35 Cute Triangle Glyph Tattoos

Having fun with the many designs for Glyph Tattoos

Many of you may have known about the existence of glyphs. This is a Greek word that describes graphic symbols that look like characters more than letters. Glyphs can be a numeric or alphabetic font as well as symbols and pictures within a character. There may be more than one character in a glyph depending on the meaning that the glyph wants to convey.

Owing to this more people have become interested in the glyph and the meanings that can be incorporated by using them. That reason is also why many want the glyph as their own tattoos. Glyphs have their own pros too, such as they are small and clean looking characters that can be combined in so many ways to deliver a message.

Why Glyph Tattoos are cool

It’s no question that by just looking at Glyph Tattoos they look absolutely unique and awesome. The design itself is elaborate yet simplistic, straight to the point yet artistic. If you’re someone who values the trendy look of the Glyph as well as the meanings that they communicate then these types of tattoos are perfect for you! Just think, just how many people out there has any idea of what a Glyph is? It will leave them in awe, in a puzzle, and in wonder. Some may have seen the symbols but can’t put their finger on what it’s called. If you’re the type of person who doesn’t mind explaining your Glyph Tattoos then there is absolutely no problem in getting one for yourself.

Glyphs are symbols but they can also be a language; they are messages encrypted in symbols that can be read in a language. These are comprised of small shapes and images with curves, lines, and squiggles. Owing to these quirky designs, Glyphs have become a popular subject for tattoos, more likely the triangle Glyph Tattoos.

What is this fascination with Triangle Glyph Tattoos?

The triangle symbol itself has a lot of powerful connotations and can be sued for motivation or empowering designs. Combined with Glyph Tattoos it can create a lot of wonderful and inspiring sayings or messages that the tattoo wearer wants to remind him or herself.

People who wear Triangle Glyph Tattoos most likely want to keep personal messages close to them. It could be a message for motivation, encouragement, and hope and so on. You will be able to compose your own message with the glyphs depending on the symbols you want to use and how many characters you would want on the design. You don’t have to worry about forming the messages because you can easily search for them online or even ask someone who has the knowledge in reading and writing them. In other cases you can also ask for designs from the tattoo artist you will be working with.

Designs for Triangle Glyph Tattoos can range from triangle shapes to triangle containers, geometric shapes, galaxies, landscapes, flowers and so on. The sky is your limit when you want to imagine and incorporate more things into the tattoo. Of course, the most important thing to remember is that the symbols should be able to convey the message that you want it to. A good looking Triangle Glyph Tattoo is nothing when it doesn’t have the right meaning at all. Bear in mind that you are permanently inking yourself and you would not want to have a message inked on your body that you don’t know the meaning of. There’s nothing wrong in of doing a bit of translation and research on the Triangle Glyph Tattoos that you would like to have.

Adding more attitude to your Glyph Tattoos

Even though Glyph Tattoos are eye-catching by itself you can still add a bit more meaning to your tattoo by giving it some sort of dramatic flair. One of the most effective ways is making it in black and gray colors. If you’re planning to incorporate the Glyph Tattoos with other designs then putting them in black and gray colors can make it look much more special. On another note, you can also add more details to make the tattoo even more interesting. It helps when you also do your research so that you can help the tattoo artist out in creating the perfect customized Glyph Tattoo for you. Don’t be too afraid to give suggestions to the tattoo artist. They will tell you if it’s too much for them so try to input your ideas as well because sometimes it also helps them get a creative imagination of how to make the tattoo connect more to you.

Play around with colors. This is the exact opposite of the black and gray motif but this can also work in your favor. If you’re a person who simply loves the explosion of colors n the tattoo design then try to add more bold and eye-catching colors to fill the shades of you tattoo. When doing this, make sure that you understand the color wheel and can match the colors with ones that complement them the most. When you do this right you will have a beautifully color Glyph Tattoo that has a wonderful color combination that isn’t too much to look at.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 1

A wonderful looking Triangle Glyph Tattoo with a floral touch to it. As you can see the flower in encased in the triangular shaped glyph symbol. It is small, minimalistic and pretty to look at.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 2

Wonderful looking Triangle Glyph Tattoo. You can see the skies within the triangle glyph symbol as it is painted in full color. The bright sky lights also contradict with the dark silhouettes of the person standing and the tree.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 3

Watercolor inspired Triangle Glyph Tattoo. As the symbols are being drawn within the triangle, you can see that the colors are slowly spilling out of it as if overflowing throughout the boundaries. The watercolors also help add a soft touch to the design.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 4

Floral themed Triangle Glyph Tattoo. The triangle symbol is in full color and contrasted towards the rest of the flower’s petals which are not colored. This gives a drastic contrast to what is within the triangle and what is located outside.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 5

A very well detailed Triangle Glyph Tattoo. You can see that the pink flower is fully colored within the glyph triangle symbol as it slowly branches out into the less colored parts of the flower as the colors are only concentrated in the center.








Triangular Glyph Tattoos 6

Twin and inverted Triangle Glyph Tattoos. Both triangle symbols are artistically connected with each other. You can see that they combined to form a mountain scene with a waterfall and river as well as trees surrounding it. The design gives off a calm and collected vibe.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 7

Simple and beautiful Triangle Glyph Tattoo. The design is in black and gray and you cans see that there are there roses within the triangle shape. This keeps the design in minimalist fashion.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 8

A very well detailed Triangle Glyph Tattoo. You can see a bear emerging from the triangle symbol as the middle part of the body passes, the color becomes visible. It’s a very artistic and simple design.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 9

A rather cute looking Triangle Glyph Tattoo. You can see images of the clouds and the waves almost meeting as they are enclosed within the triangle symbol. It’s small, very neat looking and a wonderful design.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 10

Yet another wave crashing Triangle Glyph Tattoo design. You can see that there are four waves in various sizes within the triangle symbol. They look perfectly in sync with each other and make up on beautiful big wave.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 11

A rather special looking Triangle Glyph Tattoo design. Within the triangle you can see an image of a spaceship hovering above a house. A beam of light can be seen from the spaceship and unto the house as if it is beckoning something.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 12

A double Triangle Glyph Tattoo design. A simple looking yet beautiful glyph symbol where one triangle is a thin outline and the other is a gradient form. Each going together side by side and completing the very minimalist inspired design.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 13

A skull and bones trapped din a Triangle Glyph Tattoo design. Warmly colored and looking very humorous you can see that the skull is actually a yellow flower. The skull flower is then accompanied by a pair of bones forming an “X” symbol.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 14

Double Triangle Glyph Tattoo design on the arm. The two triangle symbols are seen overlapping each other and have different colors within them. There is the red and the blue shade which highlight different parts of the flower.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 15

A truly well detailed Triangle Glyph Tattoo design. Created in black and gray the design gives you depth on whether to focus looking at it as a bunch of flowers or even veins trapped in a triangle shape. It’s beautifully designed and cleverly detailed.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 16

A skull inspired Triangle Glyph Tattoo on the arm. The skull is enclosed within the triangle symbol and it shows a b set of fangs on the top and lower teeth. It looks fierce and at the same time dangerous.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 17

Beautiful flower inspired Triangle Glyph Tattoo design. The triangle encloses a pink flower in full color. While the parts of the flower outside of the triangle are in grayscale.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 18

A glow in the dark Triangle Glyph Tattoo design. The triangle is composed or an inverted triangle design along with growing vines on the sides of the symbol. It looks mystical and mysterious at the same time.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 19

Elegant looking Triangle Glyph Tattoo design with an eye. The all knowing eye is drawn in the middle of the symbol. Beneath it is a galaxy like background which complements nicely with the overall design.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 20

A simple yet pretty Triangle Glyph Tattoo design. The small flowers form the shape of the triangle while there is a visible larger blue flower on the symbol for accent. It’s a simplistic design that is truly eye catching.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 21

Inverted pyramid Triangle Glyph Tattoo designs. You can see two triangles overlapping each other. One is bare while the other one has a sun and mountain ranges in the background.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 22

Triangle Glyph Tattoo design with a rose drawing in the middle. The design takes on a sketch theme and looks absolutely wonderful. It looks perfectly small, simple and neat.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 23

A truly well detailed Triangle Glyph Tattoo design with a lot of other elements added. The triangle symbol itself has an eye drawn in the middle while outside of the triangle there are flowers growing out with some typography below.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 24

Boldly inked Triangle Glyph Tattoo. The triangle houses a red flower with leaves. Only the flower is in full color while the leaves remain in black and gray. The design looks enthralling and mysterious at the same time.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 25

Minimalist Triangle Glyph Tattoo design. The simple bold triangle design makes it look very powerful and strong. There are also hints of colors on one side that mimics that of a rainbow.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 26

Beautiful and well drawn Triangle Glyph Tattoo. There are a series of triangles in upside down positions on this design. It also looks like a blueprint of some sort with a drawing of a flying bird on top. The sketch based look of the design makes it even more intriguing.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 27

Triangle Glyph Tattoo with two faces in the middle. You can see half of the faces within the triangle of two people kissing. Everything is in outline and looks neat and clean.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 28

A wonderful looking Triangle Glyph Tattoo design on the upper abdomen. The triangle is shown to be in gradient design while a rose is growing out of it. The rose is slowly extending itself outside the triangle shape.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 29

Multi-colored Triangle Glyph Tattoo design. The triangle symbol is shown to hold two more other shapes inside it. There are also red flowers drawn as the background as they fill the entire arm for the design.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 30

A quote within a Triangle Glyph Tattoo design. The triangle symbol houses the quote and beneath is a galaxy like inspired background. The design looks amazing and deep at the same time.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 31

Triangle Glyph Tattoo design with a whale in the middle. The whale is drawn in the center of the triangle and is seemingly flying among the clouds. You can also see the afternoon sky beneath the shale and a sun on top.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 32

Beautiful rose inspired Triangle Glyph Tattoo. The roses are drawn within the triangle symbol. The black background is a stark contrast with the bright colors of the flowers.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 33

A pretty Triangle Glyph Tattoo filled with flowers. Three of the flowers are in color while the rest can be seen in gray and black hues. It’s a simple and subtle design that works perfectly if you don’t want anything that stands out too much.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 34

A quirky Triangle Glyph Tattoo design. You can see two triangle symbols, one which is inverted and in the design a spaceship is hovering above a forest. It also looks as if it’s summoning a body into the ship with a beam of light.

Triangular Glyph Tattoos 35

A pretty looking Triangle Glyph Tattoo design. The petals of the rose outside of the triangle symbol looks like it’s in full color while the parts of it inside the triangle is left uncolored. Typography can also be seen below the symbol.

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