Comic Art Books For Inspiration

Comic art has finally reached acceptance as a legitimate and important art form in its own right, and is a source of inspiration for musicians, fashion designers, and Hollywood directors.

OK, quick question…Is comic book art better today than it was 25 years ago? I’m betting most of you will say yes. You may be right, but then again, you may be wrong. It’s an ages old argument when comparing eras. You hear it in sports all the time. Who is the better golfer, Tiger Woods or Arnold Palmer?

It might be easy to say Tiger Woods but Palmer didn’t have the advantage of playing with today’s precision engineered titanium clubs that allow golfers to hit the ball further and more accurate than ever. When Palmer used a wood club, it was actually made of wood!

Much the same can be said of today’s comic book art. Artists today have the advantage of superior printing and coloring processes. 25 years ago, art could not extend to the very edge of the page and had to be enclosed within panels. The colors were often dull and don’t hold up very well over time thanks to the cheap newsprint paper. It’s virtually the first thing you notice in today’s comics. The art is bolder and brighter with an unlimited color palette. The advent of computer programs like Photoshop and Corel Painter gives artists the ability to produce effects that they either could not do by hand, or would be too time consuming to do by hand.

What strikes you about the art in comic books? There is a wide range of style from ultra-detailed to simple minimalist, the computer has forever change the way comics are produced. Is it the slick production? Sit back and enjoy a few of my favorite artists as I showcase Comic Art.

Examples of Comic Art



Shadow Land

Secret Avengers



and here is some A$$


Comic Art Books for inspiration


What is your favorite comic book and why? How do these inspire you? What do you think is to come in comic book art? Let us know what you thought about this post and this art in the comments. Would you like to see more posts like this? More A$$? More inspiration? What do you, the readers, want? Hope you enjoyed it. Peace!


  1. I always crazy on comic collection !! and marvel is one of fav+ collection

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