70 Lotus Tattoo Design Ideas

The mystifying world of the lotus flower

You may find a lot of popular tattoos out there and one is undoubtedly the lotus tattoo design. What makes the lotus design a preferred subject of a tattoo? They may look truly beautiful and enthralling in design but do you know what they mean? Some are really taken away by how pretty the lotus designs are. But it takes you to another level of appreciation if you have an idea of how the lotus represents the person with the tattoo and all its other deeper meanings.

Here we discuss the different meanings of the lotus tattoo as well as the designs and its origins. Even though it has taken its roots on the olden days of East culture and religion it has slowly and surely taken its place in the hearts of modern thinking and belief. It’s somewhat entertaining to think that what matters now is not how new the trend it but as how meaningful and special things such as tattoos as that the older the origin, the more sentimental the tattoos get.

Meaning of the Lotus tattoos in Religion

You can find a lot of meanings for the lotus tattoo design. The reason is that there have been many designs to choose from and each of them contains their very own special meaning. The meanings can be based on such things as:

When the lotus is pen, closed or partially open, it depicts different meanings as well as the colors of the lotus. You just don’t pick out the particular look and color of the lotus and tattoo for its external appearance but you should also consider the inner meaning and implications that it serves to show.


The lotus is also greatly tied to Buddhism. As much as Hinduism uses the lotus flower for representing deities and phases in life, Buddhism also shares some of its views. Seeing that the lotus has a lot of petals and layers, Buddhism take a very complex approach towards the philosophical and spiritual meanings of the colors and the way that the petals grow.

A bit similar to Hinduism, Buddhism also relates the lotus with purity. The purity reaches out to the mind, body and as well as the soul. In Buddhist art, the lotus is drawn as having eight petals that specifically show the Eightfold path which is the known core of the Buddhist religion.


The beautiful and often picked pink lotus relates to the Hindi Religion and is deemed as very sacred. This lotus is called a Padma. In Hindu the Padma is connected with several deities like Brahma and Vishnu. The lotus is said to represent purity and divine beauty of a person. If the lotus has unfolding leaves then this means of spiritual awakening or a person’s should expanding to embrace something new. It can also be interpreted as a rebirth of the mind and a beginning of a new vision towards life.

The Padma is also tied with Shahasrara in specific as well as all the chakras in Hindu religion. In the traditional story the Padma is said to contain a thousand petals thus you can always see it as having a large number of petals throughout history.

Meanings of the lotus tattoo by color

White lotus tattoo

The white lotus is the one which symbolizes spiritual and mental enlightenment. It is also the symbol for purity, pacification as well as perfection of a person’s nature. In Buddhism there is a thing called the pinnacle of achievement; the Flower of Buddhas and this is what the white lotus can also symbolize. The white lotus is what is perceived to be the goal or the end part of one’s spiritual journey. If you are looking to reaching a specific goal in your life and may have reached it then the white lotus could be the perfect symbol.

Blue lotus tattoo

When you are highlighting the point of your life which symbolizes the control of the spirit more than the body such as mind over matter then the blue lotus is your to go to tattoo. If you have felt that your spirituality is no stronger than what you crave for physically then it is known as crossing over to that point where you overcome the need of the flesh or material things in order for your soul to be contented. The blue lotus is also believed to represent intelligence, wisdom and knowledge. More often than not the blue lotus is always drawn as partially open which means that the mind is still in the processes of opening and accepting. This means that the mind is still continually growing over the body and slightly showing the center.

Red lotus tattoo

This color is also known as the heart lotus. The lotus is shown as the person’s heart and thus symbolizes passion, love as well as other emotions that concern the heart. The lotus in red is often drawn in an open fashion as to show how the heart truly feels. It also symbolizes how the heart is open to show all its true emotions and feelings without keeping anything back inside.

Pink lotus tattoo

The pink as mentioned earlier is a very important representation of Buddha. Pink is often referred to the tales of Buddhism as well as the deities while the white lotus does represent the highest goals, it is known that the color represents lesser religious figures when compared to the ink lotus flower.

Purple lotus tattoo

This color is one of the most beautiful yet entirely forgotten from the Buddhist religion. The purple lotus flower is represented on a cup or on a platter. This lotus flower pays tribute or homage to the Buddhist deities. It is the mystified symbol of the lotuses and seeks to view religion and spirituality in a mystified sense. If you are a person who has this view on religion and spirituality and would like to show how you feel then the purple lotus is the perfect design to go with.

In conclusion

There will be many more lotus and colors’ meaning that you can find, what matters is that you know what kind of lotus flower you aim to get and you know what the meaning behind them is. Getting a tattoo can have its external impact however it is the spiritual or the inside which is more important. You should get a tattoo that symbolizes you, your feelings as a person and what you believe in. getting a tattoo is a privilege that you should count which is why it is crucial that you pick just the right one to be permanently inked into your body.

Lotus tattoo design ideas

Lotus Tattoo2

Twin lotus under sunset

Twin lotus flower tattoos in blue and purple colors. The lotus flowers are shown to be growing in half bloom and behind them is a sunset like shade highlighting the flowers.

Lotus Tattoo1

A pink lotus flower in half bloom. The flower is beautifully drawn sprouting out from the water as the leaves gently hug the stem.

Lotus Tattoo10

A blossoming blue lotus flower. The lotus is drawn as a single flower that is drawn in full bloom. It is standing on its own and looks to depict independence and being open minded.

Lotus Tattoo9

Pink lotus flower tattoo with initials. A lone pink lotus flower tattoo inked on the shoulder and contains initials or letters. This tattoo strongly symbolizes the inner peace and tranquility of a person as to attaining a spiritual understanding.

Lotus Tattoo7

A pretty purple lotus flower. Brightly colored and shown as emerging from a wave of water, the tattoo gives the impression of someone coming into contact with his or her spirituality and on the process of emerging to understand it better.

Lotus Tattoo6

A blossoming blue lotus flower. The blue lotus flower represents knowledge or intelligence that is acquired. Therefore the tattoo can signify the open mindedness or acceptance of the person to change or ideas.

Lotus Tattoo

Lotus outline

Black inked lotus tattoo on the back. Not having any color the lotus flowers borrows the color of the skin as its petals. It is beautifully drawn and has a stem which is shown to be thinning out.

Lotus Tattoo4

Pink lotus flower in blossom. Depicted beautifully and elegantly, the tattoo makes it a point to show the true beauty of understanding oneself and recognition of one’s goals in life.

Lotus Tattoo3

Purple lotus flower embraced by its leaves. The flower is drawn in the middle of its emerging leaves. The leaves look as if they are gently cradling the flower as it slowly blooms.

Lotus Tattoo11

Lotus flower tattoo inked in blue. This tattoo is a very detailed and beautiful representation of the lotus as well as its different deep meanings. The petals and the leaves are well draw and show a lot of patterns reflecting the religious aspects that the flower’s meaning shares.

Lotus Tattoo24

Twin purple lotus flowers. Tattooed on the arm, the purple lotus flowers look regal and eye catching. They are drawn as open flowers thus signifying openness and acceptance of the mystic nature of the spirit.

Lotus Tattoo23

Beautiful pink lotus flower inked on the shoulder. The pink lotus flower has a strong meaning on its own. Having a single tattoo on your shoulder of the pink lotus flower already gives a powerful meaning towards the person’s spiritual psyche and beliefs.

Lotus Tattoo22

A multicolored lotus flower tattoo. There can be a lot of representations when it comes to the lotus tattoo and this multi colored version is one of them. One can be in different stages of self awareness thus having the need to recreate a version of the lotus indicating various colors.

Lotus Tattoo20

Pink Lotus tattoo on low back

A group of pink lotus flower tattoo on the low back of the woman. As you can see there are several growth stages of the lotus flowers in the tattoo, the blossomed, blossoming and the closed pink lotus flowers.

Lotus Tattoo19

A group of pink lotus flowers. As you can see there are several stages of the lotus flower’s growth in the tattoos which can be seen; the blossomed, blossoming and the closed pink lotus tattoo.

A pure and wonderful looking blue lotus flower. It is shown as being attached to its stem which is depicted as flowing and dancing behind the blooming flower.

Lotus Tattoo17

A pink lotus flower tattoo. The shadow of the tattoo creatively depicts music and love along with tiny beads of pearls and teardrops.

Lotus Tattoo15

Beautiful looking blue lotus flower tattoo. The flower is shown to be fully bloomed and is accepting a pink colored vine like apparition on top of it. The stem is also drawn in an intricate manner.

Lotus Tattoo14

Simple Lotus thigh tattoo

Creatively drawn pink lotus tattoo. Simple yet has a great and heavy meaning. The tattoo is pretty much clean looking and eye catching.

Lotus Tattoo13

A wonderful looking pink lotus flower tattoo. The tattoo does not only draw a simple lotus flower but an entire pentagram as well behind with angel wings by each side. A blue butterfly is also seen to be at the center of the pentagram and is perched on top of the lotus flower.

Lotus Tattoo12

Blue lotus flower tattoo. With the lotus flower a stack of brushes is also drawn as they are bound together by a blue ribbon.

Lotus Tattoo26

Dark red lotus flower tattoo. The lotus flower is shown to have a number of petals blooming and enveloped by its leaves and seemingly water waves from below.

Realistic Lotus Tattoo

Realistic lotus tattoo

A realistic pink lotus flower tattoo. The flower looks serene and beautiful depicting the tranquility and peace of mind that the flower represents.

Lotus Tattoo44

Pretty pink lotus flowers tattoo. A group of pink lotus flowers are seen together side by side as their leaves overlapped with one another.

Lotus Tattoo43

An arm pink lotus flower tattoo. In the tattoo, the center of the lotus flower is more focused as compared to the petals. The center part is also shown to be somewhat glowing.

Lotus Tattoo

Watercolor lotus flower tattoo

Pink lotus flower tattoo surrounded by watercolor that has trails of a mixture of colors. The lotus is shown as half blooming and also gives the illusion that it is swiftly wading through the water surface.

Lotus Tattoo41

A lightly colored pink lotus flower tattoo being held up by a hand. The hand is seen as delicately holding the lotus flower by the stem and gently touching its petals.

Lotus Tattoo40

A small blue lotus flower tattoo. Simple and clean looking flower tattoo that holds greater meaning.

Lotus Tattoo39

A fully blossomed pink lotus flower tattoo. The lotus flower is also shown to have its petals falling apart in a simple dramatic drop.

Lotus Tattoo38

A beautiful and well detailed pink lotus flower tattoo. The lotus flower is seen to be floating on top of a water surface inked in violet color.

Shoulder Lotus Tattoo

Shoulder lotus flower tattoo

A bright pink lotus flower tattoo on the shoulder. The full and bright colors of the tattoo give life to the lotus flower thus making it look twice as blossomed as it already is.

Lotus Tattoo36

Purple lotus flower tattoo. A fully bloomed purple lotus flower is seen with a shining centerpiece that can also depict a person’s experience on enlightenment.

Lotus Tattoo34

A Blooming purple lotus flower tattoo. The tattoo is drawn floating on top of the water with some of its petals slowly trailing away.

Lotus Tattoo33

Beautiful white colored lotus flower tattoo. The white lotus is the symbol for innocence, purity and reaching of one’s goals.

Lotus Tattoo32

Pink lotus flower tattoo in blossom. The center part of the lotus flower is shown to be shining with bright light thus emphasizing on the level of enlightenment that the person is experiencing or feeling.

Lotus Tattoo31

A white lotus flower tattoo that is in full bloom. The tattoo is predominantly white colored despite some pink shadows. White is the representation of goals that a person wishes to achieve or attain.

Lotus Tattoo30

Pink lotus flower tattoo in full bloom. The tattoo also shows that the center of the tattoo is shining with bright light that can also mean that the person has his spirituality intact and well understood that he has reached this level of faith.

Pink lotus flower tattoos with long stems. The two lotus flowers are shown to be in different states as one is fully bloomed and the other one is half bloomed. Surrounding them are their leaves and waves of water.

Lotus Tattoo28

A dark pink lotus flower tattoo in the middle of the dark water. This lotus flower is seen to be in half bloom which means that the person may still be finding his or her spirituality n the middle of the dark but is still keeping faith within the struggle.

Lotus Tattoo

Blue lotus flower tattoo

A nice blue lotus flower tattoo. An exquisite drawing of a lotus flower having white stems curling up behind it.

Lotus Tattoo55

A beautiful blue lotus flower tattoo on the wrist. Small, simple yet very enthralling to look at. A perfect tattoo when you need reminder of your stand and beliefs of spirituality.

Lotus Tattoo54

Purple lotus flower tattoo with a bud. The flowers are seen to be in different phases of their lives as one is fully bloomed and the other has not opened up yet to bloom.

Lotus Tattoo53

Fully bloomed pink lotus flower tattoo. The lotus is seen to be cradled by its leaves as it floats on the surface f the water.

Lotus Tattoo52

Blue lotus flower tattoo that shows the center beaming with light. The blue lotus holds the meaning of the mind and knowledge. This tattoo depicts how someone wants to tell how open minded of a person he or she is.

Lotus Tattoo51

Pretty pink lotus flower on the surface of the water. This lotus flower tattoo doesn’t show any leaves and lets the flower float by itself and in full bright bloom.

Lotus Tattoo50

Elegant looking pink lotus flower tattoo. The tattoo shows the lotus flower carried by its stem and proudly cradled by its leaves as it stands high and mighty.

Lotus Tattoo48

Black inked lotus flower tattoo. This lotus flower design has been inked in all black and paced covering the entire arm for effect.

Lotus Tattoo47

A purple lotus flower tattoo with an angel on top. There is a small angel like being drawn sitting on the lotus flower as she traces shapes on the water surface below.

Lotus Tattoo46

A perfectly blue lotus flower tattoo with an eye in the middle. This can mean a lot of things but the simplest way to put it is that the person wants to show that he or she has opened his or her eyes to new thinking and possibilities that the present and the future might hold.

Lotus Tattoo56

Magical looking pink lotus flower tattoo. This tattoo shows the pink lotus being held by its stem and surrounded by a puff of smoke.

Lotus Tattoo70

A really pretty and cute looking pink lotus flower tattoo. The lotus flower is seen to be in full bloom and instead of its regular leaves; there are falling debris in shapes of stars.

A whole body tattoo of fire colored lotus flowers. A truly enchanting sight to see and one that creates great impact especially on the meaning that the lotus flowers are trying to send out.

Lotus Tattoo67

A combination of blue and purple lotus flower tattoos. The two lotus flowers are seen to be floating peacefully alongside each other as waves in similar shapes with bones try to catch them.

Lotus Tattoo66

Purple colored lotus flower seemingly caught in a spiral of events. The lotus flower is surrounded by its leaves as well as raging waves from the waters beneath it.

Lotus Tattoo65

Beautiful and blossoming lotus flower tattoo inked on the nape of the neck. The black and red color simply adds to the wonderful illusion that the tattoo creates especially on highlighting the center of the flower.

Lotus Tattoo64

A magnificent blue lotus flower tattoo. The tattoo is enveloped by its leaves and the water below creating a rather circular shape for the entire flower.

Lotus Tattoo62

Fascinating pink lotus flower tattoo on the feet. The lotus flower is seen to be seemingly gliding through the water as it approaches the foot.

Lotus Tattoo61

Elegant looking pink lotus flower tattoos. Both flowers are different as one is blossomed while the other is still a bud. Beneath them are waves of blue waters dancing around.

Lotus Tattoo60

A blank inked lotus flower tattoo on the arm. It looks very subtle yet holds a powerful meaning when it comes to a person’s belief and spirituality.

Lotus Tattoo59

Enthralling blue lotus flower tattoo. The flower is accompanied by a serene background in black as well as well detailed and artistically drawn stem also in black ink.

Lotus Tattoo58

A purple lotus flower design on the arm. The only part colored is the lotus flower whilst the water and the leaves are in black ink.

Lotus Tattoo71

A really cute looking blue lotus flower tattoo. This tattoo has more of a 2D feel to it and looks rather adorable standing on its own with a stem.

Lotus Tattoo85

A truly beautiful pink lotus flower tattoo. The tattoo is shown to be help up by its stem as it blooms on the surface of the water.

A creative tattoo of pink lotus flowers. The lotus flowers are then surrounding a skull with horn like protrusions on the top that transform into wings.

Lotus Tattoo83

Elegant looking pink lotus flower tattoo. The lotus flower is seen to be having branches that also blossom into tiny pink lotus flower buds.

Lotus Tattoo82

A well detailed and beautifully drawn purple lotus flower tattoo. On top of the lotus flower is a dragonfly that is seemingly resting at the center of the flower.

Lotus Tattoo81

Magical looking blue lotus flower tattoo. The lotus flower is seen to be riding the current as it slides through the surface water in full bloom.

Lotus Tattoo80

A very beautiful tattoo of a pink lotus flower with falling petals. The petals are shown to be falling and cascading from the nape of the neck towards the bottom, part of the body which simply creates a wonderful illusion.

Lotus Tattoo79

A large pink lotus flower tattoo. As you can see there seems to be smoke that is rising from the middle of the lotus flower and rising upwards.

Lotus Tattoo78

A pink lotus flower tattoo riding the waters. In full bloom, the pink lotus flower tattoo is drawn to be cascading down with the help of the water current that it’s sitting on.

Lotus Tattoo77

Really pretty looking pink lotus flowers tattoo. Both the lotus flowers on this tattoo are in full bloom and look absolutely stunning.

Lotus Tattoo76

Purple lotus flower tattoo enveloping the back. There are more elements added to the purple lotus flowers to convey more feelings and emotions to the work of art.

Lotus Tattoo75

A group of red and purple lotus flower tattoos. There is a mix of bright colors on this tattoo as well as a number of lotus flowers that signifies the level of spirituality of the person on different aspects of his or her life.

Lotus Tattoo74

A small and beautiful looking pink lotus flower tattoo. This is a very subtle looking tattoo but it is very clear and concise in its meaning as well as easier to notice and single out.

Lotus Tattoo73

A blooming blue lotus flower tattoo on the foot. This beautiful looking tattoo depicts the lotus flower as in full bloom with its center fully exposed and free.

Lotus Tattoo72

Purple colored lotus flower tattoo. This tattoo signifies the openness of the person to embrace the spirituality and as well as to be willing to learn more about it as time goes by.

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