Concept feedback is a vibrant community having 13,062 professionals of different expertise. These experts in community include designers, developers, entrepreneurs and marketers. Here you can get constructive feedback regarding your website along with networking with your potential clients and get an edge in things you do. Concept feedback specializes in areas like website, applications, landing pages, interface, wireframes and mockups. Also, this community takes care of things like newsletter, logos, marketing stuffs like mailers, ads, billboards, posters and so on. The experts at concept feedback help you in identifying problems giving you tangible solution to enhance and improve. The feedback coming from people who are experts both in academic and real world experience which embark with solution based on time tested methods.

The idea of concept feedback: Before you embark with your website, you as a web designer carry a different kind of research. You research the complete concept or idea before confirming the final designs. You research similar websites, study the features of these places. Besides looking for the features, you also check the flaws and shortcoming of these sites. When you finish with your initial research work, you apply these observations and ideas on your own concept. The moment you prepare a project overview, you simply send your colleague or friends to get the feedback from them regarding your idea. Getting feedback from others is important because it gives you an opportunity to refine your website and embark with perfect outcome. However, such reviews which you get from your friends cannot be called as an expert opinion until and unless the people you are consulting are professionals in your desired field of interest. You get such forums to review your website design and other aspects from places like concept feedback. Here you get critical, new and unbiased opinion about your website.

The reason behind getting this help: You generally depend upon your friends and colleagues whenever you create something new for the feedback. This keeps on happening every time and soon you end up getting the same old traditional feedback and views coming from these people for your website design. However, you will not find these limitations from places like concept feedback as this group is backed by subject experts both people with academic and industry background. You get high end solutions from a community of more than 13,000 experts of different field. You can get tangible solutions on design, usability and content. Thus you get fresh ideas to implement at your website and improve some other aspects too.

Concept feedback a right group for both novices and designers: Learning is a continuous process. You cannot claim at any level that you have mastered your skills. Hence you as a designer or developer, you need to keep on looking for opportunities to learn and grow with new skills. If you are seriously looking to improve your skills regarding your designing and developing, relying on communities like concept feedback is always a better deal for you. Moreover, if you think you are an expert on website designing you can simply join this community and render your services and make money offering your views and ideas on the assigned work. Hence when you render legitimate and genuine ideas or feedback you make money as well.

Concept feedback is a great place to get genuine and legitimate kind of opinions and feedback from experts of different field. So if you are looking for such solutions, you can certainly think of getting their services and improve in your website development and designing skills. Plus if you have an edge over your designing skills, you can think of joining this community, give good feedback and make money as well.

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