Week 7 is here and we have hand picked a great selection of designs. We are hoping next week to feature more web interfaces with combining the selection from devinatART and Behance.

We are also happy to be featuring new work from designers showcased in previous weeks and even more excited by the fact we have some new designers work that has never been featured in any of our showcases.

The seventh week is the 17th April to the 23rd April 2010.

Please note that clicking on the screenshot below will take you to the full sized version and also some designers are featured more then once.

Pixel Theory by alivepixel

This is a great example of how a theme gallery should look like. Making great use of drop shadows around the theme screenshots just adds to the designs simplicity.

Annimo by DouglasEltz

In the office I work on the companies Corporate website and this just reminds me how simplicity can turn a design into something fantastic.

Waytons.com Webshop Design by karsten

A great example of how a to give a potential customer a great first impression.

App for developers by Lbr0skc

As an application developer (well I try) this is very inspirational. I may amend my concept to match some techniques used on this interface.

MamFirme.pl by Jonathan Moreira

This design is absolutely gorgeous. I just love the bokeh used in the gradient, it doesn’t stand out but you know its there. Would of liked to of seen it with a concept flash player within the empty space where the video caption.

Web design for jewellery shop by VictoryDesign

VictoryDesign has done a stunning job on this e-commerce design, encorparting a beautiful stock image to blend into the design.

ThemePond by alivepixel

alivepixel has done another fantastic job at creating another great example of a theme market template.

Web 2 Business Website Design by artivity

This web 2.0 design makes great use of gradients and icons, creating a unique corporate design.

Starcraf Effect by WebPope

With Starcraft 2 due for release soon this is a great example of using concept art within a design.

Vision Designs by rafanfsu

Another great example how to use brown gradients to create an effective design. The logo blends into the earthy tones beautifully.