35 Wave Tattoo Design Ideas

When choosing your favorite tattoo you should think about it for a long time. This is because a tattoo is a permanent ink on your body and it needs to be something that is meaningful for you. The tattoo should also indicate something that you believe in and what you want other people to know about you. Tattoos should be able to tell others a story about you which is why you should try to choose a tattoo not only because of its awesome design but it should also mean something good to you and could tell people what you believe in at one glance.

What’s great about a wave tattoo?

You might have seen the wave tattoo and became curious about. What does it mean?y why do people get this kind of tattoo? What’s so special about it? These are just some of the questions that you might be asking hen you’re planning on getting a wave tattoo. You might have been attracted to the design because of how pretty or awesome it looks; however you should also consider what the meaning of the tattoo is about or what it seeks to represent.

Try to pick out a tattoo that fits your personality the most. There are many wave tattoos out there and you might even find it enjoyable to look for the perfect tattoo that will fit you well.

What does the wave tattoo stand for?

Wave tattoos represent the water. You can choose many designs on the wave tattoos from simple ones to complicated ones; it depends on the design that you like and what type of wave tattoo you would like to represent yourself. Water is one of the elements that composes the earth. It has been used in a lot of symbolism in various ways and in various cultures. Water represents signs of life, tranquility, calmness and even mystery. There are many things that water can represent and you might even be surprised at how many more meanings you can connect with it.

What makes the tattoo special is the meaning that goes into it. You may have a story about your life that you would like to connect with your tattoo. It is common to choose the wave design since you like the element of water or you like the color blue. The wave is the perfect design that works on water since it occurs on water normally. When you’re a sailor or maybe a biologist or maybe someone who works closely with water, you will find that having the wave design can relate to you so much.

In other cases, you might be very inclined with water because of your hobbies. You might have hobbies like surfing, water skiing, diving, swimming and so on and the wave tattoo just fits your likes perfectly. You can also relate the wave design to a place that you love or a moment in your life that you have experienced something amazing or life turning. It could serve as a reminder, a sense of motivation or precaution; you can choose whatever you like.

What’s important is that you can directly relate with the design. Tattoos are not only there for decorative purposes but their main reason for being inked into the skin is to show something from within the person. Tell others your life story, give others an idea of what kind of person are you, share your likes, share your fears; these are just some of the options that you choose from when you are thinking about what type of wave tattoo you should be getting.

What kind of wave tattoo you should choose

When looking at wave tattoos you don’t have to make them look realistic. There are cute 2D designs for waves that also look amazing. The most popular design would include a wave that is silently crashing into the ocean. The waves can differ in height from small to moderate to those high waves that form a semi-circle over the ocean. You can even choose scenic images with the waves crashing along the beach; you can also add palm trees to complete the image. In other cases, you can also create abstract effects on the waves which make it more unique than the rest.

Another popular theme for wave tattoos is the tribal look. With the tribal-look, you can play along with the shapes and the lines that can represent a lot of things within or outside of the wave. You can even add sharp colors and more elements to incorporate within the wave. Tribal themes are great when you want one or more elements added in the wave making it have more meaning. You can also play along with the wave shapes as well as the wavy lines of the design making it look more mystical or more powerful.

You can also add your wave tattoos with larger tattoos. Compiling various tattoo images isn’t a new thing, but it always looks very interesting. It gives you more options of adding more meanings that you want to intertwine together. You can begin with a simple outline of the wave and connect smaller tattoos with it and to form a bigger tattoo in the process.

It would depend on you on how you want your wave tattoo should look like. You can make it look complicated or you can make it look very simple and cute. There are designs that look amazing when they are done in great detail, there are others that look good in full and bold colors while there are also others that look better when drawn simply or elegantly.

It doesn’t matter what design you choose but it should be able to represent you as a person. You should love the tattoo that you choose and that it should represent you as a person. You can try and talk it over with a friend or your loved one to help you choose which wave tattoo suits you the most.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 1

Wave tattoo enclosed in a circle. It is a simple wave tattoo that is framed by a thing circle. Inside you can see a group of waves in the ocean rocking a single traveling boat.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 2

A simple looking wave tattoo inked on the middle of the chest. The waves are gently crashing into the sea and you can see that the colors are very light and calming.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 3

Beautiful wave tattoo on the arm. This is the perfect place for a wave tattoo since you can make the waves look bigger and wider.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 4

A wave tattoo that forms a circle shape. The tattoo is inked in black and is only finished with line art. The simplicity in the design is what makes it look really interesting.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 5

A pretty looking wave tattoo that forms a semi circle shape. In this design there is no circle frame surrounding the wave and it simply vanished into the skin. A really simple yet beautiful looking design.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 6

Wave tattoo in a triangle frame. Apart from the circle frame, the triangle frame also helps in making the wave look powerful and strong.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 7

A wave tattoo with a splash of blue. Nothing but blue colors on it, this wave tattoo looks powerful and raging the waves. It is a perfect tattoo to show how steadfast and headstrong of a person you are.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 8

Gray-scale wave tattoo on the foot. The tattoo is simply inked with black color and the intricate details are drawn on top of it is simply mesmerizing.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 9

Tiny but beautiful looking wave tattoo on the nape of the neck. The waves are encircled in a frame where they meet the calm ocean and is overlooked by the setting sun in the horizon.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 10

A combination of the galaxy and the wave tattoo. The waves are seen in various sizes and the stars and the galaxy can be seen within the waves.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 11

A creative infinity wave tattoo. You can see a wave within the infinity symbol where in one side it is shown upside down to depict a continuous flow of the waves in eternity.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 12

A very well detailed wave tattoo on the arm. You can see that there is a ship that is being beaten by the waves in the middle of the ocean. The clouds in the design also show that the weather is not good and the ship is struggling to stay afloat.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 13

A wave tattoo in a semi circle motion. The entire wave is inked only in black and shows to be forming a semi circle shape with no frames around it. It’s a simple design that looks interesting and strong at the same time.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 14

Cute looking wave tattoo on the arm. The waves are framed by a reverse triangle shape. You may also notice that the color are scattered even outside the frame showing an artistic amateur style of inking.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 15

Minimalist wave tattoo on the body. The wave is beautifully colored in various shades of blue to show depth. It’s simply swift motion is enough to tell you that it is a wave crashing on the ocean.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 16

A small wave tattoo on the chest. The wave is encircled by rugged circles showing the arc that the wave creates as it slowly crashes into the sea.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 17

Minimalist wave tattoo on the arm. You can see a single line with a single wave in the middle. This is a perfect design when you want a very subtle tattoo design which still showcases the wave.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 18

A wave tattoo with a ship below it. The wave is seen to be on the verge of crashing down on the ship.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 19

Wave tattoo on the foot. You can see a wave crashing into the sea on the foot. The tattoo is small yet very cute to look at without any frames along the waves.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 20

A beautiful white wave tattoo. The waves can be seen in white ink and you can almost see the shape of the waves in great detail and looks perfect with the semi transparent ink.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 21

Amazing looking wave tattoo on the arm. The strong and bold colors of the tattoo helps make it look vibrant and alive, you can also see a dripping design on the frame of the wave.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 22

Diamond framed wave tattoo. The wave is enclosed in a diamond shaped frame as it builds up to form an arch over the ocean before crashing down.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 23

Minimalist inspired wave tattoo. The waves are drawn in line art and simple shading as the small waves makes its way through the ocean surface.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 24

Tribal themed wave tattoo on the back. The waves are drawn in sharp and contrasting shapes which forms into a circle without the aid of a frame.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 25

Simple looking wave tattoo on the arm. The wave is enclosed in a frame of its own wave as the shape forms into a circle over the bottom of the wave. The simple design makes the details even more noticeable and appreciated.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 26

Beautiful and colorful wave tattoo on the back. The waves are colored in various blue shades, highlighting each part of the water as it cradles a sort of canoe within the arc.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 27

Small but pretty looking wave tattoo on the arm. There are three waves inked on the arm and they look beautifully symmetrical and perfect.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 28

Small and meaningful wave tattoo. The waves are enclosed in a circle frame and accompanied by a quote showing the freedom that the owner wants to possess.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 29

Amazing wave tattoo on the arm. The amount of detail and colors on the waves help emphasize how massive and powerful it is.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 30

Impressive wave tattoo on the arm. The wave is standing upright and is drawn in amazing detail with the bluish background. The wave is drawn as being tall and commanding above the seas.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 31

Wave tattoo on the arm that is boldly colored and is very striking. The design is eye catching as well as the colors that slowly fade into the skin at the edges.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 32

Abstract themed wave tattoo. The beautiful abstract feel of the tattoo adds to the mystery and to the strength that the wave possesses.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 33

Cartoon themed wave tattoo. Even in cartoons, waves an look cute and adorable. Encircled in a small circle frame, inside is a group of waves happily splashing about.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 34

Majestic wave tattoo in a circle frame. The wave inside the circle is drawn tall and strong as it is able to overcome the waters an stand on its own.

Wave Tattoo Dsign 35

A tranquil looking wave tattoo on the arm. The wave is on the process of forming itself into bigger wave as it gathers more water inside of it in the moving sea below it.

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