Photography by Felicia Simion

Felicia Simion’s talent as a young photographer from Craiova, Romania. Simion has amassed over 2 million pageviews and several thousand followers with her ethereal portraits, often set in the beautiful Romanian countryside.

Simion’s photos are usually distinguishable by their cold colour palette and invitingly vintage feel – a style that she has been continuously refining in post production over several years.

If the examples below are anything to go by, this is certainly one young photographer to keep an eye on in the future. Be sure to check out Simion’s complete portfolio on her deviantART page, or at her website.

Underneath it all

Take me to the northern lights

Mellow clouds she wore


Golden slumbers

Feed me snowfall


Winter me gently

The moths sleep tonight

The fallen


Quench your thirst for words ii

Late summer song

Late morning lullaby

Hazy memories we ve made


Everything is but a dream

Dance me to the end of love


Be who you are

Autumn aurora

Always follow your wildest dreams

All roads lead home

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  1. Hi! I saw great sone on youtube but I can’t
    remember the title,but I know that “Everything is but a dream” picture was used for this song,if anyone knows this song,I would be very happy:D thnx

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