50 Tulip Tattoo Design Ideas

Tulips: beautiful floral tattoos

Floral tattoos are one of the most popular styles of tattoos that most people go for. They have been popular before and now more beautiful designs have been made simply to capture the true beauty and essence of a flower. The tulip is one of the most favored choices of flower.

Why is this so?

Is there something special about the tulip? The answer is yes there is. Tulips have vibrant colors and look absolutely beautiful. You can immediately set them apart from the rest of the flowers simply because of how bold their shades are and how they stand straight and tall along the common flowers. They are also one of the most expensive ones in the market which makes it rare to spot and absolutely special when given to someone. A lot of people adore the tulip and its beauty and one good way of keeping this pretty flower near you is engraving it o your body through tattoos.

Symbols of the Tulip

The tulip is fairly known to be a symbol of pleasure and prosperity before. A lot of people have wanted to acquire this flower and would plant themselves gardens of tulips in hopes of elevating their lives because of the belief that tulips offer prosperity. However tulips didn’t look the same as they were before. There was a time that the flowers contracted mosaic thus having multi colored petals that look like flames. Owing to this you can now see various other tulips which have flame designs on them; this is also often shown in tattoos.

Meaning of Tulip tattoos on your body

You might want to simply put the tulip tattoo in anywhere in your body, but you should know that there can also be meanings to where you decide to put them. Therefore, if you haven’t thought of it yet, this is the best time for you to decide where to put your tulip tattoo so that you can convey just the right meaning.

You may notice tulip tattoos that start from the hip and going up to the rib cage. This is also a well liked designs as it shows the tulip rowing out f your hips which can only be seen halfway when the pants or skirt is on. This is a very creative and practical way to put your tattoo. The rib cage part of the body is easy to hide and you can show your tattoos off whenever you like by simply wearing midriff clothing. This is also an area where the skin tone is fairly even thus if will not affect the shading of the tattoo colors. Mostly tulip tattoos in this area are drawn in the bud stages. A young tulip getting ready for its future bloom can be drawn. It can be an indication of waiting for something positive in the future. Looking forward to things like graduation, marriage birth of a baby and more, a bud tulip can be shown as a sign of excitement and anticipation. Later on it can serve as a wonderful memory of that event which you have been waiting so long for.

The next part of the body which people usually ink floral tattoos is on the side. It may look painful and turn you away, especially if it s going to be your first time, but the designs are often beautiful. The sides of the body provide a wide canvass for decorating the tattoo; this will be a good place to put a number of tulips in a bouquet or even a wonderful garden background. Another upside of getting tattoos on the side is that the color of the tattoo does not change much because the skin is much clearer as compared to the various shades people have on the arms and the legs. A beautiful and mutli colored tulip tattoo on the side will be a perfect fit depicting how one is viewing life and on how colorful it is.

Probably one of the most common places to out a floral tattoo would be on the leg. A good design would be a blooming tulip that could signify a possible relationship that is blooming or a new situation in your life that is looking to be good. Blooming flowers on the leg can be used to signify starting something with positive hopes. It can also mean a blooming career or marriage, something that is seen to be fresh, anew and will hold lots of possibilities in the future.

There is also the classic shoulder tulip tattoos. One of the best tulip tattoo designs to place on the shoulder is the tribal ones. This is because the shoulders tend to be more visible and putting something striking there is a good way o make people appreciate the tattoo that you have. The tribal designs don’t only give a twist to your tattoo, but it also makes the design eye-catching even from afar. Therefore if you are a fan of the tribal designs then incorporating it to your tulip tattoo might just be a great idea.

What the tulips represent

The tulip represents someone who is always seeking the right opportunity. Just like sunflowers, tulips look unto the sunlight for life. They will bend their stems in order to face the sun and will always have the hunger for more sunlight. People who love jumping at given opportunities and always looking for ways to improve themselves can greatly relate to the tulip. Tulips make good symbols for aspiration, adjusting, advancing towards one’s goals and of course grabbing the opportunity while it’s hot. Not only that, but tulips can also represents a person’s spirituality, such as the blooming of the bud to also represent reaching for spiritual awareness. Tulips come from bulbs and return every year which can also represent resurrection, new life and being determined. These and more can come from the tulips and how they are represented in the tattoo designs. You can always look up more meanings that you feel will relate to you the most.

Tulip Tattoo-60

Beautiful red tulips tattoo on the arm. The tulips are inked in red on top of a blue background making it stand out more.

Tulip Tattoo-61

Another red tulip inspired tattoo. Inked on the back, random splashes of black ink are also tattooed on giving a painting effect in the design.

Tulip Tattoo-58

A black tulip inked on the leg. Beautiful and enthralling at the same time. The leg serves as the perfect canvas to pace the elegant tall stem of the tulip.

Tulip Tattoo-59

Fully bloomed red tulip tattoo on the base of the neck. An almost abstract looking tulip tattoo that plays with multi colors giving it a vibrant look.

Tulip Tattoo-56

Watercolor inspired pink tulip tattoo on the arm. Simple, clean and eye catching. This pink tulip tattoo shows how simplicity can sometimes bring out the best in a tattoo.

Tulip Tattoo-62


Wonderful looking side tattoo of tulips. The tulips inked in black are shown to be fully bloomed and almost wilted. This can show a phase in someone’s life where they are ending something that is happening in their lives, ready to start anew.


A single red tulip tattoo on the arm. Sometimes simplicity is the best. The lone red tulip stands and looks to be very eye-catching and mysterious.


Fully bloomed blue tulip tattoo. The tulip is seen to be fully bloomed and have almost wilted leaves. There is also a splatter of what looks like blood on top.


Beautiful purple tulip tattoo. The tulips are hugged by what somewhat looks like water swirling all over them, making the tulips look fresh and vibrant.


Fully bloomed blue tulip tattoo. The tulips are open and embracing the sun as they display they bright and beautiful colors.


A bouquet of red tulips tattoo. The tulips are seen to be in various stages of life, you can see a bud, a semi blooming tulip and a fully bloomed one. Tied together they are an ultimate symbol of one’s cycle of life.


A mysterious looking black tulip tattoo. The tulip is inked in full black and appears to be almost wilting. The tattoo gives out the feeling of sadness and a dramatic and intense phase that it is going through.


Multi colored tulip tattoo. The tulips are joined together creating a wonderful ensemble of colorful flowers.


Simple yet pretty looking blue tulip tattoo. Two blue colored tulips stand strong with their stems stretched out to find the sun.


A mystical looking tulip tattoo in black and green ink. Almost looking like a sketch, the tulip is drawn loosely with shards of green light on its petals.


Really pretty looking tulips on tattoo. The tulips are inked in a way that they look washed out as well as the stems, leaves and the background.


Bright and beautiful red tulips tattoo. Red tulips are combined to make an eye catching bouquet on the arm. Their colors are also bold and pleasing to the eyes.


Simple yet beautiful red tulips tattoo on the arm. A group of three red tulips are simply tattooed on the arm making them look breathtakingly beautiful.


Another group of multi colored tulips tattoo. The vibrancy that comes from the colors of the tulips simply shouts out optimist and positive energy when they are combined all together to form this amazing bouquet.


Pink long stemmed tulips tattoo on the arms. The tulip is known for its elegant long stem and this tattoo plays well into that giving the tulip the room on the arms to extend and show off its wonderful parts.


A group of three multi colored tulips tattoo. The tulips are bound together as a bouquet held by a ribbon. Half bloomed and having vibrant colors.


A pretty red tulip tattoo with quotes. What better way to showcase the beautiful tulip tattoo with the help of a meaningful tattoo to showcase what you truly feel inside.


A washed out red tulip tattoo on the arm. A rather abstract looking tulip tattoo which has washed out colors beneath the black ink lining of the tulip flower.


Another beautiful bouquet of tulip tattoos. The group of flowers artistically drawn and inked in wonderful bright colors is enough to catch just about anyone’s attention and marvel at their beauty.


Purple tulips tattoo. The petals are inked as somewhat being transparent while the black ink prevails and shows the entire lining of the tulip. It gives you a calm and collected feeling with the addition of the falling petals in the background.


Simple and neat looking tulips tattoo. A rather minimalist take on floral tattoos that work perfectly well with that part of the body which the tattoo is paced.


A lone blue tulip tattoo on the side of the body. Bold, mysterious and beautiful. The tulip stands out on its own and gives a firm and vibrant look that can say a lot about the bearer of the tattoo.


A very well detailed orange tulips tattoo. You can see how clearly the water droplets are details on the tulips which add to the beauty that it exudes. The cracked background in gray is also inked well.


Triple tulips tattoo. Another beautiful inking of tulips on the skin. The colors are soft and show how delicate and pretty the tulips can be.


Tulips tattoo in full black ink and a quote. Creating tattoo images from quotes has always been popular and well liked by people who want to get tattoos. This design is simple yet gives a powerful message.


Red tulips tattoo in bright and full color. There’s no better way in showcasing the true beauty of tulips than recreating them in full color such as the inking on this tattoo. You can even see that the tulips look almost alive.


A single tulip tattoo in grayscale. Beautiful and mysterious. Even if tulips exude colorful beauty it can also be the mysterious wonder in the shade as what this tattoo design depicts.


Wonderful looking purple tulips tattoo. The tulips look soft and pretty when one is on full bloom while the other is still a bud. An indication of slowly accepting changes or opportunities, but overall heading towards the positive side.


A fully bloomed double colored red and white tulip tattoo. The tulip is accompanied by an apple and a hand which is also a nod to a popular book series where both the tulip and the apple are covers.


Beautiful red tulips tattoo on the stomach. The stomach is one of the best canvases when it comes to flowers because of the extent that you can have the tattoo and the absence of skin coloring troubles that are often found on the parts of the body exposed unevenly under the sun.


A single and boldly colored tulip tattoo on the foot. Artistic and eye catching. The single tulip allows the looker to give attention to its details and beautiful composition.


A bouquet of tulips tattoo on the thigh. The tattoo of tulips is inked in gray and they appear to be in various stages of a bud and blooming. A sign of acceptance of changes in life especially leaning on positive outcomes.


Pink tulip tattoo on the side of the body. The tulip looks very sharp and is inked boldly. It stands out and gives a great message to anyone who takes a look at it. A truly wonderful tattoo design filled with positivity.


A group of orange tulips tattoo. Another bouquet of tulips in pretty colors with the words I love you. The flowers appear to be bloomed and in a bud which can mean of something positive happening and will happen in the future.


A group of red tulips tattoo on the arm. Ever wanted to decorate the name of your loved one with beautiful tulips? This might be a great idea if you want to give that person you cherish the most a positive and energetic symbolism such as the tulips.


Another beautiful red tulips tattoo design. This design is creatively made with the tulips on a cute little pot having several target circles on them.

TulipTattoos 41

A colorful tulip tattoo with the words love. When you want to proclaim your growing love for someone, a tulip is a great way to depict positive vibes and an outlook of a good future.

TulipTattoos 42

Red tulips tattoo on the arm. The tulips are inked in bloody red and are boldly colored just like the stems. Eye catching even from afar and looks absolutely stunning.


Minimalist tulip tattoo. If you want to keep it subtle yet pretty, this tiny tulip tattoo is for you. Inked very lightly coupled with simple initials, it is a tattoo that you can easily reveal and conceal when needed.


A garden of tulips tattoo on the back. A rather wild and bold move to have the entire back tattooed with beautiful tulips, however the red tulips look absolutely amazing and vibrant as they bloom.


Simple yet beautiful tulip tattoo on the arm. Another flower tattoo in minimalist form. The petals are also inked as though they were transparent as well as the leaves and this gives the tattoo a wonderful effect.


Red tulip tattoo on the foot. Cute and artistic at the same time. The addition of the quote only makes the tattoo design stand out even more.


Orange tulip tattoo on the feet. The design takes on the comic style as the tulip is sharply drawn with light colors and seemingly black ink splattered all over.


A really beautiful group of pink and yellow tulips tattoo. The tulips are all in buds and have double colors making them look really pretty.


Another minimalist tulip tattoo design. Very simple yet eye catching. This is one of those tattoos that do not have much detail but gives you a wonderful impact because of its simplicity.


A pretty purple tulip tattoo on the arm. The arm is one of the perfect places for tulip tattoos because of the length which is perfect for the elegant tulip stem and it also helps in making the flower stand out.


Beautiful and mysterious tulip tattoo. The tattoo is inked in gray and appears to be enveloped by red air giving it a mystery vibe.


Simple yet outstanding tulip tattoo. The tulip is seed to be blooming and instead of petals you can see silhouettes of birds coming out of its petals. A truly beautiful work of art.

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