40+ Beautiful Cherry Blossom Tattoos

Mysterious and enchanting Cherry Blossoms

Cherry blossoms are known to be one of the most beautiful flowers it he world. They have this unique charm that makes them a spectacle especially when seen falling from their trees. Their pastel colors and soft hues make them a wonderful sight as they can create an entirely different looking world around you.
What makes cherry blossoms quite special is that they can only be around in the spring. You don’t see them as often as other flowers since they only bloom in season. Which is why they are can be rare and some people purposely travel to long lengths simply to experience them. This is also one of the main reasons why people love getting cherry blossom tattoos; for long time remembrance.

What is behind the cherry blossoms?

More popularly known in Asian cultures such as in Japan, cherry blossoms have various meanings. They have become a national symbol for the country and they have been known to be celebrating amazing cherry blossom festivals all throughout spring. Not only does the flower have national symbolism it also has cultural impact as well. Primarily it is believed to be a symbol of joy and love; it also helps strengthen the spirit and promotes the beauty of life. Cherry blossoms only bloom in spring and they disappear again after a short time which symbolizes how people should value and appreciate life as it lasts.

The meaning of cherry blossoms for the male and female perspective

Some people think that cherry blossoms are purely for women. This is because of the strong feminine characteristics o the flower. However it should not be generalized since tattoo designs can still be customized to fit a more masculine look. If the cherry blossoms represent applies to you then you should go and get the tattoo no matter how others perceive it. What’s important is that you believe in what the tattoo stands for and it clearly represents you as a person.

For men: cherry blossom tattoos with fire, skulls or geishas with cherry blossom prints on their kimonos.

For women: cherry blossom tattoos with hearts or stars and even butterflies to further highlight the feminine aspect of the flower. Other flowers can also be added with the cherry blossoms depending if you want a bouquet of various flowers for a tattoo.

For both: a very common thing to do when you don’t want to classify your cherry blossom tattoo is to simply add meaningful words and w=quotes with it. You can even add precious lines from your favorite songs, books, poems or movies. It doesn’t matter what kind of words as long as they apply to you. Some even take it as far as writing the quotes in Chinese or Japanese characters for effect.

As a symbol of femininity and optimism

The light and feminine colors of the cherry blossoms make it an easy representation for women and femininity. A cherry blossom is often connected with a beautiful woman like her looks as well as the power that she has to make men fall for her. That is a characteristic that cherry blossoms also share since they are naturally beautiful flowers people flock together to see them and stare at them in awe. This is why cherry blossoms represent a woman’s attractive looks. This flower also is connected to love and emotions.

The cherry blossom being a spring flower represents new beginnings and thus a new hope. It can mean a lot of things such as a new start in life, a person’s first day at work or at the university. It can also be a person’s first few steps to a decision he or she has finally had the courage to make. Bottom line is the person should look forward to a positive outcome and to be optimistic of what lies ahead.

As representing religion and morality

For religious beliefs the cherry blossom is seen to be a representation of enlightenment. It is an icon to remind one to stand up for his or her beliefs and pave their way into the light. Just like the cherry blossom a person’s life exists only in a short while that is why people should not take it for granted. Life is temporary and sweet and should be cherished and lived fully. Cherry blossoms also represent a person’s wisdom. In life people learn lessons and face challenges, wisdom grows from overcoming these challenges and learning more about dealing with life.

The cherry blossom lifespan is basically this: it blooms, it flourishes and then it dies all too suddenly. It lives once, fast and gloriously then simply disappear which is why many people flock to see it at its peak. The flower symbolizes how important being humble is as well as placing morality in protecting life at the top. Just like how life is, the cherry blossoms come and go quickly and as some say, life is too short to live so we should always live it to the fullest.

As a symbol of beauty after life

People eagerly wait for the cherry blossoms to bloom and even their trees look wonderful. Once the flowers bloom, they are not only appreciated from above unto the trees but they are also appreciated once they flutter unto the ground. You might probably have seen movies or pictures with beautiful cherry blossoms fluttering from the trees and it looks absolutely stunning. The petals get moved around by the wind unto the rivers and mountains and they are still appreciated for their beauty. Their beauty is eternal and can be appreciated in just about any way.

Since cherry blossoms have also been known to represent beauty, they are also known for representing love. Love is seen to be empowering and helps celebrate a person’s freedom of expressing themselves and how they feel to their significant other. Cherry blossoms are seen to be free and dominating. The best place for the cherry blossom tattoo representing love would be on the arms to give space to the branching effect of the design.

Cherry Blossoms-34

Beautiful cherry blossom tattoo on the arm. The arm is one of the best places to put a cherry blossom tattoo since it can give way to the design of the branches extending to showcase the true beauty of the flowers.


Beautiful Cherry Blossom Tattoos

Cherry Blossoms-8

Enchanting cherry blossom tattoo on the back. Brush stroke inspired, the simple strokes that make up the branches of the cherry blossom adds to the innocence and the beauty that the flowers denote.


Cherry Blossom Tattoos 2

Cherry blossom tattoo with a pocket watch. The pretty cherry blossoms are seen to be enveloping a silver pocket watch emphasizing on the meaning of time and how short it is to live one’s life.

Cherry Blossom Tattoos 3

A crown of cherry blossoms on the skull tattoo. A contrasting and interesting concept where the skull, always seen to be fierce is paired with the soft and light cherry blossom petals.

Cherry Blossoms-1

Beautiful and detailed cherry blossom tattoo on the arm. You can see a group of cherry blossoms seemingly embraced by the wind as display their enchanting beauty for the world to see.


Cherry Blossoms-4

Mystical cherry blossom tattoo on the back by Joey Pang. The edges of the cherry blossom turn into curve like structures that serve as the frame for the beautiful and picturesque cherry blossom flowers.


Cherry Blossoms-6

Fluttering cherry blossom tattoo on the back. Beautiful cherry blossoms drawn in watercolor theme as they are seen to be blown by the wind. The petals are gently fluttering off as the wind kisses them by.


Cherry Blossom Tattoos 7

Very pretty cherry blossom tattoo on the back. The cherry blossoms are drawn in a more 2D way and look absolutely gorgeous. The petals can be seen dancing along with the branches as the wind passes by.

Cherry Blossoms-9

Wonderful looking cherry blossom tattoo on the thigh. The light and watercolor effect of the tattoo gives the design a really mystical and enthralling look.


Cherry Blossom Tattoos 10

A bouquet of beautiful cherry blossoms tattoo design on the back. The cherry blossoms are seen huddled together as they grow to bloom. The light colors and shadows of the design also help give it a soft and innocent effect.

Cherry Blossoms-11

Mystifying cherry blossom tattoo on the back. The strong design and colors of the design give a stark contrast to the soft watercolor strokes that are used to create the branches and the petals.


Cherry Blossoms-43

Dark red cherry blossom tattoo on the back. The back provides a great canvas for the cherry blossom and its design. It gives way to extend the branches and show the full detail and beauty of cherry blossoms.

Cherry blossom tattoo on the thigh. Well details and beautiful cherry blossoms inked on the thigh. Much like the arms, the things also give a lot of space for the cherry blossom design to be creatively drawn.

Cherry Blossom Tattoos 41

Cute looking cherry blossom tattoo on the foot. A simple yet wonderful looking tattoo that you can easily hide and show off. This is perfect of you want to have a subtle cherry blossom tattoo that you can conveniently display to the public eye or not.

Cherry Blossoms-40

Wonderful looking cherry blossom tattoo on the back. Centering the back, the cherry blossoms look absolutely stunning and empowering. The symmetry and the beauty are undoubtedly strong on this design.

Beautiful grayscale cherry blossom tattoo on the back. Cherry blossoms can still look amazing even though they aren’t seen with their iconic pink hue. Here the flowers look more serene and peaceful as they gently hang on the tree branches.

Wonderful looking cherry blossom tattoo on the side of the body. Inked in red and in watercolor theme, the design looks absolutely gorgeous and enthralling.


Cherry Blossoms-30

Beautiful cherry blossom tattoo on the shoulders with two birds. The birds give the cherry blossoms and even romantic vibe as they stare into each other while silently passing time on the tree branch.

Best cherry blossom tattoo designs with this beautiful quote as if it wanted to convey a message from a girl's life experience. This is a record of the experience is to be conveyed to the cherry blossoms.

Wonderful looking cherry blossom tattoo on the shoulder with quotes. Cherry blossom designs are also a great way to frame quotes, lyrics and words on the tattoo and they work very well with each other.

Cherry Blossom Tattoos 27

Magical looking cherry blossom tattoo on the back. The cherry blossoms are inked only with line art and very light shadowing thus giving it a really soft touch. You can also see the wind enveloping the branches and the flowers in it.

Multi colored cherry blossom tattoo on the side of the body. Wonderfully colored and a real treat to the eyes. You can definitely see the beauty of the blossoms as they are highlighted by the colorful tree branches.

Cherry Blossom Tattoos 5

Simple and cute cherry blossom tattoo with a butterfly. This almost minimalist design is very simple yet eye catching because of its simplicity.

Cherry blossoms and fish tattoo on back

Enchanting cherry blossom tattoo on the back by Joey Pang. The thin strokes of the cherry blossom branches create a perfect aura for the serene and peaceful cherry blossoms as they gently look upon a pond with Koi fishes.


Cherry Blossom Tattoos 24

Very pretty cherry blossom tattoo on the side of the body. The body is a beautiful canvas for the cherry blossom design and placing it on the side enables the design to be fully appreciated.

Cherry Blossoms-23

Smoke inspired cherry blossom tattoo. The cherry blossoms and the branches seem to be going up in smoke, stylishly odd and enthralling at the same time.


Cherry Blossom Tattoos 21

Cherry blossom tattoo on the back. What better way to flaunt that amazing looking cherry blossom tattoo than to have it inked in full glory on the back.

Cherry Blossom Tattoos 19

Well detailed cherry blossom tattoo on the feet. The tree looks as if it’s sprouting from the feet and reaching up to the person’s feet. It looks bold, powerful and amazing.

Cherry Blossoms-18

Simple but beautiful cherry blossom tattoo on the shoulder. The small branch with cherry blossoms is accompanied by a quote in Korean characters shows the oriental influence of the design which makes it even more unique.

Blue shaded cherry blossom tattoo. It’s not often that you see other shades on the cherry blossoms but this design by Julia Dumps makes it look magical and interesting at the same time.

Cherry Blossom Tattoos 16

Cherry blossom tattoo on the arm. Drawn in 2D style the cherry blossoms are seen to be in full bloom as its petals dance away into the wind while there are also new buds and those that are about to bloom surrounding the fully grown flowers.

Cherry Blossoms-15

Cherry blossom tattoo sleeve tattoo. Cherry blossoms can also look like awesome sleeve tattoos for everyone. It gives you the oriental and at the same time awesome vibe by simply looking at it.

A really softly inked cherry blossom tattoo. You can almost feel the softness of the petals with how mild and innocent the design is created. Truly beautiful and captures the essence of the cherry blossoms.

Cherry Blossoms-13

Watercolor inspired cherry blossom tattoo on the arm. The cherry blossoms look absolutely stunning with the splash of blue in the background and with the tips of cherry red colors in the petals.


Cherry Blossom Tattoos 12

Grayscale cherry blossom tattoo. Beautiful and mysterious. The grayscale effect can help boost the meaning that is behind the tattoo when combined with quotes and verses.

A beautiful chain of cherry blossoms in tattoo. The cherry blossoms are beautifully colored in red hue while the branches slowly thin out and almost disappears giving the illusion that the cherry blossoms are magically clinging upwards the person’s back.

Cherry Blossom Tattoos 58

Quirky cherry blossom tattoo in blue shade. This small yet simple tattoo is perfect if you want a unique looking cherry blossom design that you can conveniently show and conceal at the same time.

Cherry Blossoms-20

Enchanting and mysterious looking cherry blossom tattoo. The striking colors used in the tattoo help with making the design look strong and at the same time timid as if it were hiding a secret.


Cherry Blossom Tattoos 54

Cherry blossom tattoo surrounding a demon’s face. The face in the middle of the petals resembles that of an oriental demon that plague the streets of ancient Japan. Terrifying but at the same time culturally intriguing.

Cherry Blossom Tattoos 53

Cherry blossom tattoo on the back with the full moon in the background. The cherry blossom tree is seen to be standing high with the flowers blooming out of its branches as everything is framed by the midnight sky and the bright full moon.

Cherry Blossom Tattoos 52

A pair of cherry blossom tattoos on the hands. The cherry blossoms are accompanied by quotes on either side of the hands giving depth into the meaning that the person wants it to convey.

Cherry Blossom Tattoos 51

A bouquet of cherry blossoms tattoo on the arm. A wonderful sight indeed and very pretty to look at. It is like carrying your very own cherry blossom bouquet wherever you go.

Cherry Blossoms-45

Pretty cherry blossoms tattoo in orange shade. The arm shows cherry blossom flowers colored in orange as they are grouped together to form a cluster of pretty flowers.


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