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  • Absolutely Stunning Dark & Gothic Photo Manipulations #3


    Posted by Daniel in Design on January 20th, 2011 with 1 Comment


    Photo manipulation to me is creativity at another level, being able to blend a photo stock with various textures and brushes to make something extremely realistic is truly amazing!

    As you are aware photo manipulation can come in various forms but today we will be only focusing on dark and Gothic manipulations which is a follow up to our previous showcase Absolutely Stunning Dark Photo Manipulations 2 which were created by some very talented designers and artists.

    Making excellent use of stock photography whilst blending other elements using either Photoshop, SAI and Painter please enjoy this absolutely stunning collection of dark and gothic photo manipulations. As always please let us know which is your favourite in the comments below!

    Please note that clicking on the manipulation below will take you to the full sized version and will also give you the opportunity to visit the artists full portfolio.

    illuminated by freaky665

    once upon a december by ImaginaryRosse

    Rider In the Storm by Shinobinaku

    Morrigan by FrozenStarRo

    . night dweller . by Countess-Grotesque

    Spell by Ariel87

    ..::Solitude::.. by Yosia82

    ..When Darkness Comes… by MorbidiaMorthel

    The Maze by Sagim

    CASANDRE by streamopassion

    I Am A Moonchild by QueerAngel8900

    Oriental by QueerAngel8900

    SNAKE CHARMER by streamopassion

    Vampira by andygoth666

    XI by Dream-traveler

    Vampire Beauty by darkangelofpain

    Black Snow Falling by Moonnight

    joy and sorrow by Digital-Epilepsee

    Vamps by D-D-Lin

    Blood Atonement by morgu3

    On a side note, we are looking for some of your contributions! Got something creative to share with the community? Now is the perfect time to get involved! Learn more about Contributing.

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    I love all things fantasy and you see that within in the content I produce for nenuno creative.

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    One Response to “Absolutely Stunning Dark & Gothic Photo Manipulations #3”

    1. Jolissa says:

      all very original!
      and wonderfull


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