20 Stunning Dark Photo Manipulations

Photo manipulation to me is creativity at another level, being able to blend a photo stock with various textures and brushes to make something extremely realistic is truly amazing!

As you are aware photo manupulation can come in various forms but this week we will be focusing on dark and gothic manipulations created by some very talented designers. Please let us know which is your favourite in the commetns below!

Please note that clicking on the Photo Manipulation below will take you to the full sized version and will also give you the opportunity to visit the artists full portfolio.

Ghost Siren by lady-symphonia

I’m lost in this paradise by Ariel87

Dark forest by ALBITAR

Be Careful What You Wish For.. by PT-paperdreamer

Melody of a Doll by MysticSerenity

Pet by renutheartist

Sunset by x6lili6th6x

Thy Raven Wings II-Engelsblut by medieval-vampire121

Blood+ by zKappa

Master of Monstersby lady-symphonia

Crow by BlackEngel

City Lights by valse-des-ombres

Pink Bat Circus by FroweMinahild

The Beauty Of Darkness by MskyCarmen

Lenore by dhikssy

desire_ by Digital-Epilepsee

Evening Star by mysolitaryground

… by baxiaart

a href=”https://www.deviantart.com/baxiaart/art/–591971631″ target=”_blank” rel=”noopener noreferrer”>

…into the darkness… by kokoszkaa

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  1. brilliant showcase, i really am becoming a big fan of photo manipulation in digital art. Even though i don’t have anywhere near the great skills these people possess its something i often find myself admiring when checking out DeviantART.

    Pink Bat Circus is probably my favourite out of all these.

  2. Thanks a lot for featured my work on your website i feel real honor! Great showcase and amaizing artist to share with!

  3. Thought I’d come by and say Thank you!,for featuring one of my pieces on your website.

  4. Melody of a Doll & Gothic Romance are 2 of my favorites in this roundup – I love the mood setting of Melody of a Doll and I love the lighting in Gothic Romance . Very nice array of digital manipulation works . :)


  5. i like forgotten and never heard, and crow because of the texture and setting in the depths of art itself

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