55 Stripe Nail Art Ideas

Introduction to Nail Stripes:

Fingernails are considered to be an item of cosmetic beauty by women all over the world. They enhance the beauty of the nails by applying various shades of nail polish. It has been the usual norm that women apply polish over their entire nails without any design as such. Very recently creative artists have created several designs which can be painted over the nails in addition to the usual nail polish to enhance its beauty. This is done by painting the nails with stripes and is commonly referred to as nail stripes.

What are the designs that can be created on the nails?

Strictly speaking this creative art has no limitation. You can create any design on the nails with stripes being the most popular.

How do you actually paint your nails with stripes?

You need certain equipment before attempting this creation.

  • Cutting mat and ruler.
  • Rotary cutter
  • Roll of medical tape
  • Normal nail polish
  • Creative mind for creating the perfect design.

Steps to be followed for creating a simple stripe design of your choice:

The procedure can vary from design to design but the basic procedure is the same.

  • Clean and manicure your nails.
  • Apply a base coat with your normal nail polish.
  • Allow it to dry.
  • Cut the medical tape into thin stripes by placing it on the cutting mat. The normal width should be around 1/16th of an inch.
  • You should peel off the strips and apply them to each nail and ensure that they remain parallel. Medical tape is always better than sello tape.
  • You should ensure to paint the entire nail with the lighter color. After ensuring that the coat dries off completely, you can go ahead and paint the darker stripes over the top.
  • The tape ensures that the are under the tape is not affected by the coat which is applied over the tape.
  • Once this coat dries up, you can remove the tape and find that your design gets imprinted over the nail and gives it a beautiful look.

Precautions to be used while creating the design:

  • As far as possible use a small brush or even a toothpick to apply the coat where the thin lines are required.
  • The desigs can range from simple stripes to the complex ones depending upon your skill and expertise.
  • See to it that the paint dries every time before applying the next coat to avoid suudging of the colors.
  • The nail should be clean and manicured perfectly, otherwise the beauty is lost.
  • Old nail polish if any should be removed with a nail polish remover.
  • As far as possible apply the lighter color as the base and the darker colors subsequently.
  • Using a medical tape which is adhesive in nature helps. In case to feel that the adhesive might rip off your polish, you can stick the adhesive side to your finger first and then remove it and stick to your nails.

Choosing the colors:

  • There is no hard and fast rule for choosing your colors. You can choose any color you deem fit. It should look attractive and colorful.
  • Use your imagination to the fullest and let it run wild without any inhibition.
  • The more adventurous the design the more popular it becomes. Colors too can be chosen in any manner so long as it looks attractive and suits your skin.

Benefits of nail stripes:

  • The nail looks absolutely stunning to look at after applying the designs.
  • It imparts a sense of fashion and class to the fingers and makes one stand out in the crowd.
  • It gives full freedom to a person to exhibit her creativity to the maximum.
  • The beauty of the nails get enhanced and makes it look attractive.
  • One can experiment with various colors without any fear or inhibition.

This is a procedure which can be done at your home also and does not require any special skill as such. However an expert is always welcome. One should only take care to ensure that the best quality equipment is used. Nail polish should be of good quality and non toxic in nature. The beauty of this stripe design is that you can create different designs on all thenails and still get away with it in the name of fashion and creativity. People can really let go of their apprehensions and gat their nails painted in a riot of colors. As there is no fixed design as such you can actually paint anything as long as it looks attractive and pleasing.

Here is a collection of some of the most beautiful nail stripe designs ranging from the sublime to the outrageous.

stripe nail art1

Wear your heart on your nails. This is the perfect symbol of love. The matching blue and white stripes make for a romantic feeling.

stripe nail art2

Black and white strips along with a yellow side look adds to the beauty of this design. This beautifully carved design is worth going miles to have and see.

stripe nail art4

The zebra like stripes on the nails brings out the animal in you to the forefront. Alternative black and white stripes make for a lovely design.

stripe nail art3

This is a classy design fit for the corporate look. The silvery hues on the ring fingernail lend an ornamental hue to the surroundings.

stripe nail art6

Alternating between white and green stripes this is a simple but beautiful design. This design looks great as the nail keeps growing.

stripe nail art5

The green band in the center reminds one of the responsibility one has towards conserving nature. This gives a very down to earth but at the same time classy feel.

stripe nail art16

This design takes you back to your college days when you dabbled in matrices. The three dimension designs conveys much more though.

stripe nail art15

Pink is a baby color. The pink background and the trendy designs make it that much attractive to have.

stripe nail art14

Alternating between light blue and pink this simple design is very attractive. It lends a feeling of class to the entire surroundings.

stripe nail art10

This trendy art design has an oriental look to it. The different designs on each nail make it a treat to look at.

stripe nail art9

This design gives a sense of the oceanic adventure that is perfectly complemented by the anchor design on the ring finger.

stripe nail art8

The colorful ladder like design on the white background looks appealing to the eyes. This is a novel design worth taking a try.

stripe nail art7

The black bottom with the grey middle and the white upper portion gives a goblet like feeling. The silvery bands lend style to the entire proceedings.

stripe nail art11

This is a beautiful design with the colors increasing in intensity as it goes towards the sides. The different shades of the blue hues are beautifully brought out.

stripe nail art13

Art lovers would love this design. The different patterns on all the fingers symbolize unity in diversity.

stripe nail art17

This football design looks trendy and gives a sporty feel. This uniform design on all the fingers brings a sense of team effort as well.

stripe nail art21

This colorful design make one revisit their childhood. It is children who like to splash around in different colors.

stripe nail art20

This dung beetle design on the thumb and the ring finger nail adds beauty to the entire hand. The design is aptly complemented by the black and gold pattern on the other nails.

stripe nail art19

This fullsome design with an elongetd white background looks great on long nails. It looks more beautiful as the nails keep growing in length.

stripe nail art18

This exquisite design looks absolutely stunning on the fingers. The alternative light and dark blue colors lends to the factorr of attractiveness.

stripe nail art22

Very dark hues of blue and black lends an air of beauty to the nails. This looks particularly attractive on fair skinned women.

stripe nail art26

Give a South American flavor to your nails by coloring the nails in this fashion. The occasion looks perfect for the Samba beat.

stripe nail art25

The shiny glossy feeling gives a rich look. The golden colored bottom part matches perfectly with the pink colored top portion.

stripe nail art24

This is one design which will suit the colored people to a “T”. The basic colors have been beautifully brought out.

stripe nail art23

This is one design which will suit the colored people to a “T”. The basic colors have been beautifully brought out.

stripe nail art27

Alternate diagonal and straight black stripes with a splash of red thrown in between makes it a trendy design. This novel design has become quite a craze today.

stripe nail art31

The rainbowish hues on the nails give an aesthetic feel to the whole scene. This very difficult to apply design is truly worth the effort.

stripe nail art30

Dark colored nail polish looks beautiful on fair women. The magnificent color combination gives a feeling of antiquity.

stripe nail art29

Blue is one of the most soothing of colors, When combined with baby pink and white it makes for a beautiful assortment.

stripe nail art28

Yellow colored stripes in between the skin colored polish look appealing and attractive to the eyes. Yellow color induces a sort of calmness in you.

stripe nail art32

The designs on the white peak over the stripes give a great feeling as the nail grows. The beautifully etched designs add to the beauty of the nails.

stripe nail art41

The black horizontal stripes amidst the natural color of the nails imparts beauty complemented with simplicity. The horizontal stripes make long nails look attractive.

stripe nail art40

The simple and sweet design is very easy going on the eyes. The white background with the colorful stripes adds style to the design.

stripe nail art39

The plain blue colored nail polish between the other fingers looks superb. The glossy finish makes it look heavenly.

stripe nail art38

The colors blue and orange makes it look like a Swedish national flag. The design gives a fattening look to the long nails.

stripe nail art37

The cartoon caricature on the ring finger of the right hand stands out among the other fingers due to its ingenuity. The black and white stripes lend an air of authenticity.

stripe nail art36

The alternating white and blue stripes on the fingers give a sporty look. The design of the golden anchor on the ring fingernail is an absolte delight to have.

stripe nail art35

The assortment of all the colors makes it one of the most attractive designs. Long nails get augmented beautifully by this design.

stripe nail art34

The black and white lines on the blue background has a three dimensional effect. The sense of depth is beautifully brought out in the design.

stripe nail art33

Black is the best color to bring out the carnal desires. Apply generously to seduce your beau to your side.

stripe nail art42

The green and orange lines in the black background resembles the colorful beetle. The animal instinct in you comes out in full measure.

stripe nail art51

Black and white stripes alternating with the plain white color looks shining. The resplendent design is a treat to have.

stripe nail art50

Give in to the desire of black. The dark colored polish brings out the sensuality in the most beautiful manner.

stripe nail art49

The zig-zag design pattern gives the look of the nail being swathed in bandages. This novelty of a design is the most sought after today.

stripe nail art48

The white lines on the blue background gives an oriental look to the nails. Blue is the color of peace and hence a peaceful look is imparted.

stripe nail art47

The black as well as silvery design lends a corporate and classy look to the fingers. This is a design worth going miles to have.

stripe nail art46

The very simple design with the red colored top makes every nail stand out in glory. The design would look better as the nail grows in length.

stripe nail art45

Bring out the child in you with the assortment of pink and blue colors. Symmetrical designs on both the hands give a great look.

stripe nail art44

The black and white zebra stripes brings out the wild side of your personality out into the open. This combination can go with any skin color comfortably.

stripe nail art43

This charming design is a treat for the eyes with the light blue color shining amongst the different hues. The different shades of blue make a beautiful sight.

stripe nail art52

This design gives an ornamental touch to the whole scene. The dark blue color gives a lot of depth to the nails making it feel wholesome.

stripe nail art12

This seemingly simple design on the nails looks attractive with the black designs on a white background. The vertical lines can make a nail look really long.

stripe nail art55

Different designs for different nails brings out the different personalities in a person. The color combination of pink white and blue makes for an awesome look.

stripe nail art54

The pink color with the black designs on it makes it look absolutely attractive. Pink is a very soothing color to look at.

stripe nail art53

This wavy stripe design with alternate blue, white and black stripes gives an aesthetic feeling and makes your fingers look gorgeous.

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