50 Jellyfish Tattoo Ideas

Have you ever seen those really cute jellyfish tattoos? They’re adorable and they also look mysterious and mystical at the same time. When you want to get one there are many styles that you could choose from, the great thing about this is there are also different designs with the types of jellyfish tattoo that you decide to get. What makes your tattoo even more meaningful is that it has different representations of who you are as a person as well as your view of the world around you and even your very own beliefs, mood, and personality. So what are you waiting for? Go get one yourself now!

The meaning behind Jellyfish tattoos

Even though there is the word fish in jellyfish they aren’t actually fishes. They are sea creatures with their own type of category. Jellyfish are one of the oldest sea creatures on earth and don’t have gills to rely on for a living. They don’t even have hearts or lungs for that matter, and that makes the overall function of the jellyfish complex. They are simple yet at the same time very complex. The tentacles of the jellyfish serve as protection because of how it can sting possible threats around the jellyfish.

They may look very docile on the outside since it looks relatively harmless and soft, its sting can prove to be very painful. Even though the Jellyfish can’t see there are those that can detect shadows and light and even see colors. Jellyfish and their anatomy are highly developed to adapt to their surroundings and can definitely survive harsh conditions which make them almost vulnerable to environmental threats.

In symbolism, jellyfish is a symbol of being tranquil. It is a very calm creature and the appearance itself looks very serene and isolated this is why it can be looked on as a symbol of achieving peace. However, despite the appearances, jellyfish are predators and have a painful stinging edge.

According to Japanese mythology, the jellyfish is said to be servants of gods. While moving through the water they will rely heavily on the current to be able to go from one place to the other and that is why the gods have entrusted the jellyfish with the sacred position.

More symbolisms of the jellyfish

Jellyfish are also considered to be symbols of ancient wisdom. They are believed to portray the acceptance of the fates and how they work in the universe. The jellyfish as we can say is a creature that moves by instinct alone and has survived through hundreds of years. With only its few sense to defend it against the external forces, the jellyfish can easily represent the modern and the ancient wisdom that has developed all throughout the centuries.

Jellyfish are also considered to be graceful, agile, flexible, and faithful and can also be a sign for immortality. When you get a jellyfish tattoo you are probably a lover of the sea however if you love the jellyfish solely for what it is then it’s still fine; the idea is you can relate yourself to what the jellyfish symbolizes. One thing to note is that removing jellyfish tattoos can be quite complicated because of the elongated and sometimes complex drawing of the tentacles. They may also cost a bit much to remove too.

Jellyfish in immortality Concept

When jellyfish die, they turn into baby jellyfish. They do this again and again which is why they are often associated with immortality and not being able to die naturally. When you believe in immortality then this concept then it would be perfect for you. Immortality can’t only mean life, but it can also mean things like your passion and your desire. If you have an undying passion for your hobbies then you can effectively apply the jellyfish concept with this; it can also be true for things like love, determination, and hope. You will always need to tap into yourself and your feelings to determine if the jellyfish symbols do apply to you in real life.

Where should you put your jellyfish tattoo?

Are you wondering where you should out your jellyfish tattoo? Maybe it is your first time and you would want to put it on somewhere special. However what you need to remember is that tattoos will hurt wherever you will put them you would better be prepared for the pain. Then again the pain is part of the unique experience that you feel when getting a tattoo. If it’s your first time you may want to go with the least painful part of your body.

One of the first places that people place their tattoos are on their ribs or feet and that is definitely painful areas. Other painful places to get tattoos are the hands ribs, feet, elbows and the knees. These places are composed of a lot of bones and they can’t give you a cushion when the tattoo needle hits the skin. Therefore when you plan to get your first tattoo these are places you may well want to avoid. You should focus more on the meaty parts of your body which are recommended for first-time tattoo takers. However, the underside of your upper arm can be very painful as well since even if it doesn’t have bones, it still contains a lot of nerves and the pain just doubles.

Some of the parts of the body which work well for first tattoos are found below:

The wrist area isn’t that bad when you get your tattoo. Even though you think that it’s a place that you think would be very painful but you need to think that the wrist is a small area, therefore, the pain will not be as long as the other places of the body. When you move the tattoo up your hand it will probably be hurt more, however, if you feel scared of the pain you can always move the tattoo further from your hand.

The thigh area is one of the easiest places to get your tattoo. The position of the tattoo helps you lie down in comfort. Since the tattoo isn’t on your torso you can breathe controllably and counter the pain of the needles. This also helps you conceal your tattoo when you want to since you can hide it when you wear longer shorts or pants.

You can also get tattoos on your biceps. This helps if you want to get a bigger tattoo. The bicep is filled with muscles which mean that the needles wouldn’t run against your bones; you will relatively feel less pain. Having tattoos on your biceps also makes you more comfortable since you sit down. You can also distract yourself by talking to the tattoo artist to ease the pain.

What are you waiting for? When you’ve finally decided then go out there and get your very first tattoo!

Jellyfish Tattoo 1

Beautiful jellyfish tattoo on the thigh. The colors are very pretty and complement each other. You can see how serene the jellyfish looks as it gently floats around. The colorful bubbles also surrounding the jellyfish look very mysterious and mystical.

Jellyfish Tattoo 2

Amazing jellyfish tattoo on the arm. The design is very small yet has a great impact because of how the space on the arm is utilized. You can see how serene the jellyfish seems to move with the current.

Jellyfish Tattoo 3

Very pretty jellyfish tattoo on the ankle. The jellyfish is drawn in line art style while the background is an explosion of colors highlighting the jellyfish in front.

Jellyfish Tattoo 4

Multi colored jellyfish tattoo on the thigh. The jellyfish looks absolutely stunning with the blast of colors that stem from the body of the jellyfish and explodes as it reaches outside.

Jellyfish Tattoo 5

Stunning jellyfish tattoo on the arm. The very colorful dn beautiful form of the jellyfish is clearly seen on this design. It makes good use of the length of the ar to showcase the graceful tentacles of the jellyfish.

Jellyfish Tattoo 6

Electric blue jellyfish tattoo on the arm. Wonderfully made design that uses shades of blue. The simple shades make up a very beautiful and enthralling design.

Black inked jellyfish tattoo on the thing. Even with the absence of colors you can see how the jellyfish and its tentacles look absolutely graceful and majestic.

Jellyfish Tattoo 8

Jellyfish tattoo on the arms. The jellyfish itself s decorated with shades f blue on its head and it continues down to the tentacles, never filling the entire line art but still looks very mystical and beautiful.

Jellyfish Tattoo 9

A pair of pretty jellyfish tattoos on the back. This pair of beautiful jellyfishes has the same pattern with each other and the same flowing and graceful tentacles. You can see how wonderfully detailed the design is.

Jellyfish Tattoo 10

Pink themed jellyfish tattoo. The combination of pink and red violet colors n this tattoo is simply perfect. The blue background also helps represent the sea, thus implying the jellyfish swimming freely in its natural habitat.

Jellyfish Tattoo 11

Jellyfish tattoo on the arm. As you can see, the details are beautifully inked and the jellyfish is shown o be in motion while going with the current of colors under the sea. It’s a wonderful representation of how free and graceful the jellyfish lives its life.

Jellyfish Tattoo 12

Simple yet majestic looking jellyfish tattoo on the legs. You can see the dark blue hues on the design which highlight the jellyfish as a while. The minimalist inspired colors simply bring life and glow to the design.

Jellyfish Tattoo 13

Minimalist inspired jellyfish tattoo on the foot. This small tattoo looks very interesting as it shows a smaller jellyfish even though not that big in size but still looks absolutely gorgeous.

Jellyfish Tattoo 14

A wonderful looking jellyfish tattoo with a trail of colors behind it. the jellyfish is shown to be emitting colors from its tentacles which makes it look really beautiful and glowing. The tentacles themselves are plain black to give more attention to the multicolor inside them.

Jellyfish Tattoo 15

Majestic looking jellyfish tattoo on the ribs. This pair of tattoos has a very soft feel to them. They are inked in pale and soft colors that make them look very ethereal. It’s truly mesmerizing representation of the serenity of the jellyfish.

Jellyfish Tattoo 16

A quirky looking jellyfish tattoo on the thigh. Even though it may look like a bunch of scribbled lines, the design seems very fun and open to look at. It’s small simple and definitely an eye catcher.

Jellyfish Tattoo 17

Grayscale inspired jellyfish tattoo on the arm. if you want to be subtle about the glorious form of the jellyfish, you can always go for the grayscale design. it looks smooth, of course subtle and very classy.

Jellyfish Tattoo 18

A pair of jellyfish tattoo on the ribs. The pair consists of a big and smaller jellyfish swimming together with the current. It shows the beauty of the jellyfish in its stage and how it can go from a small creature to a bigger and majestic looking one.

Jellyfish Tattoo 19

Paintbrush inspired jellyfish tattoo on the back. The colors for the jellyfish are inked as if they were paint splatters thrown at the back. It looks very artistic and unique. Definitely perfect if you want to stand out.

Jellyfish Tattoo 20

A well detailed jellyfish tattoo on the arm. you can just see how the colors are mixed well together and at the same time how it is neatly done. When you want to have a multi colored jellyfish tattoo that has all the colors right in its place and complement with each other then this should be your goal.

Jellyfish Tattoo 21

A group of electric blue jellyfish tattoo on the thigh. The strong colors on the jellyfish designs are simply mesmerizing and you can almost see how their tentacles move gracefully with the current.

Jellyfish Tattoo 22

A really beautiful looking jellyfish tattoo on the wrist. The way that the jellyfish has been inked and drawn is unique and gives you a feeling of serenity and purity as the jellyfish looks like it is gently floating away.

Jellyfish Tattoo 23

Quirky jellyfish tattoo design in red and orange theme. You can see bits of the jellyfish’s internal organs as shown on the tattoo as the tentacles are almost staying still below it. It gives you the impression of the jellyfish simply floating in place.

Jellyfish Tattoo 24

Simple yet cute jellyfish tattoo design. The design is very simple and small that it looks very adorable. The colors blend well together with the simple background as well.

Jellyfish Tattoo 25

A group of multi colored jellyfish tattoo on the back. You could notice that they are colored differently from one another imposing a different kind of personality within each one of them. The way that they move on the back also shows how they are floating in different directions.

Jellyfish Tattoo 26

A cute looking jellyfish tattoo on the shoulder. The jellyfish is shown to be somewhat emitting heart shaped bubbles on top of it. The idea of the design seems very fun and adorable.

Jellyfish Tattoo 27

Line art inspired jellyfish tattoo n the ribs. There is the absence of color on the tattoo however this does not remove the majestic glow of the jellyfish and its long tentacles have with them.

Jellyfish Tattoo 28

Beautiful grayscale jellyfish tattoo on the arm. The jellyfish design looks mysterious and beautiful at the same time as it is gracefully drawn in suspension.

Jellyfish Tattoo 29

A jellyfish tattoo on the back that is simply exploding with colors. As you can see the colors are emitting for the jellyfish and they are inked in watercolor theme.

Wonderful looking jellyfish tattoo on the ribs. The long tentacles of the jellyfish are draw gorgeously as it scales down the entirety of the body. You can also see that the head is drawn very lightly as to project the near transparency of the jellyfish.

Jellyfish Tattoo 31

A boldly colored and brightly inked jellyfish tattoo. Engulfed in a black frame, the bright orange jellyfish inside looks as if it is glowing as it slowly floats around with the current.

Jellyfish Tattoo 32

Amazingly inked jellyfish tattoo on the arm. The jellyfish is drawn in line art fashion and is surrounded by vines and other sea plants. It I shown to be slowly floating around the plants in tranquility.

Jellyfish Tattoo 33

Blue and pink themed jellyfish tattoo. The gradient design of the tattoo is simply marvelous and you can distinguish which part of the jellyfish is where despite the presence of only two colors in the design. The tentacles are also long and well drawn to suggest gracefulness in movement.

Jellyfish Tattoo 34

Simple yet very beautiful looking jellyfish tattoo on the back. There are not many colors on this design but it still manages to make the jellyfish look amazing. The simplicity of the design is what makes it unique.

Jellyfish Tattoo 35

Pretty looking jellyfish tattoo. The jellyfish itself is only inked in lie art while in the background, there is an explosion of beautiful colors that also surrounds the jellyfish as it continues to float.

Jellyfish Tattoo 36

Very beautiful jellyfish tattoo on the arm. The colors simply complement with each other and thus making the design look vibrant and pretty. You can also see shadows of bubbles surrounding the jellyfish as it tries to move around.

Jellyfish Tattoo 37

Minimalistic jellyfish tattoo on the thigh. The simple and small design of the jellyfish makes it a perfect center of attention on the skin. It is very subtle yet manages to voice out a loud message.

Jellyfish Tattoo 38

Simplistic jellyfish tattoo on the ankle. The simple inking of this design is what makes it special as it looks neat and clean and perfect for the place here it is tattooed on.

Jellyfish Tattoo 39

A wonderful looking jellyfish tattoo with a colorful background. You can definitely see the contrast between the jellyfish and the background with the explosive colors. It represents how solitary and graceful the jellyfish moves despite all the noise going all around it.

Jellyfish Tattoo 40

Beautiful grayscale inspired jellyfish tattoo. The grayscale deigns makes it look mysterious and even more beautiful as you can see that the jellyfish is truly a graceful and serene creature of the sea.

Jellyfish tattoo-51

Jellyfish tattoo-41

Jellyfish tattoo-42

Jellyfish tattoo-43

Jellyfish tattoo-45

Jellyfish tattoo-46

Jellyfish tattoo-47

Jellyfish tattoo-48

Jellyfish tattoo-49

Jellyfish tattoo-50

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