50 Dragonfly Tattoo Ideas

Thinking about what your next tattoo should be? There are many options that you can choose from so what would you think is the best suited for you?

One of the most popular types of tattoos these days are those of insects such as butterflies. You also want something similar however you don’t want to follow the hype of butterflies and would want to be unique on your own, what are your other options? There are dragonfly tattoos that you can consider.

What Do Dragonflies Symbolize?

Mainly, dragonflies symbolize good luck, prosperity, harmony, strength and harmony. Amazing right? Such a small creature but it represents all these wonderful traits that you can connect yourself with. When you look at the dragonfly from afar you might just see it as a small flying insect, however, when you look at it in a nearer perspective, you can see how beautiful it really is.

Dragonflies come in different colors as well and their big round eyes look so curious and inquisitive which makes the insect look cute but at the same time interesting. You can find almost any kind of color combinations with the dragonflies and they will still look mystical and unique.

The Beauty Of Dragonflies

Dragonflies are creatures with wings and winged creatures often represent change. The wings of the dragonfly re very sensitive that even the slightest gust of wind can blow it away if caught unprepared. In relation to life, the wings remind you to be very wary and sensitive to your surroundings especially when you are going strongly against the wind because you may hurt yourself over time. It helps warn you of not running headfirst into hasty decisions that can lead you to stormy weathers or unwanted circumstances in the future.

Also, dragonflies thrive in water because they actually make their homes around the water. This can symbolize the person’s dreams or subconscious thinking. Water can also symbolize your thoughts as well as your peace of mind. The relaxed state of the mind, as well as sleeping and meditation, is more related to water because this is where the mind is completely still and when it contemplates things.

In most cases dragonflies are associated with Asian or Japanese concepts, they are also present in Native American beliefs. The dragonflies often live short lives and that is how living life to its fullest comes into the picture. Dragonflies suggest that there is more to life than just living it normally, you only live once which is why it is important that you cherish every moment of it and take every chance you get to be happy.

Dragonflies also love standing in the middle of the deep water, since water symbolizes the conscience it means that you as a person would always want to tap into your spirituality and consider you innermost and deepest thoughts before you speak your mind. You are able to balance your thoughts and your actions which can also be shown with the dragonfly’s freedom to go on and to water. This can also be interpreted as the balance between spirituality and the earthly world as you can balance and differentiate what is physical and what is spiritual.

When you are keen into tapping into your thoughts and desires, you are channeling the personality of the dragonflies. Dragonflies walk on water as they say but they are actually skittering across it quickly. This can symbolize how the mind is encouraged to look into your innermost thoughts in every step that you take. You tend to look deep into the situation and pay attention to what your inner mind is trying to say into you. As the dragonfly touches the water briefly during transportation, you are also touching some thoughts in your mind that you take with you in making important decisions.

It’s safe to say that as a person relating to the dragonfly, you are very well grounded and you understand your inner self and spirituality very well.

Some More Interesting Thoughts About The Dragonfly that Are Hardly Known

even though there are other more popular designs out there tat people can choose form, dragonflies are often the one that is forgotten because they are thin and small and people want big and influential designs. However, the truth is that dragonflies hold a lot of deep meanings and symbols that are truly beautiful.

When you rake the time to know more about them, you will be surprised at how much meaning their actions give and that you can easily relate to it in so many ways. You can find so many elements that easily relate to dragonflies since it can be both an air insect and a water insect. This ability of the dragonfly to both conquer the air and the water are truly unique and encompass a lot of other deep meanings.

One of the first things that you notice on the dragonfly is how beautiful their colors are. This is because they are unique on their own and you can tell that one dragonfly is different from the other because of their color combinations. This is also important in East Asian and Native American cultures since dragonflies also hold deep meanings for those cultures.

Have You Thought About Your Very Own Dragonfly Tattoo?

Everyone has the freedom to choose which tattoo designs they could go for, but what’s important is you want the tattoo that you will get. Make sure that you relate to the design that you choose and that you understand what meanings they want to portray. don’t be afraid to try to learn more about the dragonfly.

You will be surprised at how deep the dragonfly can symbolize and how it is able to connect various elements of your life together to become one homogeneous meaning that can define you truly as a person.

Don’t be afraid to read more about the dragonflies and you can even ask your tattoo designer what he or she can suggest for you. You can find many designs in the tattoo parlor of your choice, however, you can also conceptualize your own personal and customized design to fit your personality more.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 1

Beautiful multi-colored dragonfly tattoo. A single dragonfly is inked on the skin and is shown to be a majestic creature as it is drawn bigger to emphasize its shape and colors.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 2

Amazing looking dragonfly tattoo on the back. This beautiful design showcases the long tail of the dragonfly which matches with its sharp wings extending on both sides of its body.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 3

Minimalist dragonfly tattoo, on the wrist. The dragonfly is drawn very lightly and has a mystical touch to it, it looks very fragile but at the same time magical.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 4

Pretty dragonfly tattoo on the arm. The dragonfly is shown to be flying upwards from a bed of flowers and is soaring towards the sky in full power.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 5

Wonderful looking dragonfly tattoo on the shoulder. The dragonfly looks like it is flying over some flowers and just enjoying the day. The design is simple, calm and peaceful.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 6

Dragonfly tattoo, on the chest. The dragonfly is simply drawn but it shows the beautiful and matching colors that only the dragonfly can posses; it is beautiful even on its own.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 7

Minimalist dragonfly tattoo on the back. The shape and length of the dragonfly is fully used to showcase the beauty of this tattoo. The long slender tail and perfectly shaped wings give the design a gist of mystery.

Artistic looking dragonfly tattoo on the stomach. The tattoo is completely in line art and devoid of color, however, it still looks amazing and mystical with the help of the beautiful patterns across the dragonfly’s body and wings.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 9

Simple yet pretty dragonfly tattoo on the shoulder. The design makes it look like watercolor has spilled on the shoulder while the dragonfly zooms by; it is truly a wonderful work of art.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 10

An exploding dragonfly tattoo on the back. The dragonfly looks as if it is exploding with colors and that’s what makes the design stand out even form afar.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 11

Pretty dragonfly tattoo on the ankle. The dragonfly can be seen as flying to the flower as it greets the traces of the flower petals flying around it.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 12

Watercolor inspired dragonfly tattoo. The dragonfly is flying towards the flowers in a very peaceful and calming manner, the watercolor effect of the colors look absolutely stunning.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 13

13.A very cute and minimalist dragonfly tattoo on the arm. The dragonfly is simply drawn in circles and lines and it leaves a blast of multi colors as it glides through the air flying.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 14

Wonderful looking dragonfly tattoo on the arm. The dragonfly is designed with many colors around it. The green, red, yellow and blue color combinations look fantastic on the design.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 15

Another minimalist dragonfly tattoo. The dragonfly is drawn very meticulously and you can clearly see all the details that has been added to it. The design is simple yet gives a very strong impression.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 16

Simple yet beautiful looking dragonfly tattoo on the foot. The explosion of colors the dragonfly makes it look very interesting and eye-catching even from afar.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 17

Marvelous looking dragonfly tattoo on the back. The simple and pure design makes the dragonfly look vulnerable and at the same time mystical. The combination of the colors and the soft way that the dragonfly is drawn blends in perfectly.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 18

Interesting and very fun looking dragonfly tattoo on the wrist, the dragonfly can be seen flying as it leaves a gust of colors behind it, creating a multi-color rainbow trail.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 19

A very cute and well-detailed dragonfly tattoo. The way that the design was drawn looks very well detailed as you can see even the slightest line on the wings, it’s a real work of art.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 20

A dragonfly in action. This dragonfly tattoo shows the dragonfly leaning over to the flower as it makes its daily rounds in the garden.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 21

Ethereal looking dragonfly tattoo on the foot. The washed away colors surrounding the dragonfly looks perfect as the deign portrays how the dragonfly seems to be flying into a mist of smoke and colors.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 22

22.Cute looking dragonfly tattoo on the side. The dragonfly is simply drawn with simple colors, enough to highlight the design and give you a pleasant feeling when you look at it.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 23

Multi-colored dragonfly tattoo on the shoulder. It’s as if the color was splashed all over the dragonfly making it look artistic and definitely eye catching.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 24

Amazing silhouette of a dragonfly. The dragonfly tattoo doesn’t even draw the dragonfly at all, but paints around it in multi-color. It looks mysterious and at the same time enthralling.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 25

A beautiful green dragonfly tattoo. The dragonfly is drawn in detail as its colors exude from it, giving out sparks of green and electric blue shades.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 26

Breathtaking silhouette of a dragonfly tattoo. The background of the dragonfly is combined with various colors that overlap with one another.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 27

Wonderful looking dragonfly tattoo on the arm. The dragonfly is see extending its wings and you can see the full blown colors spread across the wings and the body in beautiful shades.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 28

Eye-catching dragonflies tabooed on the arm. The dragonflies are drawn in detail and the colors are painted on top mimicking a tribal style of body painting.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 29

A simple and also beautiful looking dragonfly tattoo on the shoulder. The washed out colors on the dragonfly give out a pure and peaceful vibe that is perfect for the design.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 30

Two gorgeous dragonflies on the shoulder. The design features two blue colored dragonflies that are seemingly chasing each other while flying.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 31

A simple and at the same time. beautiful dragonfly tattoo. You can see the details on the dragonfly’s body as it is inked in all black showing the transparency of the wings.

Washed out dragonfly tattoo on the chest. The combination of colors makes out a dragonfly that is flying downwards; even though it doesn’t have an inked outline, the colors still do justice in framing the body of the dragonfly.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 33

A combination of the peace symbol and the dragonfly tattoo. The design is also inked in wonderful colors to promote a positive and free feeling.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 34

Simple and pretty looking dragonfly tattoo. The dragonfly is drawn freely and simply but it still looks interesting and eye catching with all the colors combined.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 36

Beautiful dragonfly tattoo emerging form a flower. The design is quite simple and doesn’t go into all the details of the dragonfly and the flower, however, it still succeeds in showing the beauty of the dragonfly.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 37

A multi-colored dragonfly tattoo emitting spasms of color emerging from it. The design looks so magical and at the same time shows how beautiful of a creature the dragonfly is.

Simple yet very detailed dragonfly tattoo on the stomach. You can see the details on the body and the wings of the dragonfly which make the deign look even more interesting.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 39

Wonderful looking dragonfly tattoo. The dragonflies are drawn flying above the flowers carrying along some petals with them.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 40

A cool looking dragonfly tattoo on the shoulder. Colored in black and red, the dragonfly is drawn in full black ink with some parts in a sort of transparent microscope for effect.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 41

Dragonfly tattoo on the arm. The dragonfly is drawn in such good detail that you can see the deign on the body of the dragonfly and see the amazing patterns on tits wings. It looks beautiful and you feel drawn to how meticulously the design was made.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 42

Washed out dragonfly tattoo. Bringing in washed out effects is the perfect theme for dragonfly tattoos because of how carefree and pure they look like. It also showcases the combination of various colors on the designs.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 43

Simple but cute dragonfly tattoo. The dragonfly is drawn in line art while there is a red circle on top of it, a minimalist design that can truly catch the attention.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 44

Amazing group of dragonfly tattoos on the arm. The dragonflies are drawn in good detail and they can be seen as flying all throughout the arm. You can also see the patterns on the transparent wings as well as how the bodies were meticulously drawn.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 45

Simplistic yet beautiful dragonfly tattoo. The dragonfly is hovering over a flower as it makes it’s daily rounds. The scene is so peaceful and calm to look at.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 46

A dragonfly tattoo splashed with various colors. A dragonfly is well known by the umber of colors its body has, this design simply shows how interesting can dragonflies’ color combinations look like.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 47

A pair of dragonfly tattoos on the arm. Both dragonflies are well drawn and you can distinguish them from one another because of their distinct colors. It also shows very nice details that you can find on the dragonflies’ bodies.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 48

Mysterious looking dragonfly tattoo. The dragonfly is seen to be flying away from a flower as it leaves behind a colorful trail of shades that look like they are puffing out in smoke form.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 49

A really cute looking dragonfly tattoo on the side of the body. The dragonfly looks like it is leaving a flower as the air blows away its petals. You can also spot another dragonfly looking on to what is happening.

Dragonfiy Tattoo 50

Amazing looking dragonfly tattoo on the shoulder. The dragonfly is seen to be flying away rapidly as you can see the movement on its wings flapping vigorously.

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