art by el-el

Time Out - Cover art by =el-el

Mercedes4x4 – Final Ver by m4gik

Mercedes4x4 - Final Ver by ~m4gik


CUT THE RED CABLE by ~Metric72

Game Over 2 by ivan-bliznak

Game Over 2 by *ivan-bliznak

passion pit poster by popestvictor

passion pit poster by *popestvictor

IGNITE Official Poster by graffyty

IGNITE Official Poster by ~graffyty

ASAN KA NA? by redg404

ASAN KA NA? by ~redg404

Milk Was A Bad Choice by bilalkarim

Milk Was A Bad Choice by ~bilalkarim

Soundcheck I Flyer by RorschachVII

Soundcheck I Flyer by ~RorschachVII

Yawn by ivan-bliznak

Yawn by *ivan-bliznak

Two Timer by basimaru

Two Timer by ~basimaru

Yellow 02 by jeanpaul

Yellow 02 by ~jeanpaul

Bradsley by mauank

Bradsley by ~mauank

MGS: Peace Walker Poster.3 by B4H

MGS: Peace Walker Poster.3 by ~B4H

Glass of Water by peterdigiacomo

Glass of Water by ~peterdigiacomo

Yellow by jeanpaul

Yellow by ~jeanpaul

Alabama3 2010 by bobjesus

Alabama3 2010 by *bobjesus

Last Dinosaurs Poster. by jayki

Last Dinosaurs Poster. by ~jayki

12 ft Purple Caterpillar by ptroh22

12 ft Purple Caterpillar by ~ptroh22

Poster Disco Bomb by promopocket

Poster Disco Bomb by ~promopocket

select start thursday by 3squaredesign

select start thursday by ~3squaredesign

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  1. Wow, great designs! Very inspiring! I can’t even decide which one I like most! Thanks.

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