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Create a Metal on Wood Text Effect for Postcards

Posted on October 22, 2012 by

Postcards are one of those marketing materials that need an extra dose of eye candy to grab attention. The success or failure of a marketing campaign rests in the few seconds it takes for the recipient’s eyes to glance over the postcard. In this tutorial, we will show you a simple process for creating a […]

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Print Ready Business Card Design with Custom Lettering

Posted on March 22, 2012 by

While you can reach for a basic template for a business card, ideally you can control every detail on your own using software like Adobe Illustrator. In this tutorial, we walk you through a process for building a print-ready business card from scratch. You can take the tools we will give you and go a […]

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How to Make and Use a Photoshop Pattern

Posted on March 8, 2012 by

In this tutorial, we’ll take a quick look at how to use patterns as fills in graphic design, whether you plan to use them for web design or for spicing up a project for postcard printing. The Layer Styles tool is one of the most effective tools in Photoshop for managing patterns. Using Layer Styles […]

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How to use Actions in Photoshop

Posted on July 31, 2010 by

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to use actions in Photoshop. It’s important to know how to use actions because they help automate a process in Photoshop. Say you took a picture of a tree and wanted to make it look dirty and grungy. Well you could take an hour playing around […]

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20 Fresh & Easy To Follow Photoshop Web Interface Tutorials

Posted on June 24, 2010 by

With the introduction to our community news, we have been receiving some great resources and articles. But many have been tutorials created by up and coming creative blogs such as trendyTUTS & GraphStock. Also with the overwhelming success of our first web interface showcase we had to do another! In today’s resource showcase we are […]

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20 Easy To Follow Photoshop Poster Tutorials

Posted on May 6, 2010 by

For the last few weeks we have started to notice that nenuno is starting to attract alot of new visitors and if you didn’t catch the announcment on Twitter or Facebook, we are going to be holding a small competition to show our appreciation to our loyal readers! It will be centered around our new […]

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20 Fabulous Photoshop Web Interface Tutorials

Posted on May 2, 2010 by

Each week I showcase some fantastic web interfaces, showing creativity at a whole new level. In todays resource showcase we are featuring 20 easy to follow photoshop web interface tutorials, with utilizing your new photoshop skills you may also be featured in the coming weeks!

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Create Your Own Spacescape

Posted on April 18, 2010 by

We have been featuring alot of spacescapes over the past few weeks and todays resource showcase will teach you how to create your very own. We have hand picked ten great tutorials which should give you your first taste at creating an epic spacescape like those featured in our 30 Inspirational Space Scenes piece.

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