40 Amazing Fox Tattoo Designs

Animals are always a good idea to be tattooed on your body and among this class of tattoos, some animals have definitely more value and charm than others. I am talking about the tattoos of animals like Fox, those are counted to be the most famous form of animal tattoos around the world. They can be created in different shapes, styles and combined with other elements to be called the most fierce tattoo around.

For a lesser known fact, foxes are actually the animals that are identified to be the most intelligent thing and along with that they are accompanied with the fluffy tails, upright ears and cunning natures. The reason for the popularity of the fox tattoos around the world is not that they look cunning and classy, but because it is thought to provide the wisdom to the person to escape from the obstacles. People get this tattoo because of its diverse symbolic meanings in different cultures.

The Symbolism of Fox Tattoo Designs:

The fox tattoo designs and their symbolism has tricky connotations. In fact, these tattoos are connected to be an incarnation of wisdom, civilization, good luck and even sex. Red fox tattoos, the most common form of the fox tattoos are thought to provide the person with the right attitude and strength so that he could be able to escape from any obstacle, any problem with wisdom and solitude.

The fox outwit its opponents and it’s known for fortitude, so does its tattoo means to some. Moreover, in Native American mythology, fox tattoos are indicated as the trickster too with the neutral position but ambivalent to consequences too. Not only this, its black legs and feet represents the sneaky nature.

Besides all this, here are some other meanings that are associated with the fox tattoos:

  • Guile
  • Clever
  • Lucky
  • Careful
  • Playful
  • Focused
  • Health
  • Skillful
  • Secretive
  • Sexuality
  • Vitality
  • Resourceful
  • Shape-shifting

So are you ready to get a tattoo that represents your sly talents and quick wits? If so, have a look at our 40 picks of fox tattoo, that will definitely get you noticed.


Best 40 Fox Tattoo Designs for Your Next Tattoo:

There are different interpretations for fox tattoos, both positive and negative. If you are looking for something fierce yet meaningful, trust me, nothing would make the best choice other than a fox tattoo. So here, check out few best fox tattoo designs to get an inspiration for your next tattoo.


Cute Little Fox-y Tattoo Design. This cute little fox-y is something worth trying, if you are girly girl.


That Fierce Fox Tattoo Piece. If you are fierce enough in your life, maintain your personality by having this different yet violent fox tattoo on your arm.


Water- Colored Fox Tattoo Design. Water-colored tattoos are often considered to be the best form of tattoos and when they are done with perfection, you got a great one.


Red Fox with a 3-D Tail. This amazing red fox tattoo with a 3-D Tail will look great on any part of your body.


Fox with a Quote on Back of Her. Quotes are often coupled with the fox tattoos. Many women will love to include this kind of tattoo on their bodies to look sassy and classy.


Fox with Fire. Of course, foxes are considered to be the cunning animal with fierce nature. This tattoo depict their nature perfectly.


Cute Fox tattoo design for inner arm. For those who want fox as a sign of love, tenderness, health and femininity, this cute little fox tattoo design is a best thing they could have.


Clever Fox Tattoo Design. As described earlier, foxes are clever creatures and this is explained with this tattoo enough.


Cartoon Fox Tattoo. Foxes are fierce at the same time cute as well. Cartoon fox tattoo is the inspiration is you want to depict that side of fox.


Fox Tattoo with Flowers and Spirit. To enhance the meaning of tattoos, they are coupled with the the different elements like flowers, trees and different shapes. You can also couple your creativity with the fox tattoo and get the best out of it.


Thinking Fox Tattoo Design. Foxes are known to be clever, and this is too, for a reason. Thinking fox tattoo design is the best depiction.


Resting Fox Tattoo Design. Foxes are the vicious while they are resting too. This tattoo expresses the best what I am saying.


The Fox on a Compass Tattoo Design. As the foxes are known to direct the person in the right direction, this tattoo with compass can empower the decision of the person.


Tribal Designed Fox Tattoo. Foxes tattoos goes well with the tribal designs. This tattoo is inspired by a design of Fluna.


Angry Fox Tattoo Design. This water-colored tattoo with abstract and geometric shapes looks perfect and can go on any part of the body.


Calm Fox Tattoo Design. This one is a very nice tattoo that looks good in your inner-arm.


Baby Disguised in Fox Clothing. Cute, little baby in the fox clothing is another great tattoo for the people who are looking to get something meaningful yet cute.


Cute Fox with Fire-y Tail Tattoo Design. Another cute yet vicious tattoo is next on the list that you can get on your body as your next tattoo.


Sketched Fox Tattoo Design. This one is the French tattoo made by the French artist. The tattoo is sketched with the grey and black colors, that just look perfect.


3-D Fox for Inner Arm. There are number of ways through which you can get your fox tattoo. 3_D form is another one that looks great when done creatively.


Simple Fox with Tree Vine. The simple yet cute and tiny fox tattoo is next on the list. You can have this one on your wrist, behind the ear, neck, back or anywhere on your body to look great.


Lonely Fox Tattoo Design. Lonely Fox tattoo Design with abstract design and pattern is the one that will definitely get you noticed.


Realistic Fox Tattoo Design. If you want something really realistic and fiery, then this realistic fox tattoo design is the one you ought to have.


Happy Fox with Balloon Tattoo. Happy fox flying with the hydrogen filled balloons definitely reflects the happy and cheerful mood. This fox tattoo is definitely a worth having anytime.


Another Realistic Fox Tattoo Design. If you want a realistic tattoo, having this one is worth going with.


Hair-y Fox Head. The upright fox head with hair in detailed looks perfect on the back of you.


Water-Colored Beautiful Fox Tattoo Design for Back. The tattoo is standing on the piece of stone and is done perfectly with water colors. This confidence and fierce in the eyes of a fox definitely eye-catching.


A Sleeping Fox Tattoo Design. The sleeping fox tattoo design is worth having to depict peace, freedom and love.


Sketchily Tiny Fox tattoo. Skentchil tattoos are very common all around the world. You can try this tattoo with the fox too. You can place this tattoo on any part of the body just like the one in the picture.


Fierce Fox Tattoo for Him. Although fox tattoos are worth trying for women, but when it comes to men, fox tattoos are brought to the next level. This fiery fox tattoo design is worth a shot, if you love to have a vicious personality.


Dancing Fox Tattoo. Dancing fox on music is something different and unique. You can try this to get noticed by your peers and friends.


Foxes in Love Tattoo Design. As mentioned, fox tattoos are considered to be the symbol of sex and love. But this heart shaped fox tattoo is definitely a perfect description.


Femininity Fox tattoo Design. Femininity fox tattoos are definitely loved by the women. This girly girl tattoo is the best for the women looking for such kinds of tattoos.


A Creative Fox tattoo. A creative fox tattoo is the next on our list. The tattoo with geometric shapes and long tail, makes the tattoo look very fabulous and eye-catching.


A Scenic Fox Tattoo Design. The tattoo that is next on the list is very scenic as it is incorporated with the nature and greenery. The fox coupled with this natural effect is worth trying.


Gentleman Fox. A tattoo of fox dressed in the gentle dressing with the umbrella in its hand showing the gentle nature and resourcefulness. The imagination of this tattoo is high and depicts the perfect lifestyle.


A Fox and a Lady Bird. Fox and lady bird in a single tattoo depicts the perfect incarnation of beauty of nature.


Running Fox. A fox running looks majestic. The walk or run with the tree vine in the mouth shows the cunning nature of the fox.


Blood- Thirsty Fox. Fierce and blood thirsty is what foxes are known for. You can have this tattoo on your arm is worth having.


Vicious Fox Tattoo Design by Studio Joker. Deadly fox tattoo represents the sign of danger. You can go with this tattoo as well as it is simple in design and meaningful in nature.

When you go with the fox tattoos, you are called to take actions over difficulties. Choose from these tattoo designs and add your creativity within your tattoo.

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