I Want Candy: Sweet Tooth Creative Photography Showcase

These photographs go out to all those people with a sweet tooth for a bag of Haribo, the penny sweets we all used to eat as kids from the candy shop or for those us who loved a good old Chuba Chups lollipop.

This selection and showcase of photographs comes from several inspirational sources on the web, and highlights great photographers work in photographs of sweets and candy. We hope that you love this latest showcase and leave us your comments below!

Each photograph links to its original location online, so be sure to click through to see anymore of the photographers work.

Candy by rickda7th

Candy by ~rickda7th

Candy by zombieonastick

Candy by ~zombieonastick

Candy by le-dix-octobre

Candy by ~le-dix-octobre

candy by ~Cindaerlla565

candy by ~Cindaerlla565

candy by qwux

candy by =qwux

I Want Candy by FromTheDepthOfRobin

I Want Candy by ~FromTheDepthOfRobin

Candy by DisplayItem

Candy by ~DisplayItem

I Want Candy by Shazamzam

I Want Candy by ~Shazamzam

Candy is one of the things that attracts both children and elders alike, and these photographs are truly a treat for your senses. However candy is only best if it has all the ingredients in the proper ratio, the certifications such as the 000-153 are a perfect blend of all the latest technologies and knowledge there is. And the others in the league that offer you more knowledge such as the 642-072 works in the same manner. One thing is there, to make sure that the final product is always right and you clear the examination there are the 70-648 dumps, which are indeed one of the best in the market and are available for all the certtifications there are.

candy candy by 1510

candy candy by *1510

Candy by Cinematic-Wonder

Candy by ~Cinematic-Wonder

Candy. by n0iz3

Candy. by ~n0iz3

Candy by TarquinChurchwell

Candy by *TarquinChurchwell

Candy shop by InONE

Candy shop by ~InONE

japanese candy snack by protoperahe

japanese candy snack by ~protoperahe

Candy by EverythingIsPrecious

Candy by ~EverythingIsPrecious

candy love by pellegrina

candy love by ~pellegrina

candy by brainwreck

candy by ~brainwreck

Candy by pincel3d

Candy by *pincel3d

Poster Disco Bomb by promopocket

candy by ~lemminxlime

Mmmm Candy by robert

Mmmm Candy by `robert

Candy by RaarxJaz

Candy by ~RaarxJaz

Candy Flower by vinayan

Candy Flower by ~vinayan

candy candy.. by DarkHimeChan

candy candy.. by ~DarkHimeChan

Candy flowers by RomanaJur

Candy flowers by ~RomanaJur

Pink m+ms by J DORAN

Pink m+m's

Smarties by marcus-im-netz


Rainbow Lollipop Cupcakes by Buttercream Bakery

Rainbow Lollipop Cupcakes


Candy Love

Pixistix by jamdersen


Georgian House: Museum of Childhood – Bethnal Green by curry15

Georgian House: Museum of Childhood - Bethnal Green

Candies by Lonely in Gorgeous


Lollipop <3 by jamdersen

Lollipop <3

Nik-L-Nips by SFDenverLV


Eye Candy by craig kanarick

Eye Candy

Sweet Memories by Reann Qin

Sweet Memories

Pastel Candies by such pretty things

Pastel Candies

Black Candy by Steffe

Black Candy

The Real Beauty of Candy by Katherine Gruender “Kat”

The Real Beauty of Candy

Candy Backyard by Lucia Tognarelli

Candy Backyard

Candy by Belen Fourcade


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HANUMAN by +ekud


  1. This was a really creative list. I really liked the last one :-)

  2. This is a great list Daniel. Thanks for sharing. Not only are these great examples of food photography but it shows case food art!

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