45+ Purple Nail Art Ideas

Getting that perfect Purple Nail Art design

When it comes to nail polish colors a lot of people want to be creative in their own ways. More often than not they will choose a color that they like such as their favorite colors. On other times people will choose colors that mean something special to them. It really depends on what color or colors you would prefer to use and combine as well as the design that you would like to work on.

Just what makes the Purple color stand out?

Even though you might just say it’s only a pretty color, Purple just like any other color also has its meanings and even a personality. Despite not having all the characteristics that the Purple color might depict you may find yourself relating to it in an emotional level or in some ways similar.
What can the Purple color mean to you?

Purple can have positive as well as negative meanings especially when a person is stresses. More often than not the Purple can also have the same meaning as the Violet shade because of how their shades resemble.

Loving the Purple color as your favorite would mean that you are a compassionate and more often a very sensitive person. You are understanding and at the same time very supportive. You try to think others before your own self and people love to come to you for help. You also appreciate the attention because being needed helps motivate you.

The Purple color can also signify tranquility and serenity of a person. You are very charismatic and people find themselves quietly drawn to you. You are more introverted than extroverted and in some cases look as though a shy type. You are also regarded as free spirited but can be very sensitive to other’s comments however you always take extra precaution not to let it show.

You are also very idealistic and can be sometimes impractical. You can be very creative and will pursue your dreams even though how difficult they may be. A good quality about you is that you see the world in a positive light no matter what the circumstances are. However some people might think you’re a bit eccentric because of that.

Another trait of the Purple color’s personality is that you can be very secretive that you might even have your best kept secrets from your friends, but you are also very generous and don’t expect much in return; the vow of friendship is good enough for you.

Crowds aren’t your thing and you want to stand uniquely on your own. You don’t want to be seen as copying others and want to be your own individual person. You don’t like too many people surrounding you as you tend to become moody. You don’t like too much responsibility and may have trouble in dealing with everyday responsibilities.

You may or may not relate to everything that the Purple color denotes but what is important is that you feel the connection towards the color and that you can associate yourself with it. When you love the color or it means something to you, it helps you look for more creative ways on how to make the color blossom on your nails.

Simple but cute Purple Nail Art Ideas

Below is a simple Purple Nail Art that you might find interesting to don on your nails. Having good nail art doesn’t always mean that they have to be hard to do. Sometimes you can find rather simple nail art designs that will look absolutely beautiful on your nails.

  • – Glitter Purple nail art, glitter polish has been common among other nail polishes but they can give you a wonderful and galaxy-like effect when you do this with the Purple color.
  • – Zigzag Purple nail art, this consists of two colors to create the zigzag effect while creating a slight gradient effect between the two colors. Making the zigzag effect is fairly simple and you can use a sponge to lightly put the gradient effect.
  • – Floral Purple nail art, what more perfect design for the Purple color than beautiful Purple flowers? The floral nail art designs have always been around and have always looked pretty and stylish. The Purple color also makes the flower designs appear even more exquisite and unique.
  • – Purple Nail art with embellishments, another great style to make the classic Purple nail polish stand out will be to add beautiful embellishments on top. You can choose from beads to sequins or to foil. It depends on the nail polish design that you are working on and which one looks best.
  • – Abstract Purple nail art, the color Purple itself is artistic looking and a bit of free hand paint designs can heighten the effect on your nails, done be afraid to add gradient French tips as well as abstract designs on top of the Purple polish layers.
  • – Animal print Purple nail art design, one of the most trendy and popular designs at the moment as well are the animal print ones, a lot of the prints are of leopard ones because they looked really pretty and random. Having purple animal print nails simply makes one look glamorous.

Whatever style you would choose you can be sure that Purple is a very elegant and royal looking color. It is beautiful and can even complement with other shads when you have found just the right combination. There is no ugly nail polish color when you know how to blend them into designs and gradients. Simple practice on the designs you want can help perfect the nail art you wish to recreate.

Purple Nail Art-11

A beautiful Purple nail art design. The purple polish is accompanied by a beautiful lace design in white polish in order to accentuate the colors more clearly.

Purple Nail Art-10

Pastel Purple nail art design with butterflies. There is a simple French tip going one plus silver glitter polish, you can also see a line of light blue on the French tips as well as fluttering butterflies from leaf to leaf.

Purple Nail Art-3

Minimalist Purple nail art design. Simple yet very attractive. The absence of designs and focusing only on one shape on each nails give the Purple color the highlight that it truly deserves.


Purple Nail Art-43

Floral and polka dot inspired Purple nail art design. You can see flowers on each nails that are surrounded by white polka dots which makes the entire design look adorable.

Purple Nail Art-41

Beautiful white and Purple nail art design. The silhouettes of flowers are painted in purple on top of a matte white base color. The effect looks absolutely stunning.

Purple Nail Art-38

Matte Purple nail art design with gold foil and embellishments. The combination of purple and gold makes up for a very regal looking nail polish theme.

Purple Nail Art-39

Wonderful looking glitter Purple nail art design. Make your nails look like they are more than ready to party with these glamorous glitters.

Purple Nail Art-19

Vogue and dark Purple nail art design. Stunning and deadly. Perfect for seductive and hot looking nails for the night of your life.

Purple Nail Art-20

Pastel blue and Purple nail art design. The simple and minimalist design help highlight both colors on the nails. The bold black lines also make it look like the nails have different volumes on them.

Purple Nail Art-21

A really cute Purple nail art design. Play around with your nails in this simple and creative free hand painting on your nails with purple, black, white and silver nail polish.

Purple Nail Art-22

Another Purple nail art design with embellishments. In order to make your Purple nail art design stand out you can add beads or sequins of your liking.

Purple Nail Art-23

Wonderful looking Purple nail art design. You can add several styles such as polka dots and even water color polish effects on the hands. You can also see a bit of sandwich glitter polish design there.

Purple Nail Art-24

Beautiful Purple nail art design with embellishments. Make your nails look out of this world by adding glamorous glitter polish on one side while covering the other nails with beautiful white flower embellishments on top.

Purple Nail Art-26

Lovely Purple nail art floral design. Florals are always very pretty to look at. You can add more action to the floral design by adding polka dot and matte designs as well.

Purple Nail Art-27

Trendy French tip Purple nail art design. Gear up with your favorite glitter polish to create this mystical and pretty looking nail art.

Purple Nail Art-28

Another Purple nail art design in floral concept. You can add other colors for the flowers with the Purple, make sure that the colors will complement each other or at least are in the same shade such as pink or violet.


Purple Nail Art-29

Very pretty Purple nail art design. You can see that there is more than one design on the nail art and that’s what makes it unique. You can find hints of French tips, animal prints, matte, glitter and embellishments on top.

Purple Nail Art-30

A rather simple but striking Purple nail art design. If you want to be subtle but glamorous at the same time putting a little hint of purple floral designs on your nails can make it stand out.

Purple Nail Art-31

Tribal inspired Purple nail art design. Take up your while and purple polish and combine them to create this stunning and interesting tribal designs.

Purple Nail Art-32

Another beautiful Purple nail art design. The design also incorporates black nail polish to create thin diagonal lines across the purple polish. The beads are wonderful accents added on top.


Purple Nail Art-33

A really beautiful Purple nail art design in gradient design. The purple polish is gently combined with the thistle shade in order to create the smooth gradient effect from darker to lighter shade.


Purple Nail Art-34

Cute Purple nail art design. You can create pretty abstract designs on your nails with the purple polish along with other complimentary colors.

Purple Nail Art-35

Pretty Purple nail art design with embellishments. The pastel effect of the purple color combines beautifully with the transparent and pink embellishments on the cuticle part of the nails.

Purple Nail Art-36

Another beautiful Purple nail art design with embellishments. Creatively place the embellishments on the cuticle of the nails so that they create a semi frame effect on the matte polish below.

Purple Nail Art-37

Elegant looking Purple nail art design. With the combination of the purple and white polish, the nail art design looks fabulous as well as the crystal embellishments added on top.

Purple Nail Art-40

A really pretty skull inspired Purple nail art design. Why not make a creative turn in your simple matte purple nail polish by drawing a freehand white and purple themed skull.


Purple Nail Art-42

A cute Purple nail art design in French tips. Make your French tips stand out by adding pretty floral designs at the side in white embellishments and glitter polish.

Purple Nail Art-45

Sparkling Purple nail art design. Take out your most vibrant purple glitter polish and sequins and give the party life to your then plain looking nail polish.

Purple Nail Art-46

A really cute gradient and polka dot Purple nail art design. Paint on different sizes of polka dots as well as a candy colored gradient effect on your nails to make it really fun and interesting.


Simple but pretty floral Purple nail art design. Draw simple and free hand flowers on your nails and add polka dots for the cute effect. The simple and free hand painting effect makes the nail art even more adorable.

Matte Ombre Nails

Beautiful gradient Purple nail art design. The light gradient design for the French tip makes the nails look soft and dainty.

Purple and white star nails

Breathtaking Purple nail art design with embellishments. Make your nails look really astounding with the sandwich style glitter polish design and thin French tips. You can also add star and polka dot shaped sequins in the sandwich to make the design even more interesting.

Purple Nail Art-1

A really cute looking Purple nail art design. Using silver glitter polish to create shapes as lines and hearts on your nails, the design looks so trendy and pretty.


Purple Nail Art-2

Posh looking Purple nail art design. The design makes use of the plaid design as well as embellishments. The combination with the matte and the minimalist touch makes the design look amazing.


Purple Nail Art-4

Light Purple nail art design. Simple yet beautiful Purple nail art design with hints of silver glitter polish aligned on top.


Purple Nail Art-5

Galaxy inspired Purple nail art design. The glitter polish consists of gold and purple glitters making the nail art design resemble the galaxy. The design is also made with the sandwich technique encasing the glitter polish in the middle to protect them.


Purple Nail Art-6

Abstract inspired Purple nail art design French tips. you can always go crazy with French tip designs and this one looks just as amazing along with the multi colored polishes that frame the French tip.

Purple Nail Art-7

Quirky Purple nail art design. Give your nails attitude with this pretty and quirky nail art design consisting of polka dots, laces, flowers and glitter polish.

Purple Nail Art-8

Minimalist Purple nail art design. Beautiful, clean and eye catching. The nails out emphasis on the purple flowers on the design while gently painting the white and purple French tips.

Purple Nail Art-9

Purple nail art design with sequins. If you want to go simple but have an extra wow to your nails then adding a bit of gradient and sequins will definitely make it stand out from the regular nail art designs.

Purple Nail Art-12

A really pretty Purple nail art design with mosaic design. The gradient and mosaic design that forms a heart makes the nails look really eye catching and interesting.

Purple Nail Art-13

Simple yet pretty French tip Purple nail art design. The tips are coated in purple glitter making it more glamorous than usual with the combination of the nude matte background.

Purple Nail Art-15

A beautiful and creative Purple nail art design. Using a screen themed technique, the nails look like they have been printed on to the nails with the support of glitters on top and embellishments.

Purple Nail Art-16

A beautiful white and Purple nail art design. The glitters on the nails make it look elegant and glamorous along with the clear beads on top for accent.

Purple Nail Art-17

A really pretty Purple nail art design. The matte nails make the single flower design stand out. The flower design also has a multi color which sets it apart from the sea of matte purple polish.

Purple Nail Art-18

Beautiful and well detailed Purple nail art design. Painted in simple matte purple polish, the flowers are drawn in intricate styles on top using a thin black polish. It gives an ethereal effect to the nails.

Purple Nail Art-14

Glamorous Purple nail art design in French tips. What better way to stand out than give your purple nail polish a twist with glitter? The glitter makes the purple color shine and even the simplest nail art design eye catching.

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