40 Unicorn Tattoos Design Ideas

One of the most popular mystical creatures that people are endeared with is unicorns. The unicorns are usually depicted as magical creatures with the head and body of the horse and a horn on the forehead. There are various depictions of how unicorns look like and most of them portray the unicorns as mysterious and exotic.

Where did the creation of unicorns possibly come from?

The idea of unicorns probably came from the Indian Rhinoceros from long ago and in the Middle Ages the creatures were even linked to magic, medicine, and healing. Even the royalties wanted to drink from cups made out of unicorn horns. It was a rhino’s horn; however, the belief that it came from a unicorn gave a new meaning to them such as being noble, courageous, strong and pure creatures. This is also one of the reasons why so many royal families wanted to put the unicorns in their own designs.

Other symbols related to the unicorn

Purity and charity are also some things that are linked with unicorns since they are very rare virtues for people which are also related to the rare sightings of the unicorn. In some studies, the symbolism of the unicorns is more directed to young girls especially when it came to toys and dolls. Unicorns are also present in Asia and have been included in legends depicting the creature to be associated with spiritual purity. It was believed that if anyone saw or touched a unicorn he or she has been ordained by God and is tasked to carry out something important.

Even if you don’t necessarily think that the unicorn did exist, the symbols which these creatures stand for are mystical and relatable. This is why you shouldn’t hesitate if you want to get one inked on your skin because they are not only beautiful creatures but they are also symbolic.

    Below are more meanings that are associated with the unicorn

  • -Healing
  • -Spirituality
  • -Power
  • -Strength
  • -Grace
  • -Wisdom
  • – Purity and Chastity
  • -Frivolity

Among the most common depiction of unicorns in tattoos is that they are colored in white, however, there are also more varieties f colors for unicorns such as black, blue and even pink. The color that the unicorns are in would depend on the setting of the tattoo as well as the elements that go along with it. There are also other mythical creatures that are added with unicorns in designs such as dragons, fairies, gnomes and so on. Combining these designs together gives a wonderful aura of a magical place which everything is possible.

In other designs, unicorns are also given wings; this is because it makes them look more magical and pure. The wings are also added to support the freedom and frivolity symbol of the unicorn. It will always depend on what design you want to go with if you want the unicorn to look more pure and hopeful or mysterious and magical.

Are there more meanings behind the unicorn tattoos?

The answer is yes. There are also other meanings that are related to the unicorns and what they stand for. This is because unicorns have been around for a long time and since many people have loved the creature, they are always present in literature and in the classics, creating more and more things related to them.

Unicorn tattoos have also been present in tribes from before. This just means that it has been engraved in the human mythology longer than you could think of. There have been tribal tattoos that show traces of unicorns in the designs. The unicorns are often shown as the dominant ones showing off a strong stance that gives you a picture of how powerful the mere presence of the creature was. Unicorns are also often depicted with its strength and are implied to show to everyone who has seen that tattoo, that the wearer identifies with the characteristics of the unicorn. They are also seen as noble creatures and are legendary.

In Celtic times, the unicorn was widely well known throughout Europe. You can even see that there are unicorns on the tattoos and symbols of the Celtic times and they are often depicted as spiritual and cultural elements. The unicorn is believed to have conveyed a message of spiritual power, dominance, and strength.

In modern times, unicorns have also been a prime subject in films and animations. They are depicted as magical creatures and in some cases, they are given voices and personalities as well. They are often presented as chaste, innocent and pure. This may also mean that for the wearer of the tattoo, he or she relates with the childlike innocence that the unicorns represent. It is noticeable, though, in modern times, unicorns usually are linked to girls and everything feminine with the association as well with colors such as pastels and pink.

What you need to think about when choosing the unicorn tattoo that fits you

Look deep inside you and try to see what your emotional connection with what unicorns represent is. See if you share the same spiritual significance and emotional representation as the unicorns. Even of unicorns do look amazing as tattoo designs, it will still feel empty when it doesn’t mean something to you. Does it express your personality? Does it show you as a person? Does it show your style and uniqueness? Will you still be able to relate with what the unicorn tattoo stands for after a decade of having it?

Those are just some of the things you need to ask yourself over and over again before you get the unicorn tattoo that you want. It is important that you understand what the tattoo aims to convey and that you can relate to it even after a long time has gone. Do your research on the designs that you want to have inked on your skin and see to it that they show who you are as a person and what you believe in.

If you are sure of what you want, there is no one stopping you from getting the dream unicorn tattoo that you have always wanted. It should be your whole-hearted decision and nobody but you, will know how much the design means to you as a person.

Watercolor unicorn tattoo

unicorn side tattoo

Watercolor unicorn chest tattoo


Watercolor unicorn sleeve tattoo


Pink unicorn tattoo on hand

Unicorn Tattoo Design 1

Beautiful unicorn tattoo with light inking and designed in line art design. It’s a simple but pretty looking tattoo that you can place on the arm.

Very detailed unicorn tattoo on the thighs. The striking colors that the design has is absolutely well details and beautiful. You can see the unicorn adorned with jewels and flowers.

Unicorn Tattoo-39

Unicorn Tattoo Design 3

A silhouette of a unicorn tattoo. Designed in abstract style, you can make out the shape of the unicorn jumping into the triangle shape and surrounded by the ominous galaxy like background.

Unicorn Tattoo Design 4

Another unicorn tattoo inspired with line art design. The unicorn is also shown to have wings and appears to be taking off for flight.


Unicorn Tattoo Design 5

Pretty unicorn tattoo on the arms. The unicorn is in line art design and you can see that the unicorn is drawn with flowery designs on its head and neck. It is also drawn to symbolize a feminine unicorn because of the association with the flowers and the glamorous hair.

Unicorn Tattoo Design 6

A really cute looking unicorn tattoo. The unicorn is drawn in a somewhat chibi-like fashion. The various colors on the unicorn also add to the cuteness.

Unicorn Tattoo Design 7

Beautiful unicorn tattoo with a blast of colors. The multi colored design on the unicorn makes it look even more mystical and ethereal.

Unicorn Tattoo Design 8

Black inked unicorn tattoo on the arm. The simple line art design of the unicorn makes it look unique and stands out with the help of abstract figures surrounding the unicorn.

Unicorn Tattoo Design 9

A brightly colored unicorn tattoo on the arm.thr unicorn is well detailed and the colors are simply giving it more life. The horn is inked in multi color and a butterfly is also drawn on the tip of its nose.

Unicorn Tattoo Design 10

A look-like unicorn tattoo with a dragon-like creature, the unicorn and the dragon creature are drawn together to form a circle and seems to imitate the yin and yang symbol.

Unicorn Tattoo Design 11

Pretty looking unicorn tattoo on the arm. The unicorn is drawn to be inside a mirror object which is in black and white. To make the unicorn stand out and seem to emerge from the mirror, it is inked in blight colors for contrast.

Unicorn Tattoo Design 20

Grayscale unicorn tattoo on the back. You can see that the unicorn is drawn with a necklace of beautiful flowers hung around the neck.

Unicorn Tattoo Design 19

A small and simple looking unicorn tattoo on the finger. You can only see the outline of the unicorn shape which is inked in blue. Cute, simple and subtle tattoo.

Unicorn Tattoo Design 18

Beautifully inked unicorn tattoo on the shoulder. The style is that of a washed out watercolor painting where the unicorn is seen running wild and free.

Unicorn Tattoo Design 17

A small and pretty unicorn tattoo on the shoulder. The unicorn is drawn comparatively small against the quote, however it works really well since the tattoo can be subtle and hidden when needed.

Unicorn Tattoo Design 16

Amazing unicorn tattoo on the arm. The combination of colors on the design is simply magnetic and you can truly see how majestic the unicorn looks like with its wings spread out and showing off a gradient of colors.

Unicorn Tattoo Design 15

A black unicorn tattoo on the back. The unicorn is shown to have a fiery set of hairs on its back, tail and hooves. Behind the unicorn you can also see the moon with glinting stars surrounding the unicorn.

Unicorn Tattoo Design 14

Beautiful unicorn tattoo on the foot. The design is done in grayscale style. The unicorn’s bust is framed with flowers and you can also see that the unicorn’s eyes seem as if it were smiling.

Unicorn Tattoo Design 13

Magnificent looking unicorn tattoo. The unicorn is so well designed that you can definitely appreciate the small details added such as the glinting beads, the beautiful flowers and the intricate hairstyle on the unicorn.

Unicorn Tattoo Design 12

A wonderful looking unicorn sleeve tattoo. Inked in grayscale, you can clearly see the purity of the unicorn embedded on the design. It looks powerful and at the same time innocent and chaste.

Unicorn Tattoo Design 21

An interesting looking unicorn tattoo. The unicorn seems to be merged with a body of a raging bull in the design. On top the unicorn looks cam and peaceful while on the bottom, the bull like creature looks fierce and angry.

Unicorn Tattoo Design 35

Magical silhouette of a unicorn tattoo on the arm. Using the multi colored background, a silhouette of a unicorn is carved out and it looks absolutely gorgeous.

Unicorn Tattoo Design 34

Grayscale unicorn tattoo on the arm. The unicorn is designed as if it came out of the books, with the mysterious eyes and crooked horn. It’s almost as if it were to appear to you in your vaguest of dreams.

Unicorn Tattoo Design 33

A pretty 2D unicorn tattoo on the arm. The unicorn’s design shows that it is adorned by beads on its forehead and is drawn in a cartoon like fashion.

Unicorn Tattoo Design 32

A water inspired unicorn tattoo on the arm. The unicorn is inked in water themed colors and is shown that the hair transforms into waves of water.

Unicorn Tattoo Design 31

Pretty and cute unicorn tattoo with frame. The unicorn is framed inside what it seems to be like a chestnut. It is then framed outside with a row of flowers and a ribbon below.

Unicorn Tattoo Design 30

Abstract inspired unicorn tattoo. The bright colors used on the unicorn design are simply amazing that it makes the colors pop out and bring the design alive.

Unicorn Tattoo Design 29

Beautifully inked unicorn tattoo on the arm. The unicorn design is shown to be in line art theme and it even showcases the unicorn’s hair in strands for effect.

Unicorn Tattoo Design 28

A really beautiful unicorn tattoo on the back. The unicorn is shown to have wings and is majestically flying over a group of flowers that are drawn on the entirety of the back.

Unicorn Tattoo Design 27

A mystical unicorn tattoo with the moon and stars drawn inside of it. The wonderful black silhouette theme of the unicorn is perfect in contrast with the night sky painted inside it.

Unicorn Tattoo Design 26

A unicorn tattoo with the rainbow and stars. The simple unicorn head is drawn above a streak of rainbow colors and surrounded by glinting stars.

Unicorn Tattoo Design 25

A beautifully detailed unicorn tattoo on the arm. The unicorn is beautifully drawn as it is adorned with jewels and flowers. The doe eyes of the unicorn are also beautifully illustrated adding to the mystical feel of the design.

Unicorn Tattoo Design 24

A small and subtle unicorn tattoo in a bust. The bust theme for the tattoo works perfectly for the simple design of the unicorn and the space where it is inked on.

Unicorn Tattoo Design 23

Amazing unicorn sleeve tattoo. Inked in grayscale, you can see the complete majestic feel of the unicorn on the arm. The various patterns surrounding it even add to the effect.

Unicorn Tattoo Design 22

A simple but pretty looking unicorn tattoo. The unicorn is shown to have fire n its hair, tail and hooves. It is also shown to be galloping with the moon shining behind it.

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