65+ Lovely Dance Tattoo Designs

Tattoos are a kind of decorating parts of the body, which usually has a meaning for the person being tattooed. The oldest tattoos found belong to the oldest man in the world ” Ice Man named Eci ” who was in glacier in the Ectalsk Alps. This mummy is around 5300 years old, and using multi spectral scanning technique on his body was discovered about 61 tattoos in the form of bars and little crosses, and they were done not for aesthetic  reasons but for therapeutic reasons.

Different tattoos have different meanings. For me it is very important that the tattoo has a meaning that reminds us on an event, to any person … One of the most popular tattoo is a heart that often symbolizes love, also is popular the tattoo of  king of animals – a lion that has always symbolized power and strength. It is very popular that people do tattoo as letter in a certain part of the body, the letter usually means the initial letter of the name of a person means to them.

People do tattoos for whole life and therefore should be careful considered what they want to tattoo so that later won’t regret. Also, people should do tattoos in proven salons.
It isn’t the most important about tattoo it’s size. There are well done small tattoos that can attract a lot of attention.

Dance is always present in the human species. From the ancient time people used dance in various purposes. What man can not express the words expresses it with the gestures, body movements… In Ancient Egypt people danced in order to have a good harvest, and appease the gods. In ancient Greece dance is a form of preparation for sport, dance was part of the culture. In Ancient Rome people danced before the gladiator fights, in honor of the gods, even during wars, harvest … As you can see the dance from  the oldest days is part of human life. This is a beautiful art through which the soul relax and you enjoy. It does not matter what kind of dance you practice, it is important to dance because you will spend well life  if you dance it.

One of the oldest dances is ballet and it is the foundation of other styles. In the ballet there are no sudden and sharp movements, everything is graceful, gentle, a wonderful art. Thus, the ballerina has always been a symbol of grace, femininity, tenderness, although it is necessary for the ballet great physical strength and skill.

Before tattooing, usually is advised not to drink aspirin 24 hours, that if you are on any medications or if you suffer from diabetes, epilepsy and other serious illnesses, mandatory is counseling with a doctor, get some sleep before tattooing and don’t drink alcohol 24 hours before tattooing .

It is very important to choose a good tattoo parlor. When you enter the salon to inquire pay attention to hygiene in the salon, ask if the needle is used only once and always new for each client, whether tattoo master wear gloves, if on the tube with pure color is not residual color, whether they use the sterilizer in which sterilize equipment. It would be best to show you. Good to ask is how to take care about tattoo first week or two weeks, so that tattoo remain in good condition and how to prevent it from infection. Tattoo master will explain it to you the best!
These are some of my advice to you, inform yourself well, decide what tattoo you want to do and listen direction of the salon. Tattooing can be very safe way of decorating the body but only in proven salon!

Tattooing is a permanent insertion of color in the skin with special needles and all that because of aesthetic, religious, customary reasons.

Ballerinas were the source of inspiration for many artists such as Edgar Degas, Mone, Picasso…


Watercolor snow dance tattoo

People get tattoos on different parts of the body, is the least painful to the parts where there are a lot of muscles and tissues, and the most painful in places where the bone goes straight below the skin.


Illustration style dance tattoo



Tattoos on the back of the neck are very sexy and feminine, so that it is a common option for lady, but not so rare and for male part of the population.


Interesting tattoo in color of gentle feminine tones that symbolizes the strength and sophistication at the same time.


If the tattoo is not done in salons which are proven and that satisfied all sanitary and hygienic conditions could result in serious health problems, so be careful who you indicate confidence. In adequate salons this can be and how safe way of embellishment of the body.


One more tattoo on back of the neck. Now, you can see why tattooing becomes sort of art.


 If you want to get tattoo on your arm here’s an idea for it. When you get a tattoo on the arm, be careful when choosing a tattoo because it is part of the body in the summer they always well seen.


Tattoos expansion contributed  a lot circuses, at the beginning of the twentieth century. Today, tattooing slowly but surely becoming an art form.


After the tattoo is very important listen the instructions given to you by your tattoo artist. He’s going after doing tattoo place disinfect and cover with draft that shouldn’t be removed minimum two hours, in order to avoid infection.


Also, when we talk about the care of tattoos, after removing the gauze you should wash the tattoo with warm water and antibacterial soap. Place dry mandatory by patting with towel.  Then add a thin layer of cream that is recommended to you by tattoo master.


It is very important that the place where is the tattoo next fifteen days be constantly mass because so tattoo will completely stay undamaged and also try that your new tattoo minimum be closed, actually it need to be exposed to the air.


After tattooing, be sure to avoid scratch the tattooed place, peeling scabs, and  forcibly trying to heal the tattooed place.


Tango is a passionate and very popular dance. Immortalizing it on your body if you’re a fan of it.


If dance is in your blood, this tattoo won’t ever be mistake!


If you want to tattoo something that is important to you at this time think again, because maybe in a few years it will not be more important to you, but you will have it immortalized on the skin!


Ballet is a dance that has begun to be developed between 1300 – 1600 at the time of the Renaissance.


Life can be beautiful dance, it depend’s of us… So let’s dance it!


A few years ago Rita Ora tattooed on the upper arm playful ballerina after the break with boyfriend Calvin Harris (it’s not tattoo from this photo).


Art enters the blood, just when you really love something, when you live for something you are doing, you will be truly happy.


Thanks to this beautiful ballerinas pumps and ballerinas grace moves we enjoy every minute in the hall.


Here’s an interesting fact about tattooing. When you are doing tattoo needle buses your skin from 50 to 3000 times per minute.


I like combination of blue and pink, for me and my taste this is one interesting tattoo.


The fiery red color for passionate and emotional people who are burning because of feelings.


Tattoos below the knee on one side of leg is extremely popular, it is very evident place especially in the summer months. Brave will do tattoo here.


This sentence will tattoo only one whom is dancing in the blood!


Ballerina as a symbol of strength!


When dancing ballerina us seems to float across the stage. When a man do what he really loves, he is free and happy man like a bird …


Grace of art that is in your blood is worthy of perpetuation on the skin.


Ballerinas are extremely slender, and they have extremely strong muscles. Only in this way can dance such demanding  dance like a ballet.


Dancing is in the blood of some people so why would not be on the skin. If you’re one of them it does not matter whether the tattoo in color or black, it is important what symbolizes.


Very discreet black tattoo.


Red tattoo as symbol of your passion for dance.


Only true lovers of dance will do these tattoos.


Soft tattoo-like game that shows.


Black monochrome tattoo with sharp lines on the shoulder.


Colorful tattoo on the top of your leg.


Let’s dance until the end of life, and our soul will fly  because dancing is miraculously.


Black tattoos are my taste. They are always modern. With black tattoo you can’t make a mistake.


Tango – a favorite dance of millions of people around the world. Two the most famous tango styles are Argentinean tango and tango Ballroom.


I personally adore belly dance, I think it is very seductive, ardent, and you need a lot of strength for it.


Life is beautiful if we want to see it so. Everything starts from head, think nice and your life will be nice.


Gentle shades of these tattoos are very interesting and nicely blended.


Discrete little tattoo on one side of the leg is very seductive and feminine. The fact that it is said it’s a small tattoo does not mean that we’re talking about less effective tattoo than large.


Pretty little dancer putting on her shoe, while stands on a ladder, it can be very interesting in some part of the body, even more because it is black and white and looks retro.


Warm orange color with gently done lines of tattoo looks very hot.


Big tattoo on arm wears probably a big fan of some dancer.


Reflection in the mirror is a ballerina. Mirror here perhaps symbolizes her soul that lives to dance.


Word tattoo was first used in 1769 and originates from the Polynesian word ”ta”  which means to draw, and Tahitian word ”tattau” which means mark.


The most famous tattoo artist was Sutherland Macdonald. The clients of this tattooist were the mother of Winston Churchill, Wilhelm Kaiser, emperor  Nicholas II…


Some tattoo last longer, some have shorter duration. According to some sources, the longest tattooing lasted 43 h and 50 minutes in Australia.


Very beautiful tattoo along the spinal column.


Nice tattoo in blue, black, and pink color, on one side on the top of the leg.


Blue tattoo where she play in the center of scene looks very nice on one side of the body.


This tattoo reminds me on beauty of living when you live your dream.


Very nice way to show love to your mother, it is very dear the eternal messages such as love of the child to the mother and the love of a mother to a child.


Large and passionate tattoo in strong colors that shows this incredible passion for art.


Passionate tattoo that would stand nice on any part of the body.


Black tattoo refreshed with details like these balloons in color, looks very interesting.


Small seductive tattoo on the back of my neck, tattoo is black because black is always in fashion.


Thighs are very popular places for a tattoo because when you do not want to be seen your tattoo you can easily cover  it with the clothes.


One more idea where you can do your tattoo.


This is beautiful tattoo like the image of a famous painter. A lot of skill is required to be done like this tattoo.



Small bud effective tattoo on arm, I like when they put a little red on black tattoo it is by my taste.

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