Interview: Melody Nieves of SexiDesign

Here we have an interview which has been long in the making, and we trust that the hard work that has been put in putting it together and making it happen will make it all the more worth while! I would like to introduce and present the magnificent Melody Nieves of SexiDesign, she a brilliant designer and writer I have been lucky enough to connect and know online for several months now.

Interview: Melody Nieves of SexiDesign

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Thank you for answering our questions here for the readers of Nenuno creative, First would you please introduce yourself to the Nenuno community.

Why thank you for having me Jared! My name is Melody, I’m an eccentric digital artist and marketing enthusiast with a taste for design journalism with a sexy twist. I’ve been blogging for about two years, on a more personal scale mostly, but look to forward to shaking up the industry with my latest venture.

Your own personal site concentrates on a niche of sex and how its sell in design, how did you come across this idea? and what makes this niche work do you think?

The idea for SexiDesign came when I wanted to blog about YouTube’s influence on the design of porn sites, but I thought the topic may be a lil too extreme for my PG design site. When I realized how prevalent the use of sex is I pretty much jumped at the opportunity to have the only sexy design site around (tell that to Google!).
The niche works because sex has been used to sell a product or service since the beginning of time. There are so many examples, from the purest of vintage magazine ads to the raciest of more modern times that it becomes an ideal topic for continuous content.

What would you describe your working life outside of writing for your design sites?

Design is my life and I’m not looking to divorce it anytime soon (we’re working things out haha)! I write for other design sites, maintain my own design related ventures, and still design, though on a lesser scale than before. I ultimately hope to focus solely on writing.

You currently live in America, how would you describe your design community in your local area? Are you heavily involved or is it something you would like to be more apart of?

Maryland is quite new to me actually. I would definitely like to be more involved with the art scene in my area, but I’ve been moving quite a bit. I used to visit some awesome art festivals and galleries all the time when I lived in Philadelphia. So I look forward to settling into the art scene in my new home of Maryland.

How do you find the time to keep a busy working life and also the site running?

The biggest nuisance of relocating is how much it initially affected my online work. Though I now admit my addiction (admission is the first step) to your favorite social networking sites, irregular Internet access is like blogging in the dark without the creepy noises.

What has been the most pleasant experience you’ve in the time of running your blog?

I really love the feedback. The topics are sexy, yes, but I’ve also put a lot of work in providing informative articles with research any designer can use. So I appreciate when people just, get it.

What negatives would you say have been the situations from which you have learned to improve yourself as a designer?

Clients are sometimes, to put it nicely, big meanies! And I certainly applaud the stories of designers who’ve made it work. Working with clients is one of those fundamental learning experiences that ultimately help you engage well with others.

Which people in the social media community (such as twitter) do you find to be the most refreshing and great to speak to about all things design (and otherwise?)

Well you’re certainly awesome to converse with, Jared. But anyone who is kind enough to retweet or say hi is cool in my book!

Are there any design sites/blogs you would recommend to our readers? Why?

I think has a nice collection of diverse design articles and topics, but I’m definitely also up for all the up and coming blogs on the web. It’s nice to surf around and see them grow with their own unique perspective on design.

What are the most regular sources of inspiration you seek out on a routinely basis?

I am by far, a DeviantART junkie! I lose myself in hours of gawking at the “I wish I could do that” designs on the site. I am simply amazed by artists like

In 2010…

I have yet to get my license..eek!
I hope to complete the redesign of
I will not be satisfied until my site is a “regular” in the industry.
I would like to start painting again.
I wish I had a bazillion million dollars!

Quick Fire Five:

Gates or Jobs? Gates is hotter!
Iphone or other? I need an Iphone!
Photoshop or Illustrator? Photoshop PWNS over all!
Facebook or Twitter? I <3 Facebook!
Design For Life or Design for Pleasure? Designing for pleasure keeps me sane!

If you had no clients to please and no work in your to-do pile, what would you go off and do with all that free time?

I would definitely travel. Get lost in different museums, and find inspiration with “National Treasure-like” adventures. There’s something fascinating about examining the same piece of art someone once saw or created centuries ago.

What activities do you partake in when your head isn’t working on a design project?

When I’m not designing you may see me super competitive with some of my favorite video games. I wouldn’t call myself a gamer chick, I just tend to release a lot of aggression playing Grand Theft Auto haha.
Other than that I’m often exploring the city and enjoying the peaceful view over the harbor.

Where would we find you online?

You will find me rocking it out online at:
and of course =)


  1. Aw cool! This interview was a lot of fun, just wanted to stop by and show my appreciation for the Q&A, you guys are doing great things over here! =)


    • We must echo your comments melody, we really appreciate you recognising the work the three of us are putting in on making neuno creative as much of a sucess as possible.
      The interview was a great success and we really appreciate you taking out your time to put in these responses.

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    I’m a mainstream publisher who has just start now in adult sites and my first 3 site go active on August 2011, and I think to ad some content of your site…!

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