20 Stunning 3D Landscapes

If you didn’t already know, I am an avid gaming enthusiast and these 20 beautiful 3D landscapes take me back the days I was slaying boars in Hyboria and enjoying a quick pint of ale in the Ironforge Inn.

This shows you what can be achieved with 3D landscaping tools such as 3D Studio Max, Vue, Maya and Photoshop.

Please enjoy this stunning selection of epic landscapes and let us know which is your favourite in the comments below!

Please note that clicking on the landscapes below will take you to the full sized version and will also give you the opportunity to visit the artists full portfolio.

Nice View by 00AngelicDevil00

Japanese Lanterns

Dawn in the Valley by 00AngelicDevil00

Ancient Temples by hardyguardy

Land of the Na’vi by 00AngelicDevil00

Ocean of Fire by Gate-To-Nowhere

Sanctuary by 00AngelicDevil00

Rice Valley by frenic

Elven Lake by 00AngelicDevil00

Forever Fountain by 00AngelicDevil00

The Scent of Spring by 00AngelicDevil00

Dreamer’s Paradise by 00AngelicDevil00

Floating Dreams by 00AngelicDevil00

Paradise valley by priteeboy

The Monastery by 00AngelicDevil00

Tangerine Dream by Orikon

The Magic Swamp by 00AngelicDevil00

reasures of Asia by 00AngelicDevil00

Somewhere in China by 00AngelicDevil00

Woodland Waterway by DIGITAL-DOM

Twilight’s Choreography by Ninjagecko

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  1. Nice 3D landscapes. I actually have been following most of these artists on deviantART for a long time, many are keen users of the Vue programs which are the best for anyone who wants to try 3D landscaping!

    Thanks for featuring my Paradise Valley!

  2. I’d never come across Vue before, looks like it is well used within the film industry! Amazing.

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