Makoto Shinkai, Director & Animator

Following up from my last article on Studio Ghilbi, I want to carry on with this small series of showcases which will introduce you to various different types of animation styles and the animation studios that produce absolutely stunning visuals.

If you are not too familiar with Japanese animation, Makoto Shinkai directed, wrote, produced and animated three of my favourite animations of all time – “Voices of a Distant Star”, “The Place Promised in Our Early Days” and “5 Centimetres per Second”.

Voices of a Distant Star

The Place Promised in Our Early Days

5 Centimetres per Second


Makoto Shinkai has been very popular and that is not only because of his unique work but also because of the effort that is put in to make sure that everything goes as one.

HD Landscapes/Wallpapers

The below landscapes showcase the amount of detail the designers put into these animations.

The thumbnails will take you to a full sized image

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