Week 4 is here and we have been showered in beautiful logotypes from the deviantART community!

Now at nenuno creative we will be featuring 20 designs, logos and resources instead of the usual 5, because of this the same artist/designer may get featured twice in one week!

The fourth week is 27th March to the 2nd April 2010 so lets get this party started! Please note that clicking on the screenshot below will take you to the full sized version.

PLUG Festival by Espador

98.4 Shabab FM by skyrill

Catering Poland by brainchilds

wallpaperFX by shakilnali

Lublin Airport by neilan

Xydirect by Buhoart

Synctech logo – design by paradoXroga

ADH by eggy

flowmedia logo by A-ngi-e

Logo mbc max by CoolDes

Logo – Zaffarano by pok-design

iron stones by juelogo

::: +caballo 2 ::: by monographo

spand TM LOGO by memoae

ASID technika grzewcza. by brainchilds

lettergenie by whams

kA+ Logo by nefretizm (umut isbilir)

green island by juelogo

cosmo.works Logotype by cosmomedia