50 Flamingo Tattoo Ideas

The flamingo is definitely one of the most beautiful birds that you can ever find out there. It’s slender neck and body is simply graceful and the posture of the flamingo can be often referred to as elegant. It’s no question that when you hear the word flamingo, the first thing you ever think about is a bird in light salmon color standing up in one leg and looking into the horizon with its head held up high.

What makes flamingo tattoos different?

Flamingos have a long history before them, their most popular pose, which is standing on one leg depicts that the eye is greater than the brain. In olden times, Egyptians have considered the flamingo as a sacred bird. As shown in old frescoes, the ancient Egyptian god Ra is shown to have a head filled with feathers and a human body.

The bird isn’t only known in ancient Egypt for its uniqueness but it is also known in Europe as a symbol of love, light headedness and of innocence. Flamingos are seen to be unable to live independently and they can’t survive without enough love and care.

In American culture, flamingos are mostly seen as symbols of stupidity and even tastelessness. This is because the color of the flamingo which is pink is often compared to plastic. Most of the time flamingos are depicted to dress as people and have jewelry on their necks and trying to look extravagant to impress neighbors.

However, nowadays flamingos are symbols of environmentalists which is why you can see leaders of such movements use the flamingo as their symbol. It is also the official symbol of some states like Florida and it can also be a good symbol for things like vacations or traveling to tropical places for leisure and relaxation. Not only that but when you go through America you can also notice that trailer parks usually have the flamingo symbol on them as well. In some sub urban housing you may also find that the houses have plastic flamingos propped up in front of their lawn for decoration.

Learning more about Flamingos

One of the places where flamingos are largely found and it is in Kenya around Lake Nakuru. They are mostly wading in groups which you call as a flurry, colony, stand or a regiment. They are very social and love to interact with their fellow species. This is why many people would love to go up to them in Kenya to observe them because they aren’t fazed by human interaction. They can also be found as a symbol of Gujarat which is one of the states in India.

When you think about seeing the flamingo you might feel, as if them standing on one leg while sleeping, is just pure fiction, but in actuality this is true. Most flamingos stand up to three or four feet tall, but they can also reach up to six feet depending on the kind of species that they are. One of the most popular pose is having the flamingo bend down with its beak in the water and one leg up. Another pose would be the iconic flamingo standing with one leg up and this is by far a favorite. The pink color of the flamingos are from eating shrimps as well as other types of crustaceans

Other symbolism for the flamingo

According to Egyptian hieroglyphics, red was given to symbolize flamingos. This is relating to the earlier concept that the flamingo is the symbol of the sun go Ra, thus red representing the sun. The flamingo is also represented in North America the flamingo has become a symbol of lower taste when it comes to fashion such as Hawaiian t-shirts that aren’t matching or even mood rings that are out of date and so on. Flamingos have also been subjects in movies which permanently cemented people’s perception of them. It is now seen as a retro cool icon in addition to it being a tropical icon. Nowadays you can see more detailed designs of the flamingo because of the more modern beliefs that have sprung out.

Recycling has also embraced the use of the flamingo as their symbol. It started being used when some places in the state of Florida refused commercial establishments being built in the community. They used the flamingo to represent the commercialism and the bad taste that comes with it, knowing that the flamingo is shown to represent cheekiness, it was the perfect approach to tell that the commercial companies were being unnecessarily aggressive and self serving. Owing to this Florida soon fully embraced the flamingo by having a lot of signs with flamingos depicted on them.

Should you still go for a flamingo tattoo?

The answer lies on you alone. There is nothing wrong with liking a beautiful bird like the flamingo. It has so many characteristics that you can relate yourself with and you can even customize your very own flamingo tattoo, depending on other elements that you want to add to the design.

You can also ask the tattoo artist that you plan on working with for your design. You can look through their artist books and find similar designs with the flamingos on it. You can even combine various designs and add your names or other personal icons that you would like to use for the design.

Whatever design you choose from, always make sure that yo add all the symbols that you want and that it coincides with meaning that you wish for it to show. It doesn’t matter if the design is simple to too detailed, but what’s more important is that you are able to express yourself with the help of the flamingo tattoo which you have chosen to be inked on you.

Flamingo Tattoo 1

Simple and beautiful flamingo tattoo on the back of the neck. The design is minimalist and simplistic, perfect for those who want a subtle and cute tattoo.

Flamingo Tattoo 2

A really cute cartoon flamingo tattoo on the leg. The flamingo is seen to be standing up with one leg with geometrical figures at the back for design.

Flamingo Tattoo 3

Beautiful flamingo tattoo on the arm. The flamingo looks elegant and beautiful as pink stardust seems to fly all over it.


Flamingo tattoo on forearm

Flamingo Tattoo 4

A flamingo tattoo on a marooned island. The flamingo is seen to be alone on the island and relaxing with a bottle of beer, a pair of sunnies and smoking a cigarette.

Flamingo Tattoo 5

A pair of flamingos. The flamingo tattoo shows a girl and boy flamingo facing each other and dressed as humans about to go to a fancy party or to a prom. It looks sweet and cute.

Flamingo Tattoo 6

Gorgeous flamingo tattoo. The flamingo is designed to look soft and elegant as it majestically stands on one feet.

Flamingo Tattoo 7

Pretty flamingo tattoo in hot pink. The beautiful and stand out color of the flamingo helps make it noticeable even from afar.

Flamingo Tattoo 8

Great looking flamingo arm tattoo. The flamingo is well detailed and looks amazing on the arm with attractive colors and beautiful artwork.

Origami themed flamingo tattoo. The origami is shaped to look like a flamingo that is standing on one feet with a more detailed drawing of its wings above.

Flamingo Tattoo 10

Elegant looking flamingo tattoo on the side of the body. The flamingo looks absolutely stunning and can truly catch your attention.

Flamingo Tattoo 11

A truly eye catching flamingo tattoo on the foot. There are a lot of wonderful looking details on the flamingo as it shyly looks on backwards.

Flamingo Tattoo 12

Interesting looking flamingo tattoo. The flamingo I seen to be bending down its neck, as if trying to drink water from the wedge of the lake.

Flamingo Tattoo 13

An abstract themed flamingo tattoo. The design is really cute as the flamingo is inked in pastel colors and is drawn with a cute small hat and glasses.

Flamingo Tattoo 14

A really pretty looking flamingo tattoo on the legs. The flamingo is seen to be standing on one feet and looking back, behind it is the sun setting and a peaceful patch of land.

Flamingo Tattoo 15

Gorgeous looking flamingo tattoo on the arm. The flamingo is detailed well and colored softly with a ribbon-like structure behind it as background.

Flamingo Tattoo 16

A really cute and humorous flamingo tattoo on the thighs. The flamingo looks like it is drinking a cup of hot tea using it’s other leg to hold the cup.

Flamingo Tattoo 17

Mosaic inspired flamingo tattoo. The flamingo is formed by drawing blocks of colors and it looks absolutely wonderful and mystical.

Flamingo Tattoo 18

Cute and pretty looking flamingo tattoo. It is simple yet eye catching, a subtle design but endearing to the eyes.

Flamingo Tattoo 19

Cartoon-like flamingo tattoo. The flamingo is inked in bold colors that makes it pop out even when looked on from afar. It’s s simple but cute looking design.

Flamingo Tattoo 20

A really gorgeous looking flamingo tattoo. The flamingo is drawn in wonderful detail as it is colored with somewhat splats of paint on the skin in a combination of pink and purple colors.

Flamingo Tattoo 21

A pair of cute flamingos forming the heart shape with their beaks. This flamingo tattoo is perfect for those who like the simple and romantic theme, the pink color of the flamingos also go well with the theme.

Flamingo Tattoo 22

Sophisticated looking flamingo tattoo. The flamingo is seen to be bowing down with one leg up mimicking a ballerina pose. You can also see on the back of the flamingo is a key that you can turn like that of children’s mechanical toys.

Flamingo Tattoo 23

Minimalist flamingo tattoo on the arm. The simple and small design looks elegant and at the same time subtle. The blending of the colors work perfectly with the contrast of the black inked parts; you can also spot a turning key at the back of the flamingo.

Flamingo Tattoo 24

Beautiful flamingo tattoo on the back. The flamingo is inked tall and proud with a combination of pink and purple. Simple, pretty and at the same time it looks serene.

Flamingo Tattoo 25

Dark flamingo tattoo on the arm. Contrary to the light colored flamingos on tattoo designs, this flamingo is drawn to be surrounded by black shadows which in turn makes it look menacing and strong.

Flamingo Tattoo 26

Simple yet cute pair of flamingos on a tattoo design. The flamingo tattoo shows two flamingos facing each other, with one foot up and their necks bend forward to form the heart shape.

Flamingo Tattoo 27

A well detailed flamingo tattoo on the arm. The bold and bright colors of the design help make the flamingo stand out. The beautiful flowers surrounding the flamingo also add to the beauty of the tattoo.

Flamingo Tattoo 28

Minimalist flamingo tattoo behind the ear. As you can see, the tattoo is very subtle and at the same time creative and shows a very beautiful flamingo with one foot up.

Flamingo Tattoo 29

Grayscale flamingo tattoo on the arm. The flamingo is shown to be standing on one leg and relaxing by the sea with the sun behind it and palm trees.

Flamingo Tattoo 30

A very simple but beautiful looking flamingo tattoo. The grace of the flamingo is captured in the design as the flamingo stands up with great pride.

Flamingo Tattoo 31

Simple but beautiful flamingo tattoo. The flamingo is drawn in line art and the colors are formed with geometric shapes and functions as the background of the art.

Flamingo Tattoo 32

Line art work of a flamingo tattoo. The flamingo is drawn in black ink and it stands alone with grace and elegance.

Flamingo Tattoo 33

Beautiful sleeping flamingo tattoo. The flamingo looks like it is sleeping with its eyes closed as an array of colors surround it.

Flamingo Tattoo 34

Artistic flamingo tattoo with various shapes and colors. The details placed into the deign is simply majestic and you can see that the flamingo is drawn as an origami shape with beautifully patterned paper and surrounded by flowers with beautiful patterns as well.

Flamingo Tattoo 35

Water stroke inspired flamingo tattoo. The flamingo is formed through splashes of pink and blue ink. It truly looks unique and at the same time mysterious and deep.

Flamingo Tattoo 36

Amazing flamingo tattoo on the back. The flamingo looks normal on top with its multicolored wings however, the design extends on the lower back of the body with the flamingo standing on an endless yellow pole.

Flamingo Tattoo 37

Gorgeous patterned flamingo tattoo. The flamingo is covered in geometry patterns filled with color that brings out it’s beauty. The patterned flowers in the background also add to the mystery and uniqueness of the design.

Flamingo Tattoo 38

A cartoon version of a flamingo tattoo. The flamingo is drawn to be flapping its wings and walking while keeping a cute and blank expression on its face.

Flamingo Tattoo 39

Well detailed flamingo tattoo on the arm. The flamingo is drawn carrying a flower on its back as it gently crosses the river.

Flamingo Tattoo 40

A very sweet looking flamingo tattoo. It is small and simple yet the design is so pretty to look at. The clean design and light colors make this a perfect subtle tattoo.

Flamingo Tattoo 41

Beautiful flamingo tattoo on the arm. The flamingo stands on one leg and bows its head while spreading its wings. The wings bear a resemblance to a peacock’s majestic tail in terms of design.

Flamingo Tattoo 42

Fantastic looking flamingo tattoo on the arm. The flamingo is well detailed on this design as the colors are well blended together to form a soft and gently look for the flamingo.

Flamingo tattoo in full detail. The emphasis is on the face of the flamingo as it is drawn in close up with its eyes looking straight up as if it is staring right at you. Amazing details on the design and a strong looking flamingo.

Flamingo Tattoo 44

Elegant looking flamingo tattoo on the arm. The flamingo is inked in soft colors as the flamingo is drawn standing up on one feet and patiently looking sideways.

Flamingo Tattoo 45

Flamingo tattoo on the shoulder that is simply beautiful. The flamingo is colored artistically in pink and blue with splatters of ink all around it that also looks like petals of a flower falling.

Flamingo Tattoo 46

Majestic looking flamingo tattoo. Contrary to how the flamingo looks so soft in other designs, here it looks fierce and determined with a color combination of black and red.

Flamingo Tattoo 47

A really cute looking flamingo tattoo. The flamingo is drawn in close up with its body tilted forward. It’s a slight different take compared to other designs where the flamingo is usually drawn sideways.

Flamingo Tattoo 48

Soft and elegant; those are things to describe this flamingo tattoo. The flamingo is seen standing on both its two feet, looking straight with an air of dignity.

Flamingo Tattoo 49

49.Beautiful pair of flamingos. This flamingo tattoo shows two flamingos peacefully strolling through the water as they enjoy they day.

Flamingo Tattoo 50

Quirky looking flamingo tattoo. The combination of the bright colors as well as the artistic style which the flamingo is drawn works perfectly together to give life and uniqueness to the design.

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