Artists Corner – Absolutely Incredible Digital Art By Mel Miller

The artist we are featuring on our Artists Corner series in this post is Mel Miller, an incredibly talented conceptual artist from US, the detail he puts in is stunning!

Mel is a classic rock fan, modern hippie and unapologetic nerd, with a zealous work ethic and an astute love affair for all manner of creative meddling, penguins, and the great outdoors. An animator and illustrator by trade, she’s a a Summa Cum Laude graduate from the College for Creative Studies, with a BFA focusing on traditional animation and creative design.

She currently works as a freelance animator and illustrator through her own devices, as well as through local studios such as Thunderbean Animation, Alpha Omega Animation Design and Speedshape. She’s open for both commercial and non commercial freelance commissions, and am an active contributor to Alpha Omega’s exciting new creative endeavor, the ARMSmasters Project.

Be sure to check out her full portfolio which showcases all of his fantastic work!

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