This week I have had quite a major project in the pipeline, an E-commerce site that required 10 design proofs,  this has pushed me to trawl the web for creative inspiration.

In this post I will be featuring 10 of the websites that have stood out to me the most,  be this by the colour scheme, interface design,  logotype or just the over the top design features!  These websites are not featured in any particular order.

walk to washington

Walk to washington

I love the textures on this website , and the colours are fantastic too.  The vignette is every eye catching and draws you into the website.   I was captured in the design for quite a while .  Excellent design and well put into action.

Healthy Harvest Hydro

Healthy Harvest Hydro

I wanted to feature this site because of how vibrant it is.  I love the use of the illustrated landscape and textured backgrounds.  The rising sun effect overlaid on the background is really a nice look for the site.

critical zero

Critical Zero

I love how clean and concise this website is,  it still manages to be bright and colourful at the same time, while displaying all the information effectively.


More illustrated landscapes and rising sun effects here,   this is the style I have been looking at for my own project.   Greens and blues ,  landscapes and illustration.  This website ticked all my boxes this week.   Excellent design.

Traffik - Content Management System

Traffik - Content Management System

I like this website,   I love the vignette in the middle , Daniel calls it bokeh and i see where hes coming from it does have a bit of a bokeh feel to it.   The website is well laid out and well presented, overall its is a good webpages and one of my favourites this week.

Its the typography on that does it for me,  i like the big text and clean layout,  its a really effective way to display information.  Top notch design.

Soft Facade

Soft Facade

For such a simple black and white design I was really drawn to this website,  i like the font of the logo ,  and the content in the white area in the middle is presented really well and set off nicely by its black footer.   Black is still the new black!

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Andrei Arlovski

Andrei "the pitbull" Arlovski

This makes an appearance in my feature due to its outlandish design,   its grungy but its LOUD at the same time,  the use of the vibrant and high quality stills in the vignette really makes this site look great.   Black Red and Grey,  you just cant go wrong with this colour scheme can you?


This site is a work of art in its own right,   i love the concept.   The large red typography really stand out and grab your attention,   the use of intricate illustrations to divide up the content really enhances the overall look and flow of this website.   I have come back to this website a lot this week for inspiration.  The designers should be really proud they have created a visually stunning and functional website . BRAVO

Creative Soapbox

Creative Soapbox

I featured this website as it is a perfect example of how to display all the information on your website effectively.  The interface is well designed and the information on it is easy to find and navigate through.   The website isnt boring either,  the logo and the textures really enhance the look and feel of this website.