35 Nail Designs For Winter

It’s winter time and it’s not only time to bundle up because it’s warm, but it’s just about time to enter a new fashion style. Winter always means it’s the start of wearing winter clothes. You can say goodbye to shirts and shorts and say hello to sweaters, boots, jackets and turtle necks. This is one of the best times of the year to layer up clothes and complete your fashion fantasy. There are so many things that you can combine and wear at the same time.

That also means, you can design your nail art to fit the winter theme.

Make Your Winter Nail Art Your Fashion Statement

Winter fashion isn’t only focused on the clothes that you wear, it also includes the accessories that you have as well as the styling of your hair and your make up. That also includes the kind of nail art that you paint on your fingers.

Make this an opportunity to experiment with your nails and paint designs on it that relates with the season. You can add on the theme of Christmas or winter and combine them to make a really unique and interesting design. You don’t have to worry about getting nail art ideas for winter since there are so many options that you can choose from.

All you need is a little bit of creativity and imagination and you can create a wonderful looking Winter nail art design. There are so many themes that you can pick out from and you can even incorporate your personality in it to make it stand out more.

Flaunt your nails, may they be long or short, you can make them look gorgeous with detailed designs. You can make your nails look cute with pastel colors, or enticing with bold and bright colors. The best thing about this is that you can even match it with your wardrobe so that you can play along with your fashion style and even mix them together everyday.

You don’t have to worry about trying out your winter nail art ideas for the first time. Nail art is pretty much easy and enjoyable to do once you get the hang of it. You can learn it in just a few hours and a few tries. With the help of tutorials that you can find online, you’ll be an expert in no time as long as you put the time and effort to improve.

Different Types Of Winter Nail Art Design

    Other than the normal snowflakes and Christmas tree themes for the nails, there are also other themes that you can consider putting on your winter nail art. Below are just some ideas that you can use and customize to make your own design.

  • Winter Tribal Nail Art
  • Tribal nail art is one of the most interesting nail art designs. You can add a lot of customization with this design and create various shapes and sizes that look great when combined together. You can add triangular tribal designs and make them look symmetrical to be more unique. You can also incorporate Christmas tree and snowflake designs together to make a customized design and add personal touches such as your own symbols or letters or words that describes you.

  • Winter Geometric Nail Art
  • Another style that you can go for would be the different geometric styles on your nail art. You can make use of geometric shapes such as triangles to make Christmas tree shapes on your nails or stars and you can even add lines and angles with dots. Play around with the shapes in order to form symbols and characters that can represent winter and the Christmas season.

  • Festive Winter Nail Art
  • You can also do the winter festival theme on your nails. Add colorful lights and reindeer on your nails celebrating the joy and fun of winter. You can incorporate various color themes that are bold and bright to depict how festive the season is. You can even add flowers, zigzag lines, dots, triangles, circles and so on to create a fun and exciting look for the nails. This can work with both long and short nails as well.

  • Winter Metallic Nail Art
  • What makes the metallic nail art design stand out is because it’s very shiny and bright even from afar. You can take this to your advantage and design your nails in metallic winter designs. Try to experiment with gold and silver stripes. You can even add black polish to highlight the bright metallic colors like red and green which are the usual color themes during Christmas season. You can also add embellishments on top of the metallic nails such as studs and that also adds to the sparkle that metallic nail art designs exude.

  • Winter Zodiac Sign Nail Art
  • This is the perfect nail art design that you can paint on and add a bit of your personality in it. Use your own zodiac sign to represent who you are and add winter themes to it. You can paint the zodiac sign that you have on your nails and add winter colors and accessories on them. You can add simple details such as changing the color them to white and blue and silver. It would also look great when you add small white dots to serve as snowflakes or even paint detailed snowflakes around them.

  • Colorful Snowflakes Nail Art
  • When you you paint winter snowflakes on your nails, it doesn’t always need to be the normal white color. You can play with the colors and add multicolored snowflakes on your nails. Other than that you can also add glitter on the snowflake designs to make them look like they are glinting from afar and that adds to the charm of the nail art design.

Enjoy Your Winter Nail Art Designs

It’s winter time and it’s Christmas in the air which is why the best thing that you can do is to enjoy your winter nail art design. Look for one that best suits your mood and your personality. Add all the elements that you know and create something different and at the same time beautiful. Remember that nail art design can show your creativity and it even helps pump up your fashion sense even if you just wear a shirt and jeans .


Wonderful looking winter nail art. The colorful combination with the fun looking patterns on the nail art makes it look very entertaining and very unique. This design stands out especially when you have your winter clothes on.



Simple yet very elegant looking winter nail art. The white gray and dark gray combination makes the nails look very warm yet pleasant to the eyes. The simple curve design adds to the elegance of the nail art.


Beautiful winter nail art. The soft colors of light pink and mocha makes the nails look very pretty and cute. You can see silver heart shapes on the nails as well as embellishments and silver dust nail polish.


Very pretty nude colored winter nail art design. The light nude colors of the nail art s a perfect fit to the embellishments on top consisting of beads and silver dust nail polish for effect.


Amazing rose pink themed winter nail art. The soft rose pink color of the nails are a perfect fit with the white nail polish used to detail out roses on the nails. On top of the design are a line of silver beads.


A wonderful pink and gray winter nail art. The pink and gray combination is simply perfect and they go well together with the design painted on top of the base colors. It ‘s a simple yet very cute looking theme.


Elegant looking nude winter nail art. The design is very simple yet at the same time clean looking and pleasant. The frosted nail polish on top in diagonal stripes across the nails in the same color looks amazing and perfect with white beads added on top of the design.


A very pure and wonderful looking winter nail art. The nails are painted in all white and and silver colors. The rose details above the base colors are also painted in white with silver beads as embellishments.


Nude colored winter nail art design. The nails are painted with a nude base color and on top are this black curved lines are added for effect.


A combination of pink and black winter nail art design. The contrasting colors give life to the design as the pink is used as base color while the black polish is painted on top in a triangle shape starting from the cuticle and extending to the edge of the nails.


Beautiful nude and white winter nail art design. The design also incorporates thin white french tips with embellishments on top and a thin detail of a butterfly in black polish.


Rose, nude and silver winter nail art design. The combination of these shades of pink are absolutely perfect as well as the silver dust polish and silver beads complement the theme as well.


Nude and black french tip winter nail art design. The nails are painted with nude nail polish as base while on top the black polish is used as french tips you can also see that flower like details are also painted in black polish on top of the french tips.


Simple yet gorgeous looking winter nail art design. The nail art design is made up of light pink and blue gray nail polish that perfectly complement each other. On top are simple details of a pink ribbon and small beads to enhance the design.


Colorful winter nail art design. Winter doesn’t always mean laid back and somber colors, you can also play with fun colors such as blue, nude, white and yellow to depict various flower designs.


Beautiful rose pink winter nail art design. The nails are a complete contrast to each other. There are plain rose pink nails while the other nails are colorfully painted with pretty patterns and details.


Really simple and elegant winter nail art design. The nails are painted in nude while there is a silver colored embellishment on top enough to make a statement and make the theme even more gorgeous.


Alternating pink and gray winter nail art design. The nails are painted in light pink and gray colors in alternating method with the base and the details that are painted on top. The details look like beautiful flowers that have silver beads added on them.


Leopard print inspired winter nail art design. The nails have pink nail polish as the base color while silver dust nail polish is also added on top. Black nail polish is then used to paint on the leopard prints.


Beautiful pink and gray winter nail art design. The nails have an alternating pink and gray nail polishes that are alternating and form pretty heart shapes on the alternating colored nails.


Old rose and thistle colored winter nail art design. These shades of pink blend perfectly together and hey give out a warm feel for the nails, perfect for the chilly winter season ahead.


Pretty in pink winter nail art design. The nails are colored in carnation pink nail polish while the butterfly detail on top is painted in white and black nail polish.


Plum colored winter nail art design. The nails are painted with plum nail polish color and on top is a crown like detail painted in white nail polish to make it stand out even more.


Nude polish winter nail art design. The nails look gorgeous as they are painted in nude polish as the base colors. On top are golden embellishments that highlight the shape of the nails and giving more attention to the perfect nude color.


White and nude color winter nail art design. The color combination on this winter nail art design is simply perfect. It’s pleasant to the eyes, not too bright and not too dull, just right for the winter weather.


A really cute pink themed winter nail art design. The nails are painted in pink nail polish as well as a pink frosted nail polish, creating a simple yet unique nail art design, beads are also added on top for effect.


Black, gold and nude nail polish winter nail art design. The nude nail polish is used as the base color while the black nail polish is used to create lace details while the other nails are covered with gold dust nail polish.


A really cute pink and nude winter nail art design. This design looks very lovely and pleasant to look at. The color of the nail polish is light and pretty plus the embellishments and glitter on top completes the effect.


Elegant looking winter nail art design. Nude and silver glitter nail polish combined to create this stunning number. The design looks very pretty and the combination of the glitter and the nude nail polish just fit together perfectly.


Cream colored winter nail art design. The nails are painted in beige nail polish as base while floral prints are painted on top with white nail polish. Flower embellishments are also added to make the design stand out even more.


A really cute and artsy winter nail art design. Unlike floral designs, this nail art design is simple yet very unique to look at with white nail polish as base color and simple detailed art on top using light colors.


Salmon pink and silver winter nail art design. This simple but pretty nail art design is perfect for short nails and also makes use of silver dust and white nail polish to make the design even unique. There is even the marble design on one of the nails.


Beautiful winter nail art design in gold and white. The nails showcase falling leaves on its design, you can also see gold dust on the other nails that softly contrast the white base beneath the fall leaves.


Chocolate brown winter nail art design. The nails are painted with matte chocolate ail polish with white nail polish on top designed as flowers that are intertwining with one another. It’s a cozy looking design perfect for the cold winter days.


Matte pink winter nail art design. A lovely looking nail art design with pink matte as the base color topped with white nail polish designed as magical leaves.

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