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    Posted by Daniel in Tee Design on November 17th, 2010 with 2 Comments


    We absolutely love tee designs at nenuno if you didn’t know already (two t-shirt giveaways)! With our first showcase being a huge sucess and if you missed it be sure to check out I Want that T-shirt: Amazing T-shirt Designs From Across the Web composed by our co-editor Jared Thompson.

    Focusing on illustrations, typography and vector art, this showcase displays some kick ass t-shirt designs and I would love to own all of them! We would like you to enjoy this inspiring collection of kick ass tee designs that can be purchased from various t-shirt stores.

    We would love to know what your favourite is, so please drop a comment below!

    Please note that clicking on the illustration preview below will take you to the full sized version and will also give you the opportunity to visit the designers full portfolio.

    Water Balloon sby purplekecleon

    Woot Shirt – Tasty Meat by fablefire

    Beauty Before Death by alicexz

    Seasick by Sam-M

    .against. by rache-engel

    pocket magician by saltyshadow

    The Ultimate Cute Shirt by csjwcr

    Samurai by Fikkoro

    jimi by Par4noid

    BLACK FORTRESS by machine56

    Obey Metro Park T-Shirt Design by BioWorkZ

    Let the Funk Ride by wirestyle

    WATZITDEN? by lastscionz

    Electric Tape by kizioko

    monster tee by loveshugah

    TIKTAK by RARR112

    Return to Hades by cova

    Love, Save the Empty by alicexz

    Hug? by kontrastt

    Fight for a better tomorrow by dertrickzer

    Fixing the sky by saltyshadow

    Touch it ON LAFRAISE NOW”"” by JaxeNL

    Will not be forgotten by mishinsilo

    NOIZZ_skl07B by RARR112

    Heroku by donkolondoy

    Freshkids by wirestyle

    All We Need Is Love by donkolondoy

    Demons inside your soul 2 by MetaMephisto

    The slang by Slowgun

    The Headsup Tee by miZter-maZe

    On a side note, we are looking for some of your contributions! Got something creative to share with the community? Now is the perfect time to get involved! Learn more about Contributing.

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    I love all things fantasy and you see that within in the content I produce for nenuno creative.

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    2 Responses to “Print That Tee, Kick Ass T-Shirt Designs”

    1. techwench says:

      fantastic designs will be using to print on my tees


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