60+ Sunflower Tattoo Ideas

Bright and beautiful Sunflowers

Floral tattoos are really pretty and popular among many. One of the most popular types of flowers that are used for tattoos are the sunflowers. They are well known flowers and have beautiful long stems and petals that can easily captivate just about anyone. It isn’t a surprise that people are smitten by its breathtaking beauty and that thy want to immortalize the flowers by inking them unto their skin.

Sunflowers are generally named as such because of the way that they try to face the sun wherever it may rise. Sunflowers bloom facing the sun and constantly need it to be able to grow very well. Their bright yellow color is also an attribute to the color of sun and contributes to the name.

At this point you may be considering getting a sunflower tattoo yourself. With the many designs that are out there for sunflowers it could be a challenge for you to find which one would suit you best. Tattoos often hold special meaning for the wearer which is why when you do decide to get a sunflower tattoo you might consider getting one with a meaning behind it which you can relate to. There’s no problem if you simply like sunflowers and decide to get them but there are a lot of hidden meanings in sunflowers that are beautiful and you can simply not miss the chance to grab this opportunity to give more life to your tattoo.

A small back story of the Sunflower

Early on the sunflower has been a symbol of worship for the sun god. Over the course of time the sunflower became widespread across the world and more and more people came to appreciate its unique beauty. In each and every continent you will find various uses for these flowers. Sunflower seeds for one can be eaten and the petals can be dried and used for decoration. Some other countries use the sunflowers as symbolism for success such as in some universities they plant sunflowers to bloom just in time for graduation as a nod to the students’ success and bright future.

What type of sunflowers appeal to you?

Just like people, sunflowers can also have their very own personalities. Sunflowers are known for growing in warm and sunny places and are often regarded as having bright personalities. Just like how a person is called sunny because of how he or she behaves, just light and bright.

In this sense you can easily relate what a sunflower would mean to you as the tattoo wearer. Sunflowers can mean peace, memory or even used in military tattoos. Since sunflowers are oozing with personalities it is no wonder that many people can relate to the meaning that they convey.

    Below are some of the popular personalities that sunflowers exhibit:

  • You adore flowers, obviously
  • You are brimming with life
  • You are always positive and would look on the bright side as they would say
  • You are very warm and caring
  • You have a very bright demeanor
  • You have a good sense of pride
  • You love adventures and having fun
  • You generally like beautiful things
  • You love your life just the way it is and will make the most out of it

Meaning of sunflower designs

A single sunflower tattoo design is one of the well liked sunflower tattoos because of how it can be inked in a small or bigger pattern. One of the most attractive features of the sunflower is its circular shape. A lot of people get creative and change the center of the tattoo into something that means a lot to them. You can choose from tribal to Celtic patterns to names or quotes or even faces of people if you like. These types of tattoos look good in a relatively small size and on the hips or shoulders.

Aside from changing the center, changing the petals is also a thing in sunflower tattoos. Instead of petals, they can be changed to wings, flames or sharp blades. It depends on the aura that you want the tattoo to give off or the vibe that you want your tattoo to have.

Another popular customization to sunflower tattoos is adding of external elements. You can add butterflies or even fairies or the sun itself behind your sunflower tattoo. The key is making it unique and customizing it to your liking.

You may also want to work with a bouquet of sunflowers. If one isn’t enough why not add more right? Sunflowers do typically grow in a huge meadow filled with the yellow beauties, you may find lone sunflowers in home gardens but when left in the wild or in the field they will choose to procreate and thrive among hundreds of sunflowers. This in turn also looks stunning.

You can connect the flowers with each other by making use of vines or small birds or petals surrounding the sunflowers. You can even sue their leaves to intertwine with each other and create this fantasy effect. Whatever it is you are sure to have a beautiful sunflower bouquet tattoo because of how simple the sunflower is its beauty is never trying to stand out from the rest which makes it even more attractive. A sunflower even if alone or in a group will never fail to be unique and blend with each other to create a pretty picture as a whole.

When you make up your mind…

The sunflower is truly one of the most beautiful and amazing flowers out there. Use it to represent your inner self and choose from an array of wonderful meanings to which you can easily relate yourself. It isn’t that hard to fall in love with the sunflower because it is easily lovable and always looks adorable. It is the best choice you can go for in a flora tattoo design.


Gradient colored sunflower tattoo idea

Sunflower by jason paradiso1

Sunflower by jason paradiso1

A set of beautiful sunflowers tattooed on the back by Jason Paradiso. The sunflowers are shown to be sitting side by side surrounded by splashes of paint and a watercolor effect background.


Watercolor sunflower tattoo

Sunflower by Pamela Bratcher

Sunflower by Pamela Bratcher

A wonderful sunflower tattoo by Pamela Bratcher. The lone sunflower stands gracefully as it shyly bows its head filled with golden petals.


Sunflower back tattoo idea







Sunflower by Sherree Walker

Sunflower by Sherree Walker

Sunflower tattoo by Sherree Walker. The sunflower stands alone and majestic as its leaves seem to wave “hi” to onlookers. A beautiful an at the same time cute design.

Sunflower by tabrislee

Sunflower by tabrislee

Sunflower bouquet design by Tabrislee. A group of three beautiful sunflowers are shown in the tattoo all connected by their stems from behind. The sunflowers huddled together make them look adorable and bountiful.

Sunflower by vanzanto

Sunflower by vanzanto

Sunflower tattoo on the foot by Vanzanto. A beautiful set of sunflowers inked on the foot. You can see a big and a smaller sunflower on the design implying it’s a fully grown and young sunflower.

Sunflower by Melissa Bonello

Sunflower by Melissa Bonello

Grayscale sunflower tattoo on the side of the body by Melissa Bonello. The side of the body is the perfect pace to ink a long stemmed flower like the sunflower because of how it can be perfectly represented to show its full beauty.

Sunflower by Anne-alex Reynolds

Sunflower by Anne alex Reynolds

Graceful sunflower tattoo by Anne Alex Reynolds. Another set of sunflowers in gray ink wherein one is attached to the bottom part of the other’s stem.

Sunflower by Cheyenne Kessell

Sunflower by Cheyenne Kessell

Sunflower tattoo design by Cheyenne Kessell. A single sunflower with no leaves or petals tattooed on the arm. The singularity of the tattoo is what makes it special and unique because all the focus goes into the flower itself.

Sunflower by Courtney Swatsenbarg

Sunflower by Courtney Swatsenbarg

Beautiful sunflower tattoo on the back by Courtney Swatsenbarg. The sunflowers are depicted as undergoing in different stages such as from the bulb to the fully grown one.

sunflower tattoo


A unique sunflower tattoo on the back. The beauty of this sunflower design is how centered it looks on the back especially since the sunflower is in a circular shape which adds to the symmetry of the design.

Sunflower by Gunnar V

Sunflower by Gunnar V

Well detailed and beautiful sunflower tattoo by Gunnar V. this wonderful piece of art shows even the smallest details of the sunflower with addition of a dragonfly, the sunflower in the fields looks as realistic as it can be.

Sunflower by Marie Twining

Sunflower by Marie Twining

Grayscale sunflower tattoo on the arm by Marie Twining. Simple but completely stunning. This is the perfect tattoo when you want a subtle but beautiful representation of the sunflower inked on your arm.

Sunflower by Marissa Goldstein-Gingold

Sunflower by Marissa Goldstein Gingold

Tribal inspired sunflower tattoo in grayscale by Marissa Goldstein Gingold. Beautifully drawn and is certainly unique from its regular sunflower design counterparts.

Sunflower by Megan McElroy

Sunflower by Megan McElroy

A faded sunflower design by Megan McElroy. The soft colors and edges of the sunflower tattoo give it a kind and peaceful look, perfect of you don’t want an overly bold tattoo.

Sunflower by painlessjames

Sunflower Tattoo by Painless James

Sunflower tattoo on the side of the body by Painless James. A wonderful representation of a sunflower as it can use the entire side of the body to show off its beauty, beautiful calligraphy is also added to the design.

Sunflower 1

Sunflower tattoo on the arm with a crayon texture. The tattoo gives off a texture that a crayon has on paper and it helps make it unique from usual sunflower inks on the body.

Sunflower 2

Pretty sunflowers tattooed on the arm. The sunflowers are seen to be in the field and enjoying the sunny weather. It gives you an optimistic and positive feeling with it.

Sunflower 3

Solo sunflower tattoo on the arm. This beautiful sunflower is the highlight of the design as it is inked along and is painted with bright and bold colors to stand out.

Sunflower 4

A very well detailed grayscale sunflower tattoo on the arm. From the flower to the stem and the leaves you can really see every detail of the sunflower and this contributes to how original the design looks.

Sunflower 5

Beautiful sunflower design on the arm. You can see there are sunflowers tattooed on the arm with a simple calligraphy on top. Clean, neat and simple that highlights the true beauty of the design.


Sunflower tattoo with a blue ribbon and quotes. What makes this grayscale tattoo unique is the presence of a lone blue colored ribbon and meaningful quote placed below it.

Sunflower 7

Gorgeous looking sunflower tattoos on the arm. As you may notice on of the sunflowers appear to be older with some wrinkled petals while the other one is young and new. It can indicate phases in the person’s life which he wants to show.

Sunflower 8

A truly beautiful close up tattoo of a sunflower. You can clearly see each petal of the sunflower drawn in wonderful fashion. A unique and eye catching tattoo design.

Sunflower 9

Watercolor inspired sunflower tattoo on the arm. The light and fun colors used on the tattoo helps make a fun and upbeat aura in the design that gives out feelings of optimism.

Sunflower 10

A really pretty sunflower tattoo on the arm. The sunflower is shaded from a slight tint of red which grows into a light yellow color on the outside. The circular shape help makes the design stand on its own and look unique.

Sunflower 11

Bright and bold colored sunflower tattoo on the shoulder. The tattoo is inked with bright colors of yellow and green making it eye catching and attractive to look at even from afar.

sunflowe 12

A really cute sunflower tattoo with ladybugs. The tattoo is drawn a bit comically with several cute looking ladybugs making their way from the stem towards the petals.

Sunflower 13

Majestic looking sunflower tattoo that covers the back. The sunflower extends its petals on the entire back and also giving a spiral pattern with its inner circle. It’s truly eye catching and will take your breath away.

Beautiful watercolor inspired sunflower tattoo on the side of the body. There should be no boundaries when art wants to capture the true beauty of this flower. The full side of the body is used as canvass for recreating this serene looking and tall sunflower tattoo.


Beautiful sunflower tattoo on the thigh. The three sunflowers are shown to be tied together as a bouquet by a blue and red plaid ribbon. They look absolutely adorable and cute bunched up together.

Sunflower tattoo with crowns on the chest. A truly unique design that gives a regal aura to the sunflowers as they seem to guard the crown in full integrity.

Sunflower 17

A cute and adorable sunflower tattoo on the foot. Simple, small but pretty. This is a good design if you want to have a tattoo subtly so you can hide and show it at any time you want.

Sunflower 18

A very pretty group of sunflowers in tattoo. The sunflowers are seen to be grouped with another kind of sunflower and having them all together makes the design even prettier and interesting.

Sunflower 19

A sunflower shaped honeycomb tattoo. Artistic and truly fascinating to look at as a bee is shown to approach the sunflower like honeycomb structure.

Sunflower 20

Beautiful sunflower tattoo on the foot that extends to a toe ring. When you want a tattoo and a toe ring in one-go, this would be the perfect design that you should go for.

Sunflower 22

Comic inspired sunflower tattoo design with the sun seemingly peeking up behind it. The well detailed sunflower has the aura of a comic like art making it look more enchanting.

Sunflower 23

Stages of a sunflower tattoo design. A truly enthralling depiction of the various phases that the sunflower goes through in its lifetime.

Sunflower 24

An enchanting sunflower tattoo on the back. Filled with deep symbolism, the center of the sunflower depicts some kind of eye with the sky reflected on them while the petals and the stems remain uncolored.


A very simple and mystical sunflower tattoo on the arm. The small frame of the sunflower tattoo makes it even more special and eye catching.

Sunflower 26

Wonderful looking sunflower bouquet tattoo. The sunflowers are shown to be seemingly cut off from the frame of the skin to show that they are bundled altogether which makes an adorable effect on the tattoo design.

Sunflower 27

Sunflower tattoo on the side of the body. The sunflowers are drawn beautifully and you can see that the leaves and stems extend gracefully outward forming a sort of frame for the sunflowers.

Sunflower 28

A group of sunflower tattoos with elegant stems. The sunflowers are shown to be interconnected with each other through their stems which also serve as the frame and the background of the design.

Sunflower 29

A mysterious sunflower tattoo with its roots hanging out. The sunflower seems to be plucked out of the ground by an unseen stem like figure emerging from the ground.

Sunflower 30

Beautiful and well detailed sunflower tattoo design. The sunflower itself is the highlight of the design as it is blown up and the details are well placed on the flower and the petals themselves.

Sunflower 31

An artistic and lovely sunflower tattoo design. The sunflower is seen to be on the top part of the back while the stem is composed of calligraphy which is a very creative way of putting the quote.

Sunflower 32

Sunflower tattoo with a dream catcher. The sunflowers are shown to be hanging from a dream catchier with feathers. Dream catchers are meant to filter nightmares from a person and adding sunflowers in it makes it look like that it seeks to inject positivity into the dreams.

Sunflower 33

A very creative sunflower tattoo with a cone of a speaker in the center and a cord hanging from the stem. It takes the appearance of the sunflower to another level as now it is not only a flower but a stereo player as well.

Sunflower 34

Beautiful sunflower tattoo with graceful stems. The stems are seen to be gracefully framing the sunflower as a lone bee approaches the center.

Sunflower 35

An adorable looking sunflower tattoo on the back. The minimalist design of the sunflower and depicting it as a single entity adds to the simplicity and the beauty of the overall design itself.

Sunflower 36

Sunflower tattoo design in watercolor theme. The colors are seem to be splashed on the sunflower making the design look laid back abut at the same time artistic.

Sunflower 37

Pretty sunflower tattoo design with a bird flying above it. The sunflower and the bird coincide with what the quote is stating and helps give a whole new meaning to the saying.

Sunflower 38

A really beautiful sunflower tattoo in bright colors. The sunflower is colored boldly with a quite placed in a semi circle form around the petals.

Sunflower 39

Minimalist sunflower tattoo design. The sunflower is seen to be flying above a set of lacelike frames forming butterfly wings.

Sunflower 40

A cute and comical depiction of sunflowers in a bouquet tattoo. The way the sunflowers are drawn seem to show positivity, brightness and humor; good enough o put a smile on your face as you look at it.

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