Week 6 is here and we have hand picked a great selection of designs. Todays showcase is by Adam Harding, a good friend of mine and a great contributor to nenuno creative.

We are also happy to be featuring new work from designers showcased in previous weeks.

The sixth week is the 10th April to the 16th April 2010, so lets get this party started!

Please note that clicking on the screenshot below will take you to the full sized version and also some designers are featured more then once.

ThunderBlog by edumicro

This is a nice blog design by edumicro. We particularly like the colours, the blue is not to loud and it fits in with the clean and concise layout of this interface design.

Personal Portfolio 2.0 by jonaska

Im not a massive fan of the colour, but the design as a whole works really well. Although it is a really busy interface it works and keeps your attention, and you find extra little details each time you look at it.

Desitico Webdesign by ejsing

A nice interface design, good use of light pastel shades, the green really brightens it up. The text towards the bottom however could be made to stand out a little more from its background.

Template 22 for 4T by nodethirtythree

I am not usually a big fan of brown. This interface design works well however. The use of the light blue and vibrant green really complements the overall look of the interface.

Pieczatkownia by pcholewa

This is an excellent e-commerce based interface design. It has nice big promo areas to catch the attention of prospective buyers. The layout as a whole is well thought out and well presented.

Reptiles by justcollapse

The first thing that caught my eye here was the background of the interface, the website is very well laid out and the typography fits in well with the overall theme, i like the use of the large font for headers, but i still cant but think that the background is just a little too loud.

Blue Zone by ECP-Pro

I like this interface, the header draws you straight into the site, and the large feature area is a good focal point of the first page. I particularly like the layout of the blog pages and the comment areas are extremely well done.

Mighty FREEBIE by ddwebstudios

I was a little bit stumped with this one until I saw a working version of it. I like the use of the detailed header it really draws your eye into the page. The rest of the layout is very clean and well put together.

Clothing Co. Web Layout by Eduardo Santos

This is an excellent E-commerce design. A very bold design to keep the visitors attention . The vertical stripes make an excellent background for the main content and feature area. It stands out well from the rest of the design. I like the colours and the overall design, in summation this is my favourite design of this feature.

Fitness layout by B3rko

I like this interface design. The images really contrast the overall theme of the site and it splits up the grungy background very well. I do think a bit more attention to making the top menu stand out a bit more could have been used here.

Revival by Eduardo Santos

Having made too many gaming templates over the years I can be a little too critical of them, but I really do like this one. It does its job well and it isnt crammed with hundreds of content boxes and sub areas . The colours work well together and the design has a nice flow to it.

Mobile Content Website by Mateusz Klein

I love this design, I love the header and the colours, the whole site has been designed really well and a lot of thought has gone into its concept.

Andree Wallin Concept design by FIAMdesign

The Artwork is really the turning point of this interface, I personally feel that the artwork outshines the rest of the layout, but that is the kind of feel you want if you are an artist showing off your talent. In terms of the interface I like the typography and the little details such as the highlights make this design work.