55 Green Nail Art Designs

Green is the color of nature. When you say the green I first think of the forests and meadows. Green reminds me on freedom, on nature, on holiday. Experts say that if the room where you sleep is colored green you’ll have peace in mind, in your home and you will be calmer – less will be nervous in the evening before bedtime. Strong colors can bring anxiety into your life. Green is often the choice of many ladies when it comes to outfits, but and manicure. Various shades of green can very nice stand on your hands in combination with other colors and rhinestones.

Women are the most beautiful when they are cared especially their hands and hair. So why don’t you be a seductress? And at the same time it is not matter whether you have a short, long, round, almond nails. Short nails are easy to maintain and if they are short it’s not reason not to be perfectly painted. Nude nail polishes are a very good choice, because the neutral color is easy to agree with any outfit. On the other hand, French manicure never won’t be an old-fashioned – it’s just always in fashion. If you choose darker colors of nail polish you will give the message to people that they are dealing with a sexy lady, if you choose a gentler tones, just that and message will be – that you are gentle and seductive.

One study showed that 71% of women have problems with nails. Often problems are soft nails, nails that list and nails that break. But this is no longer a problem unsolvable. There are techniques such as gelling nails and putting on acrylic nails thanks to which nails are stronger, last longer and you do not need them every day lacquered.

To properly nurture your nails required observe the cuticles, put cuticle oil and push them with soften wand. On the skin around the nails daily put moisturizer. If you do not put on UV gel nails, but prefer natural nails, shape them at least once a week using a file, polish them also at least once a week but make sure that the pressure on the nail is not too high so you won’t damage the nail. For healthy nails is very important and healthy nutrition. It is very important to increase your calcium intake.

However, if you have a proven manicure surely will not be mistakes. Even if you have not decided what manicure to do this month, you go to your master and he will give you advice. Here below you can see our suggestions for green nail art. Enjoy the pictures, you may find an idea for you manicure this month! You’ll see a lot of suggestions, you just need to decide and trust me you won’t make a mistake never mind for which you decide.


The combination of soft pastel colors fit ladies with refined taste.


Playful manicure with flowers and rhinestones will particularly nice fit to young girls who are gentle and warm spirit.


Bracelets are worn on the hands, and the necklace on feet are more and more popular recent years. Why don’t you wear bracelet and on your nails? So you will look fashionable and very interesting.


These darker shades are especially popular these autumn days, and in combination with white color and the effective ladybug whole manicure looks much more luxuriant.


Short nails are very practical because you can easily perform daily activities and always have a nice manicure.


I love the combination of these two very gentle color, a combination of baby blue and baby pink looks very gently and there is a butterfly that also evokes the tenderness.


Green always reminds me on the nature and tranquility, so that you can not mistake if you manicure combine with a green floral details.


Like any manicure and this, rhinestones makes gorgeous. If you do not know with which details to decorate nails, rhinestones are always the right choice.


If you aren’t very good in the drawing, there are numerous flower labels that you can use to decorate your nails.


Zircons like colored balls are also modern. The nails don’t need always be smooth surface, you can use the rhinestones as shown in this photo and so refresh nails.


This is a very beautiful and extravagant manicure, the choice of the lady of style.


Manicure where the image extends to three or four nails is very fashionable and popular.


Spherical long nails are very feminine, especially if you choose such a pastel color.


Details on one nail on both hands refreshes the whole manicure and make it complete.

A little white shades or other colors depending of your taste, at the root of the nail is a common option of nail artists.


Black can be beautiful combined with all colors, so is with the soft green. If you have manicure in two colors opposite color on background in different color is interesting choice.


Apple reminds me of the ”forbidden fruit”, so if you want to send message that you are naughty girl you can use your manicure for that. Who should understand, he’ll understand.


Golden details are my choice when I want to refresh my manicure.


These flowers on some nails look like little works of art. This manicure is a right thing for real art soul.


Silver rhinestones are a great choice. They can refresh and simplest manicure and are easy to combine with almost all colors.


The color green signifies growth, fertility, freshness, it is the color of nature …


Straight lines are modern in fashion for a long time, both in clothes, architecture and in nail art. Here’s an idea how we can combine it on your manicure.


On this manicure dominates black color enriched with green details and white points.


A little bit dark manicure but of course very interesting. If you like it, it’s not hard enjoy it.


Almond nails are modern for a few seasons. If manicure is matte, whit shiny details it’s right thing.


Pearls look very feminine and ladylike. Pearls are beautiful detail around the neck but and on the nails too.


Very soft and bright green color, which is the border with yellow, with black details on nail per finger, and rhinestones on one nail of both hands.


kratki i prakticni nokti su uvek u modi, i nikada sa njima ne mozete pogresiti, pogotovo sa ovakvim neznim manikirom.


Zebra patterns are always in fashion, we see it does not have to be combined only black and white, but also black with some other soft color.


Like we can see these bright shades of green can be very seductive and elegant especially with these elegant patterns.


With this manicure you can’t mistake for Halloween. Black color and scary motives like bats and spiders are the symbols of Halloween.


Very feminine manicure, maybe I would even chose it for the New Year, probably because of the white color and white snowflakes on one nail, but also and because of Christmas tree on a nail of opposite hands.


Almond nails are popular for several seasons, usually are choice of young girls or sexy and brave woman.


Orly nail shades follow fashion trends. This is an American brand of nail polish so popular in the Hollywood.


The square nails are always popular, especially nice look on the nails of medium length.


Very nice done ombre in green color with a slight transition in baby pink or nude, rhinestones in the same shades makes the whole manicure more glamorous.


Beautiful combination of colors for spring and beautiful spring’s flower as effective detail on middle finger’s nail. Very softly manicure. I actually like combination of pink and green or blue…


Essence nail polishes have high quality, long-lasting shine with a special formula that makes that color lasts longer. These colors are intense with a superior ability to conceal.


One more time we can see how golden pattern or detail can enrich all manicure.


Although short, nails can often be fragile, weak, soft. No matter if they are short, you can make them harden using UV gel that dries in the UV lamp. Your nails will be stronger and will last a lot longer.


Plaid manicure is always in fashion, and that independent of what time of year is. With a little effort, you can do it to yourself in your home.


”Knitted” nails were hit last winter and the trend continues this winter.


Clear shapes and lines are modern in architecture but and in nail art. Use simple clear lines to decorate your nails, it can’t be bad.


This nails look very fresh and reminds on nature. This green look great in combination with nude color. Red color is refreshing in this case, and here we have it in the form of ladybugs.


Nicely combined details on ring fingers nail, opposite colors and opposite background.





This kind of manicure is always in trend, and here is used  rhinestones in different colors on one nail to complete all manicure.


This nail art is evidence that short nails nicely painted, nurtured and sharpened can be very attractive.


Matte nails, combined with shiny ones in form of French manicure in color is great choice. Instead of white here is green on top of the nail. Rhinestones in red, orange and black refreshes entire  look.


Green color calming acts on people. Dark green color people link with ambition, with the world of finance, with the money, it is a color that is associated with banking and actions.


This shade of green is very popular in cold autumn days. I wold wear it with some dress in similar color on some important day. Rhinestones makes and here manicure luxury.


Darker nail polishes perfectly fit to shorter nails. People often think opposite but they aren’t right. With little tricks good painted dark nail polish can visually narrow the wide nail.


Combination of soft colors – light green and yellow, enriched with rhinestones, look very feminine and seductive.


Blue is color of calmness, and here is one more time shown how white can be easily comnined with every color, and how refreshes every nail art.

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