The harried quest for quality print designers has come to a welcomed end with the launch of The ultimate online community brings together high-end print designers and providers with prospective clients.

Designers have a new means to showcase and market their work, printing companies can utilize the site to find the right designers, and anyone can find inspiration from personal usage to professional collateral.

“Printed Piece is a great idea we have worked on so far,” states Printed Piece Lead Developer Leandro Ardissone. “I’ve been in designer/developer communities around and they all have one thing in common: If you’re a designer, you look for recognition and a good reputation, as well as showing off your work. If you’re a developer, you offer your services and try to persuade designers with your skills.”

The online community is basically a one-stop creative shop for those in search for quality corporate collateral print designs such as logos, banners, brochures, t-shirts, postcards, and more. And, once the client has found their perfect designer fit, Printed Piece can then match the client with a professional printing house in their area, bringing the project to a close.

According to Wendell Fernandes, CEO/Creative Director of Printed Piece parent company Dellustrations, “Printed Piece is the only place we find today inside the creative community that brings together professional companies and creative individuals in one single place. Printed Piece brings innovation to what many thought was dead. Printing is essential and because there was never a place users could reach designers and print providers, we created an online inspirational place, as well as a professional directory for talent and businesses to connect and welcome them into a fresh and new community.”

Boasting an incredibly user-friendly format, makes each designer, company, and client part of their creative, social-driven community. It allows users to set up profiles, create and send messages, search for jobs, and act as critics by rating and reviewing designers and companies.

“We feel Printed Piece can be a great resource for the creative community,” states Fernandes. “Since it’s a new application, Printed Piece will have different progress states, and we, at Dellustrations, promise to keep this community experiencing new levels of creativity in the future.”

Check out some screenshots of


Help me in welcoming Printed Piece to the design community. Remember to follow them on twitter @printedpiece. Let us know what you think about the site in the comments and spread the word. I think the site is awesome and I’m going to be the first to welcome Wendell into the design community. After 2 years of hard work Printed Piece is a great accomplishment and a great resource for print designers everywhere.


  1. Thank you Lucas for the Great Post! This is really a great help! Designers & Businesses – Join in!

  2. Not a problem Wendell, It’s a great site and deserves some attention.

  3. WOW, this is such a Great idea! and a beautiful site too.


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