World War 1 and World War 2 cost many lives, civilian and soldier alike, so please sit back and take a minute when you look at these creative World War illustrations and manipulations.

These hand picked designs show the different aspects of war from recruitment posters, fighting on the front lines and the sacrafice man made for his country.

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Please note that clicking on the illustration below will take you to the full sized version.

The War Unleashed by Jay-Hobbit

World War 2 Dwarf by Vanjamrgan

Future World War 2 by slimfadey

Red Baron by GENZOMAN

Duel – WW 2 by zsabreuser

Victory, not VD by tattereddreams

Golden Age WW by ROCINATE

“fly with U.S.” poster by strongstuff

World War 2 Poster by Lentaro92

Duel – WW 1 by zsabreuser