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Posted by Daniel in Design on August 11th, 2010 with 22 Comments


As you are aware, there are hundreds of designer related blogs showcasing creative resources, inspiration, tutorials and my personal favourite, giveaways! You may have also come across several design blog round ups showcasing the most popular ones you can visit (Abduzeedo, Hongkiat and the likes).

I think by now we all know which ones attract the most visitors and generate the most money via advertising, but what most don’t realise is that the up and coming design blogs available also showcase some fantastic stuff and often get ignored, us included.

Today I will be showing you my favourite blogs I visit on a daily basis that are under 100 thousand page impressions a month (based on statistics!). Giving you the option to visit there Facebook fan page, follow them on twitter or even subscribe to there RSS feed.

Please note, this is not an ordered list ranked on popularity.


Web and Graphic Design Inspiration and Photoshop Tutorials

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Wordrom is a creative blog that provide articles, tutorials, videos and inspiration + a lot more.

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WP Arena

We Love WordPress. WordPress Arena is a place for WordPress Developers and Designers, and provide Tips, tricks, tools and resources to build a site or blog on WordPress.

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Web And Designers

WebAndDesigners is a web based blog which targets to solve problems for web developers, designers and audiences from similar other professions.

RSS Feed –  Twitter


Blogfreakz is blog dedicated to web development and web design to find best open sources resources. As web development you will find the best free icons, fonts, inpirations, css tutorials, pothoshop tutorials and more.

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Scarletbits is a brand new project created by Marco “h1brd” Sousa & Iris “marla” Sousa to bring the web design and web development community new and exclusive freebies, exclusive tips & tuts and important news from the niche.

RSS Feed – Twitter

Designer Freelance

We are a blog for the graphic designer, centered in design techniques, tutorials and useful tips for the freelancer, Photoshop, illustrator, wordpress, freebies and how to handle your design business.

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Lucas Cobb Design

This blog features graphic design tips, tricks, tutorials & inspiration. It also focuses on articles related to photography, art, wordpress, web design, round-ups, design news, tutorial & tips.

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Design Juices

Design Blog to Inform, Inspire and Improve. I provide daily articles on the world of design, with articles covering the whole of the design spectrum.

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Aftfan Design

Web and graphic designer blog, which are share freebies resources related on web and graphic design, design articles, tutorial, inspirations artwork, also photography, etc.

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Famous Bloggers

Famous Bloggers is a multi-author blog providing tips for blog success and monetization

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Theme Flash

ThemeFlash is a design blog dedicated to bloggers, freelancers, web-developers and designers. Topics focus on web design,graphic design, tutorials and inspirational articles. Our goal is to help you to improve effectively on the modern web trendz with an beautiful design inspiration.

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Visual Swirl

Visual Swirl is a design blog that focuses on developing designers by providing in-depth articles on design, resources and freebies (vectors, fonts, textures, icons, etc.), tutorials (photoshop, illustrator, css/html) and inspirational galleries.

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Founded in 2010, Inspirationfeed provides useful information about design, inspiration, tutorials, and other web related topics. Our goal is to inform our readers about the latest trending topics on the web.

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Smashing BUZZ belong to Emerging Technology and Creative Media network focusing on providing the highest quality resources, articles, roundups, Apple Updates, Tips and Tricks, tutorials and inspiration for Creative fields. Smashing BUZZ posts in alternative days update in fields such as Graphic Design, Web Design, Web Development, Print Media, Technology, Apple/MAC, iPhone, iPod, Gadgets, Movies, Music, audio, video, wallpapers, computer graphics, Utilities, and Photography.

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Admix Web

Web Development and Design blog to inspire, improve, and share knowledge of web development, web design, and graphic design. We feature tri-weekly posts, including original tutorials, original articles, intriguing interviews of fellow designers and developers, and round-ups of inspiration work discovered all around the web.

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Design Dazzling

Design Dazzling is all about Web Design Resources and Techniques for Web Designers. We include Tutorials, CSS Designs, Javascript and JQuery effects, WordPress Plugins, and Web Development tools.

RSS Feed – Twitter

These are the blogs I am currently following on a weekly basis and can’t wait for them to get bigger!

A person has to constantly update himself to the latest designs to keep intouch with the modern age, the certifications such as the 650-575 are constantly being upgraded so that the people may be updated with the new developments, other companies such as Hp and their certifications such as the HP0-Y30 are also being updated and to make sure that the level of the dumps are matched with those of the certifications thae 156-215.70 dumps are also updated to ensure that the applicants may have no trouble passing the examinations.

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22 Responses to “Up & Coming Design Blog’s To Follow”

  1. Richie says:

    Good list.. I follow most of them.. Will look into the rest. I hope my blog can make it to the next list :)

    Also, how is famous bloggers a design blog? I couldn’t see any design related articles there..

    Here are a few of my favorites (they don’t use BSA btw) but still publish great design related articles.. maybe a shameless plug, but i’m loving the articles on these blogs so i thought i’d share:

    4) Creative Overflow

    Thanks for the list :)

    • Daniel says:

      Famous Bloggers has a Web Design, Social Networking and SEO section, which is design related!

    • Hesham says:

      Hi Richie, maybe we are not focusing all our writing toward design, but we all love design!

      I think web designers need to know more about blogging, and SEO as Dainiel said, also keeping in touch could create new opportunities between two different blogging niches!

      I am welling to start a series of design list posts, I want to introduce some awesome designers to our blog community!

    • Richie says:

      Oh..yes.. My bad!


    • element321 says:


      I write for Famous Bloggers, and we do from time to time write design related articles. I have done 1 on there as well, but most cover SEO. But lately we have been focusing on the blogging / SEO side of the site due a large contest(covering comment strategies) that just came to end at beginning of the month.

      Anyways, The owner, Hesham and I have spoken about the design side of Famous Bloggers and are about to start more design related topics. We just need more designers writing guest articles.

  2. Hesham says:

    Great list, and thank you so much Dainiel for including our blog!

    I will be visiting your list, I am familiar with most of them. great company!

  3. Hi Daniel

    Thanks a lot for including me in the list, with these 16 great blogs.

    I appreciate it a lot.


  4. Rocky says:

    Brilliant list!!! looking into the ones which i didn’t knew!!! Really hope that my website gets featured some day in here!!!

  5. sriganesh says:

    Nice list, we are disappointed ! that our Blog didn’t added to the list. or make to :( , we hope next time we will !!

  6. Great list, I am following most of them. Thanks for the mentioning Riche! Looking forward to the next listing :)

  7. Amazing! such a great collection , Thanks for sharing these great blog. I appreciate that.

  8. Paul says:

    Great list, few I haven’t heard of there :)

  9. Wow, I’m very honored to be on this list! Thank you so much.
    Also Nenuno, i remember ever since the website launched you guys have been posting great articles from the start. I truly believe if you keep up this great work, you will be one of those top blogs within a year!

  10. I’m also one of the hopefuls to be included in one of these lists… great list by the way, and congratz to all who made the list you guys are on the right track.

  11. Daniel says:

    I wish there was more time in the day! Running nenuno and working gives me limited browser time! Sure if we did another list in a few months, this would be completely different.

  12. Sean Thompson says:

    I just launched a new design blog two weeks ago! Please check it out if you get a chance!!

  13. Laurent says:

    Great list, thanks.
    Following these blogs should keep me busy for a while, and hopefully teach me a thing or two.

  14. Thank you very much for including us!

  15. Mufti Ali says:

    Great list, thanks for including blogfreakz

  16. Claudia says:

    Some of them were already known to me, but it’s always interesting discover new sources for inspiration =)

    Thanks =)

  17. Craig says:

    Great collection, and have got some great ideas and tips from these blogs, so really great recommendations!

  18. I benefit reading it. I need to learn more on this subject.. Thanks in return writing this amazing post.. Anyway, I am gonna subscribe to your silage and I wish you post again soon.


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