10 Stunning Logotypes #8


Posted by Daniel in Design, Featured, Inspiration, Logotypes on May 1st, 2010 with 7 Comments

Week 8 of our Logotype showcase is here and what a fantastic collection we have for you today. I did mention last week that I would be showcasing work from the talented designers and illustrators from Behance, but we have decided only to use devinatART.

We have some fresh work created by some very talented logotype designers and are honoured to feature them here on nenuno.

The eighth week of our Logotype showcase is from the 25th April to the 1st May 2010.

Please note that clicking on the screenshot below will take you to the full sized version and also some designers maybe featured more then once.

WATERFALL by michaelspitz

michaelspitz has done a great job at making a simple yet very effective logotype. Using an excellent selection of colours.

FIM by SubDooM

FIM is an excellent example of fantastic use of typography to shape letters.

e-ways Logo by hasanalmasi

I have seen this effect used in logotype design numerous times but this is the first one we have featured on nenuno. The orange and gray blend together seamlessly.

Czekolada Krolewska Logo by rav31

This has to be one of the poshest logotypes I have come across in a long time, fit for royalty!

Saverage Travel by Pilej

Saverage Travel is a fantastic example of using handwriting typography.

Venn Law LLC by eyenod

eyenod never fails to deliver. We are honored to feature his fantastic work and this is no exception.

Bradleys by 7UR

7UR has showcased an excellent logotype that makes good use of simple shapes and well postioned typography.

dM Logoworks by Zibbidy

Eight concepts are featured by Zibbidy which are very basic yet very effective. Which one out of the 8 do you prefer?

EL fashion house by danijanev

An fantastic concept, using only two letter EL fashion house has a huge presence.

Bar Chefs by shakilnali

I don’t know why but I smile when I look at this logo, the chef is bringing joy to the world!

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7 Responses to “10 Stunning Logotypes #8”

  1. Another great set, big fan of the Czekolada Krolewska logo!

  2. Amir Karahasan says:

    Great collection and thanks for featuring dM!

  3. Daniel says:

    You are most welcome Amir :-)

  4. danijanev says:

    great collection of logos, honored to be part of it…thanks :)

  5. Vine says:

    Very good logos posted!
    I like the reviews, I think that’s what you said!


  6. MatasJ says:

    Love the waterfall logo ^.^

  7. PuchkinDesign says:

    Daniel, a good work ;-) All logotypes are very, very good! All authors are talented!


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