Purple has been cropping up in designs alot recently, but how has one of the most unused colours become some popular?

Some of our recent submissions for our weekly showcases such as My First WordPress Template by tupa169 and sstar web by zee7 both heavily feature purple in their designs.

Often the most used colour in many Bokeh and Abstract wallpapers, we have seen an increase of web interfaces and logotypes being designed around the colour purple. It does indeed seem that the colour purple is starting its own design trend!

Here are 10 beautiful purple logotypes for your design inspiration.

Joomla – Leopard Theme Logo by detrans

Poker Static by eyenod

think logo by CheeseTitans

Carol logo by RAYMON-BR

over logo’s by nemanjamilo

SHmIT ICE by Jdog0601

Google Fonts by venngage

Imajendesigns – Logo by imajendesigns

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Animal Wordmarks by designbolts

Omega by deoxgfx