40 Yellow Nail Art Ideas

Bright and sunny Yellow nail art!

When it comes to beauty trends, one of the most popular would be the nail art design hype. Why is this so? One of the major reasons is that the nails are very easy to paint on and create designs with. Nail art is also very easy to take off, you can easily change it as much as you like without exerting too much effort on putting and taking the coats off.

Another thing why nail art designs have become a phenomenon is that they prove to be one of the best fashion accessories which women and even men could have. They apply to people in all ages. Owing to that more and more people today strive to create more unique and one of a kind designs.

Imagine that in under a minute you can easily recreate your nails from something simple into something amazing and out of this world. You don’t even need to be a [professional to be able to get the design that you want. There are plenty of tutorials online that explain simply how to make various designs on your nails. It doesn’t even matter if you have short or long nails since there are also designs made for them.

Yellow nail art designs

What makes the yellow nail art designs interesting is because of the various fun designs that you can create with them. Yellow is portrayed as a bright and sunny color. There are plenty of fun looking designs that can depict joy and adventure that works very well with the yellow color; thus this is why it has become a popular choice when it comes to summer inspired or happy inspired themes on nail art. You can also easily pair up your yellow nails with your color coded outfit. Yellow can go well with dark and light colors as well as overly neon ones and laid back shades.

Kinds of yellow nail art designs

The popular Smiley nail art. The smiley is probably one of the most recognized icons nowadays and having the design on your nails can make it look really cute and entertaining. You can even customize the Smileys to create various emotions on your nails. Nowadays you can even choose from various new emoticons that can be humorous, comical, and mysterious and a direct pub to a popular character or person.

You will need of course a Yellow nail polish. The shade of the nail polish will depend on the effect that you would want your nail art to have. You can choose neon yellow for brighter and more noticeable smiley faces or you can opt for the faded and light yellow for the softer and cuter effect. Also don’t forget to secure the black polish for the features of the face and other colors such as red, blue or green for the blushing, scared, mad and tongue out expressions. It would really depend on what Smileys you are creating.

Start by coating your nails with the base color. To make sure that your base color doesn’t fall out easily, you can coat it twice which is a recommendation. The base coat also helps protect your nails from the additional layers that you will add on top.

When you have secured your base color it’s time to grab your black nail polish to create the details of the Smileys. You may need a special tool to perfectly paint on the eyes and the mouth; you don’t have to worry though because you can easily buy them from stores. If you don’t have the time to do so you can try and make use of toothpicks or something small for the dots.

When done, simply put a top coat to protect the design. Choose a clear nail polish coat. You can secure a double coat on the nail art design to make sure that it stays on for a longer amount of time.

Another interesting Yellow themed nail art design is the Color Blend nail art design. This design is one of the more creative looking ones that you can find out there. It includes blending colors that look as if they are morphing into one but at the same time retaining their individual shades.

For this design you can use the yellow and the red polish, this will result to a shade of orange that works well in blending with both colors. You can also choose other colors to go with the yellow just make sure that they turn out well when blended.

You will need white, yellow and red polishes, a sponge, some cloth, plastic plate, eraser, clear polish, nail polish remover and some cotton buds. Use white as your base color and make two coats on your nails.

Then prepare the plate and pour two drops of both the yellow and red polish, make sure that they don’t combine. With the eraser, dip it into both colors and gently dab it on your nails. You can make the blending more condensed or less, it really depends on your choice. When the design is done, make sure all the nails are dry before placing the final topcoat and you are done!

Yellow Nail Art 1

A really cute floral inspired yellow nail art design. The color combination focuses on light and baby colors to give that soft effect, the floral designs also add to the sweet and calming look of the design and the yellow shades provide a bright and sunny feel to it.

yellow nail art-7

Bright and really pretty yellow nail art design. The design is a combination of floral, laces and French tip designs. The base color of the nails is painted with yellow polish and the other detail as well as the thin French tip is painted with black polish.

yellow nail art-10

Pretty and fun looking yellow themed nail art design. Each nail has a wonderful design on its own. Two of the nails have the matte yellow and black colors while the other nails have polka dots and striped designs which make it look neat and orderly.

Yellow Nail Art 2

A truly quirky and pretty yellow themed nail art design. The nails have polka dots and floral designs. The flowers are creatively drawn while it looks simple it also looks unique.

Yellow Nail Art 3

A blue and yellow themed nail art design. The design makes it look like cute little blue bubbles are rising from the middle of the nails towards the tip.

Yellow Nail Art 4

Tribal inspired yellow nail art design. The yellow color is prevalent in this design as it also sports a multi colored tribal design on the cuticle part of the nails.

yellow nail art-5

Simple yet pretty yellow nail art design. The nails are covered in yellow polish with white stripes near the tips as well as matte white polish and beads to complete the effects.

Yellow Nail Art 6

Abstract inspired yellow nail art design. The nails are colored with yellow polish as base while various square and rectangle shapes are drawn on top using brown and blue nail polish. This creates an abstract like design with the boxes and rectangles floating amongst each other.

Yellow Nail Art 8

Beautiful and cute yellow nail art design. Each nails has a specific design and that’s what makes this look so special, the single pink flower painted in one of the nails also helps make the design look one of a kind.

yellow nail art-9

Floral inspired yellow nail art design. Black and yellow has always been a perfect combination. White is also added occasionally to add more depth into the design. In this design you can see intricate details of flowers painted in black as well as simple striped divide design to make it look even more special.

Yellow Nail Art 11

Pretty tribal nail art design in yellow color theme. This nail art design looks amazing as it puts another twist to the normal French tip and nail dividing techniques. Colorful polka dots are used to frame lines of tribal designs in purple, white and black colors.

yellow nail art-12

Beautiful and elegant looking yellow nail art design. The nail art design has a gradient inspired yellow to white combination as well as a nude polish as base topped off with white nail polish strokes and French tip designs in v-shape. For additional effect silver beads are also added on top.

Yellow Nail Art 13

Simple and sweet looking yellow nail art design. This design is so eye-catching because of the lack of other details on the nails, this helps put the emphasis on the beautiful white flowers painted on one part of the nails.

yellow nail art-14

Neon blue and yellow nail art design. Simple and very easy to recreate, you can design the polka dots on your nails in any way that you want; random or in diagonal position. The matte yellow polish on the other nails help give more emphasis on the polka dot designs.

Yellow Nail Art 15

Pastel colored yellow themed nail art design. The nail art design showcases the combination of three pastel colors that complement with each other. The design looks soft and pleasing to the eyes.

Yellow Nail Art 16

A really cute looking nail art design in yellow theme. Nail art designs are supposed to be fun and this one says it all. Using yellow as the base color random shapes and particles in black polish are painted on top. The bee looking fishes also look entertaining.

yellow nail art-17

A burst of yellow orange in this beautiful nail art design. a truly eye catching nail art design where the nails are painted with bright yellow orange base colors and they are showered with pretty silver nail polish on top creating a sunburst orange effect.

Yellow Nail Art 18

Simple and elegant looking yellow nail art design. The nails have yellow as the base color while the seemingly French tip like design incorporates triangles and gold nail polish into its design.

yellow nail art-22

Looking for something good for your long nails? This amazing looking yellow inspired nail art design might just be the choice for you. With a combination of various intricate designs per nail and the wonderful bedazzled concept, you nails will surely look stunning.

yellow nail art-19

A really cute and cartoon like yellow nail art design. The design uses the combination of yellow, white, black and salmon colors to recreate cute faces and polka dots on the nails.

yellow nail art-20

Wonderful looking tribal inspired yellow nail art design. A combination of matte and playful tribal designs. The nails are painted with nude and yellow matte colors plus colorful polishes for the tribal designs. To add to the effect gold embellishments are added on top.

yellow nail art-21

Abstract themed yellow nail art design. This nail art design uses white and light yellow colors to give out that wonderful gradient effect. Various strips of white polish are also sued as lining for the yellow v-shaped designs. On top are silver beads added.

Yellow Nail Art 23

Animal print inspired yellow themed nail art design. Using yellow as the base color, the animal prints are painted on top with help of a white frame to make them look more noticeable from afar.

Yellow Nail Art 24

Elegant looking yellow themed nail art design. The design makes use of blending colors such as from white to darker shades of yellow. The white part serves as the French tip as the shading works its way up the nails. On top, details of flowers are also added in black and white nail polish.

Yellow Nail Art 25

Beautiful flower inspired yellow nail art design. The nail art design uses yellow as the base coat as it draws intricate flower designs on top using black, blue and red colors. Multi colored silver dust are also added for effect.

yellow nail art-26

A cute and simple yellow themed nail art design. The design gives each nail different striped designs in alternate colors. Embellishments are then added on top for more effect.

Yellow Nail Art 27

Bee themed yellow nail art design. It’s a very cute and friendly looking nail art design with yellow as the base color and black and white polis to create the bee stripes, eyes and wings.

Yellow Nail Art 28

Fancy looking yellow nail art design. This nail art design offers a lot of designs on each nail with gradient techniques as well as French tips and stripes. On top is a wonderful bedazzled collection of multi colored beads.

Yellow Nail Art 29

Sassy looking striped yellow nail art design. Thin black lines are combined to form various stripes and diagonal lines in black and gray nail polish.

Yellow Nail Art 30

A really cute bee themed yellow nail art design. The white polka dots are the trails that the bee has been flying on and there are also floral designs on other nails to emphasize where the bee starts its journey. The bee then is drawn on the furthest nail marking the end of its journey.

yellow nail art-31

Simple and cute looking yellow nail art design, a combination of matte and striped designs. The stripes are composed of white and yellow nail polish with star shaped silver dust polish on top.

yellow nail art-32

Beautiful yellow, black and white nail art design. The black and white polishes are used to create a diagonal effect on the nails while the rest of the nails are coated in matte yellow to give more attention to the black and white diagonal stripes.

Yellow Nail Art 33

Butterfly wings inspired yellow nail art design. The nail art design mimics what a butterfly’s wings look like up close. The yellow and black combination is one of the usual colors of butterflies.

Yellow Nail Art 34

Really pretty and cute polka dots inspired nail art design. The black and yellow combination is simply perfect for this picturesque looking nail art design. Black ribbons are also added on top for more effect.

Yellow Nail Art 35

Yellow themed nail art design with gold dust. The nails are painted with white base color and alternatively yellow as well. On top the gold dust nail polish is arranged to form stripes as well as a heart shape which makes the design look very cute.

yellow nail art-36

Creative yellow themed French tip nail art. The French tips are painted in black polish as well as thin strips in the middle of the nail. There are also cute little flower designs in black and white polish that add to the charm of the nail art.

Yellow Nail Art 37

Interesting looking plaid nail art design in yellow. Plaid is one of those designs that one would love looking at. White, black and yellow nail polish is combined to create this adorable plaid design on the nails and contrasted by a yellow matte polish on one of the nails.

Yellow Nail Art 38

Matte yellow nail art design on long nails. The matte finish on the nails is then contrasted by the single bedazzled design filled with embellishments that naturally stand out from the rest.

Yellow Nail Art 39

Wonderful looking yellow nail art design. The black and yellow polishes are combined to create the swirling effect on the nails topped with a black star. The base color used is clear coat to give a better effect on the design.

yellow nail art-40

Beautiful animal print nail art design. The animal prints are creatively placed as there are small yellow boxes alternatively placed as well. Thus this makes a truly unique looking nail art design.

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