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Posters can be amazingly eye-catching when they are well-designed, even to passersby in a hurry. When created with a clear message, they are a great way to advertise.

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However, posters are most effective when they are stunning and move people emotionally. Here is a collection of some of the most inspirational poster ads from around the world to prove just how attractive and moving a great poster can be.Buy best electric flosser , Cordless, Portable and Rechargable Oral Irrigator with 3 Operation Modes and 4 Rotatable Jet Tips for Braces

Please let us know which is your favourite poster and why in the comments below!

Stay Green, Go Red

Stay Green, Go Red

With a surreal image of a floating bit of earth, this poster design shouts a clear environmentalist message. The creative use of text is also inspiring.


Not only does this image catch your attention, it illustrates a clear point. This medicine can stand up to anything. What an inventive idea for a poster ad!

Moravian Gold

Moravian Gold

Who doesn’t love to see modern images mixed with a scene that could be right out of a history book? The mug of beer is definitely the centerpiece of this poster ad.


The icy mountain range atop the pack of gum certainly makes an impact. The stark contrast of the dark blue background and the white ice really makes this poster ad pop.


The element of cute makes this poster memorable. For the parents that this poster must be targeting, the appeal of a simple and orderly tool is very attractive.

WMF Knives

The designer of this poster certainly executed the idea behind this image very well. Simplicity can be more effective than a whole mess of content, as this poster clearly shows.


This image is just plain cool. Using the tires as fingers in a power fist really sends a powerful message.


This poster ad is another simple yet effective design. Green grass is an excellent symbol of environmentally friendliness, and the Volvo shape is classic.


It’s the extensive use of white that makes this poster look classy while including an element of fun.

Nissan Frontier

You might say that this ad is a little overdone. However, it certainly does the job of being memorable.

Terra Sonora Music Channel

If Terra is interested in conveying a darker image, then this poster does the trick. This Brazilian radio station is advertising their “mix your own music” feature.

Kia Optima

This poster ads serves the imagination with many, many grand stories. The cool effects are enough to grab attention; the oddity of it makes the images stick.

Orange TV

Taking something that is very much out of place and making it look as though it fits is very tricky. The designer has made it happen in this poster. It screams sports in your home!


Bold is definitely the impression that this poster leaves with you. The colors are stunning and the message is memorable.

ENPA/Alpitour World

Using fun and impossible images are what make advertising work. The message is clear: your pets want a vacation.

Support Animal Free Circuses

Sad without crossing the line, this poster plays on our emotions to get its point across. Well done!


This poster makes a lasting impression with an anti-fur message. The shock factor of the beautiful naked woman works in this case.

Shanghai Expo 2010

Strange images certainly grab the attention of their audience. The target audience here would be graphic designers, the very people who would truly appreciate this image.


Simple, classic, and beautiful, this poster is nice enough to hang in a man cave. I think that NIKE is well represented here.


This is a very cool poster that makes you do a double take. It takes a second glance to really get the message, and that second glance is what makes this ad work.


Dark and powerful, it’s what Guinness and this poster have in common. Awesome depiction of what the drink looks like in a glass!


Humor is always a great way to make a poster memorable. Mixed with eye-catching illustrations, a funny ad can be what moves an audience to choose this brand over another.


This poster ad is hilarious. Once again, placing an object or person way out of their element is certain to draw attention.

French Federation of Soccer

The brilliant colors and hidden innuendos make this poster beautiful to look at and fun to talk about.


Ouch! This message is received loud and clear, while the shock factor will never let you forget it.

Coca Cola – Belgium

What a fun mix of beautiful landscape and whimsical cartoons! This ad from Belgium is definitely very eye-catching.


The vividness of the melting heat is brilliant. The effect along with the sexy woman makes drinking water very appealing.

Li Ning

With an element of fear and fun, this poster would be great for hanging on a sports fanatic’s wall

Pastorini Toy Store

“We Bring Fantasy to Life”  is the translation. That is precisely what this beautiful and humorous poster portrays.


It might take you a second, but once you get it, this is a wonderful image to connect with a memory saving device. Much of the time, less is much much more. Great poster!