Artists Corner – Awesome Illustrations by Ferran Daniel

In this edition of Artists Corner, I will introduce a talented digital artist – Ferran Daniel. Born in Monterrey, Mexico in 1977, Ferran Daniel has been drawing since age 3. Ferran’s professional career in comics began as a digital colorist, working for Studio in titles that include “Mystique”, “Thunderbolts” and “Incredible Hulk” for Marvel Comics, as some titles for other companies such as Dark Horse and Image.

Later, he entered in a collaboration with Les Humanoïdes Associés in France, doing color work on the titles “Millenaire” and “Lune d’ Ombre”, while doing that he managed to illustrate his first work in comics with the miniseries “EL ARSENAL: Unknown Enemy “, published in the United States and Canada by Arcana Studio.

A couple of years ago Ferran got together with some other colleagues from his hometown and founded Protobunker Studio, where Ferran continue his work as a comic illustrator.

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