50+ Leopard Nail Art Ideas

Get to know how to paint Leopard Nail Art designs!

Leopard prints are a trend nowadays. From clothes to shoes to bags and even to nail art designs, they have been conquering the modern fashion world. The designs look really pretty and fancy which is why you might have trouble trying to decide which leopard print looks best on your nails.

Why is this style popular? It’s probably because of the reason that it’s one of the easiest and unique nail art designs that you can paint on your nails. Unlike the other nail art designs you don’t need uniformity with the leopard prints. The more unique they are the prettier they look like. What’s best is that you don’t even need to have as much nail polish colors to make it, just three is enough and you can make star studded nail designs.

The secret to leopard print nail art designs

What makes the leopard print nail art designs stand out is because of how eye catching they look like even from afar. This is done with the help of the right color combination. If you know which color works best with what shade then this process is fairly easy for you. You will need a base coat, a nail polish for the spot colors and a darker nail polish for the print outlines. It is important that the darker outlines on the prints are strong and bold enough to emphasize the prints themselves. The regular leopard print colors come in a golden shade and beige with a black or brown outline. If you want a more deviant color combination then you can always go with the crazy neon colors or the pastel shades that can surely make a difference on the overall design.

You can also try other amazing color combinations such as green, blue, red, pink, purple and even black. The possibilities are endless and you can even pattern the colors of your leopard print nail art designs to the season that you are experiencing. For example yellow for the summer, red for fall, gray for winter and green for fall.

What you should consider is the durability of your nail polish. Are they long lasting? Do they color well over the other polish? Can they mix well with other colors? This is important for all colors and not only for the nail design nail polish. You don’t want your masterpiece to be faded or chipped off just after a day or two. Of course it also depends on the environment that the nails are subjected to but the ideal lifespan for good nail manicures should last about two weeks.

How to prepare for your leopard print nail art design

First off, make sure that that you have removed your previous nail polish. Clean your nails thoroughly and remove any existing nail polish debris on your nails because that will pose as a problem when you’re painting on your new nail polish design. Also don’t forget to push back your cuticles. You also shouldn’t try to cut your cuticles because that may start an infection on your nails. Simply make sure that everything is clean and that no foreign objects are stuck under your nails.

Pick a nail polish color that you would prefer as your base coat. It doesn’t need to be anything specific unless you have a base coat color in mind. In some cases the base coat is also the background of the nail art design so if you’re not doing any styles like gradients or plaids then you can choose the base color that you will be using as the background of your leopard print nails. When applying your base coat make sure that you put in two coats. This is to ensure that your base coat doesn’t chip away so easily. Sometimes when you put on a single coat the nail polish can disappear or fade quickly and you wouldn’t want that.

Then you can begin starting on the leopard prints. All you need to do is to put small or little blobs of polish all over your nails. You can use a smaller brush or a toothpick if you don’t have the former. It’s up to you when you would like to put smaller blobs or bigger blobs, in other cases you can also be creative and combine the blobs into small and big ones to provide variety and style to the prints. You can use a lighter nail polish in this sense; if you used blue as your base color you can use a lighter blue tone or even white polish for the blobs to make them distinct. You can also try other color that easily contrasts the blue like orange. Make sure that you evenly spread out the blobs to make them look more natural and apart from each other.

After creating the blobs you will need to outline them. This is where you’re going to make use of the darker shades of the color of the nail polish. This is because you will use the darker shade to define the leopard prints. It is also recommended you use brown or black polishes to be consistent and to be sure that the prints can be outlined well enough to be seen. Creating the outline is simple as writing the letter “C” on either side of the blob. You can do this easily in freehand with your trusted nail polish brush. You might need a bit of practice if you’re had isn’t steady enough but overall you can simply get the technique in a matter of minutes.

When you are done with such the final step would be to secure the design with a clear top coat. The clear top coat helps protect your leopard print design from the dangers of the outdoors. It keeps the design safe and it makes it easier for you to wash your hands and nails as well without worrying about chipping and such. Not only that but top coats also add sparkle to your nail polish. Even though the nail polish themselves have gleams if their own they can be easily covered because of the layers on the design. With a single top coat on top, the design’s shine looks so much smoother and neat.

Leopard Nail Art-43

Bright and sunny colored leopard nail art design. This nail art design has a citrus feel into which makes it look fun and jolly at the same time.


Leopard Nail Art-41

Matte inspired leopard nail art design. The background colors as well the leopard prints are painted in matte colors which make it look really classy. The added beads and metallic designs on top make it even more attractive.


Leopard Nail Art-13

Pretty leopard nail art design with stripes, polka dots and hearts. The simplicity of this design is what makes it look outstanding. It highlights the simple design of each nail which in turn complements with one another.


Leopard Nail Art-23

Black and white leopard nail art design. This takes a bit of a departure from the usual two colored leopard print style. Then again the addition of the silver glitter polish makes it work and look beautiful.

Leopard Nail Art-1

Wonderful looking leopard nail art design. The nails each have their own unique identities with the variety of designs used. The leopard prints are prominent however the glitter and matte polish also complement each other beautifully.


Black Leopard Nail Art-3

Black matted leopard nail art design. the matte colors are absolutely gorgeous and they help highlight the gold and gray leopard prints on top.


Pink with leopard nail-12

Pink and black leopard nail art design. Pink has always been a hot color and combining it with the black polish only makes it look much more amazing.


Leopard Nail Art-49

Black and white inspired leopard nail art design. This black and white combination also sports a bit of pastel pink into the roster and they all blend well to form a unique French tip of leopard prints.

Leopard Nail Art-46

Blue and black leopard nail art design. The matte effect of the design is absolutely stunning. The French tip is then bordered by silver metallic to emphasize the division.

Leopard Nail Art-26

Candy colored leopard nail art design. The fun and pretty colors of this design helps make the leopard prints look adorable and cute with the addition of glitter polish and ribbons.

Leopard Nail Art-14

Multi colored leopard nail art design. The colorful background helps make the leopard prints more noticeable and interesting. A really simple but eye catching design.


Leopard Nail Art-11

Royal blue themed leopard nail art design. The metallic look of the blue makes the design look fierce and modern whereas the addition of the gold beads help make it looks elegant.


Leopard Nail Art-10

Pastel inspired leopard nail art design. The light pastel colors used in the design adds to the overall cuteness of the look. Very easy on the eyes and simple to do.


Leopard Nail Art-9

Colorful leopard nail art design. The background of the nail art is done in a paintbrush fashion which gives off light colors that are pleasing to the eyes. The leopard prints are also painted on top as if dancing along the explosion of colors.


Leopard Nail Art-8

Beautiful white and gold leopard nail art design. A truly elegant looking nail art design. The gold glitter polish perfectly highlights the nails as well as the leopard prints.


Leopard Nail Art-7

Green inspired leopard nail art design. The gradient theme for the background makes the design look fresh and eye catching. The all black leopard prints also look perfect framing the sides of the nails as the green beads hold the center spots.


Leopard Nail Art-48

Leopard nail art design and French tips. Make your French tips stand out with this sequin inspired design as well as the blue and black leopard prints along it.

Leopard Nail Art-6

Lavender themed leopard nail art design. The cute and subtle lavender color makes the leopard prints look almost laid back and beautiful. It also blends well with the white background and black outlines.


Leopard Nail Art-5

A fierce looking leopard nail art design. You can look at this design and definitely tell that it has a strong impact with its bold black and red colors slowly forming into leopard prints. The gold embellishment on top serves as a crown to glorify the elegant design.


Leopard Nail Art-4

Cute looking leopard nail art design in pink and blue gray. This is a wonderful design for short nails as they can look cute and clean at the same time. The silver glitter polish also helps make the design more eye catching.


Leopard Nail Art-2

Bright yellow and black leopard nail art design. The contrasting colors of this design are absolutely stunning. You can definitely see the power that the visual effect holds and this design can be truly a stunner.


Gray leopard accent nail-52

Blue gray and white leopard nail art design. Blue gray is such a laid back color that it looks prim and proper but at the same time elegant.

Black and Leopard Metallic Manicures-51

Black and nude leopard nail art design. A perfect color combination when you want to go formal and glamorous. It looks classy, simple but very eye catching. The leopard prints are also very subtle but beautiful.

Pink Leopard Nail Art--15

Bright pink and black leopard nail art. This combination is truly an eye catcher. You can see the colors simply burst out and the leopard prints are highlighted by the silver glitter polish for more effect.


Leopard Nail Art-50

Silver glitter polish in French tip leopard nail art design. Have an edge when it comes to your nail art. Combine glitter polish with the fierce leopard prints and you get this pretty little number.

Leopard Nail Art-47

A splash of orange in a leopard nail art design. The black and orange combination on this nail art design is simply stunning. The alternating designs give more dimension and depth into the nails.

Leopard Nail Art-45

Pink and blue colored leopard nail art design. The gradient effects on the pink and blue colors look amazing as they form a periwinkle hue. The contrasting leopard prints are also pleasantly noticeable.

Leopard Nail Art-44

Black and white leopard nail art design with French tips. A simple and cool looking design perfect for your nails. The black French tips also help give an edge to your nails.

Leopard Nail Art-42

Cute blue inspired leopard nail art design. A nail art design perfect for summer and beaches. The heart shaped leopard prints is something different from the conventional design but definitely wonderful looking.

Leopard Nail Art-40

Black and white leopard nail art design with pink leopard prints. A cute and also cool looking design that also has gold metallic as lining for the French tips.

Leopard Nail Art-39

Blue and violet inspired leopard nail art design. This is one of those fresh looking designs that you would want to get for the spring or summer seasons. The frosted nail polish gives a wonderful effect to the design.

Leopard Nail Art-38

Brown and white leopard nail art design. Simple and pretty, this nail art design absolutely captivates you with how the colors are down to earth and subtle but at the same time eye catching.

Leopard Nail Art-37

Black and brown leopard nail art design. The brown leopard prints are painted over the sharp black background causing it to look very much visible even from afar. The gold dust sprinkled all over the leopard prints look absolutely elegant.

Leopard Nail Art-36

Pastel inspired leopard nail art design. The bright and simple look of this design coupled with the really light colors give it a homey and serene vibe.

Leopard Nail Art-35

Yellow and black leopard nail art design. The leopard prints are artistically positioned all over the nails creating a fun looking effect on the alternating nails with alternating colors as well.

Leopard Nail Art-34

A very pretty in pink leopard nail art design. A very light pink polish was used in his design in addition to silver dust and silver metallic paper that defined the mini French tips the design has.

Leopard Nail Art-33

A charming yellow leopard nail art design. The leopard prints look absolutely perfect on the yellow base as well as the French tips and other designs on the nails.

Leopard Nail Art-32

A turquoise blue themed leopard nail art design. The turquoise polish dominates the background of the nail art as well as the leopard prints as it switches to the leopard prints backed by silver dust.

Leopard Nail Art-31

Gray themed leopard nail art design. Subtle, very laid back and cool looking design. The embellishments added on top of the layers of nail polish also proved as a great accessory to the design.

Leopard Nail Art-30

Hello kitty inspired leopard nail art design. The inclusion of help kitty is cute enough but it won’t be perfect if the other colors on the design won’t fit her. The design has its own charms and quirks.

Leopard Nail Art-29

Pink and white leopard nail art design. Pretty looking nail art design with hints of black and gray. A silver bead is also added on top for effect.

Leopard Nail Art-28

A really cute looking leopard nail art design. The combination of the designs with clear coat, pink, black and white polish looks refreshing and adorable.

Leopard Nail Art-27

Afresh looking leopard nail art design in melon nail polish. It’s a perfect combination on the melon, white and gold accents.

Leopard Nail Art-25

A matte and glitter polish inspired leopard nail art design. Be cute and pink with this pretty little nail art design that looks adorable and refreshing.

Leopard Nail Art-17

Black and white leopard nail art design with hints of nude nail polish. The striped designs look perfect with the combination of the colors as well as the embellishments on top.


Leopard Nail Art-24

Nude and white leopard nail art design with French tips. A simple and clean looking nail art design that looks wonderful with hints of yellow nail polish on the leopard prints.

Leopard Nail Art-22

Blue and white leopard nail art design. An electrifying new look for leopard prints as the blue polish completely gives a new kind of life to the design. The silver embellishments on top also make the design look interesting.


Leopard Nail Art-21

A pretty pink and white leopard nail art design with glitter. Play along with the animal look as the leopard prints are combined with zebra stripes to form this design.

Leopard Nail Art-20

Leopard nail art design in golden rod and white nail polish. The ribbon details for the design look absolutely adorable and goes perfectly with the hand drawn leopard prints around it. The French tips also give the design a uniform and clean appeal.


Leopard Nail Art-19

Pink, blue and white themed leopard nail art design. a refreshing nail art design that plays with leopard prints in French tips as well as hints of floral and feather designs


Leopard Nail Art-18

Colorful leopard nail art design. Unlike the other designs this one places the multicolored effect on the prints themselves while maintaining a pure white background.


Leopard Nail Art-16

Black and white leopard nail art design. The alternating effect of the prints and backgrounds give this effect a sleek appearance. It’s gorgeous and definitely eye catching.


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